10 Journalism Skills Every Content Marketer Needs

content is one of the essential parts of a content marketing strategy. Well
written content has been identified to one of the most important steps in
generating leads and converting them into customers. Blogging, one of the most
popular forms of written content, is very effective for companies that are
doing it the right way. According to studies, it has been shown that marketers
that make blogging or written content a priority are about 13 times more likely
to get a positive return on their investment, as compared to those who don’t.

you might save some money, preparing and writing your content, however, you’d
get the result if you outsource this job to marketers that have a journalism
background or skills.  This is why
journalism skills are crucial to content making for marketing purposes. This
piece would focus on some of the important journalism skills every content
marketer need.

             Journalism Skills That Can Improve
Your Content Creation

  1. The use of the
    Five  “Ws” and “How
    ”: Every journalist
    learns to rely on the five Ws and How. The five Ws stands for the following:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
    and lastly
  • How

make use of these words in gathering information, and also in carrying out the research
world. It’s a tool they learn to use, even from day one. Interviews mostly take
place on mobile phones, skype calls, chat and so on. However, having a
face-to-face interview is the best form of an interview, as you also get to
study the body reaction of whoever you’d be interviewing. When carrying out
research and making use of these words, you’d have all the materials needed to
answer questions and solve problems, which are the two main elements to any
content marketing campaign. For you to have a successful online platform, such
as a blog, service page, infographic page and so on, you must endeavor to
answer all the questions based on the 5WH. The most important of the words are
the who, what, why and how. Your content will fail to resonate with the reader
if it doesn’t provide the answers to these questions. It’s important to train
your freelance writers, the use of the 5WH. It’s easy and simple to use, but
really effective in getting across all the information that needs to be in the
content you’re providing.

Credibility and being factually correct: One of the skills that earn
journalists respect, is their ability to report factual content.

factual contents gives your brand credibility, and also gives you a long
career. The best journalists don’t just put out information, but checks several
times, before releasing them, regardless of the source of information. Content
marketing that is based on loose facts will immediately dilute the authority of
the content, and also of the brand that is hosting the content. This is why
it’s important always to endeavor to have good credibility, and it starts with
the type of content you put out.

Clarity: This is one of the skills that makes journalists vastly appreciated.
They have the ability to deliver their message and content in a way that can be
understood by everyone. Clarity means clearly answering the 5 W’s and How while
avoiding any jargon that might not be understood by the common man. As an
illustration, if writing for a medical journal and your audience is mainly
physicians, then you are free to write medical jargons. Same applies to another
field, such as business, where you’re allowed to write business terms. Overall,
journalists understand clarity, and this is an important tool for content
creation and marketing.

Balance: A lot of blogs don’t waste any time before they start discussing their
company, what they do, rewards, and so on. However, there should be a balance.
It’s important to focus on the needs of the readers and at the same time, not
forgetting to expose your products and services too. Journalists are good at
finding a balance. They endeavor to cover all the sides of a story while
conveying credible messages. Balance the needs of your audience, and that of
the company is important to have long-term success.

Know what your audience wants: One of the first things you must do is to
understand your audience. No one knows this better than a journalist. Knowing
your audience would help to know the right words to use. However, not
understanding your audience would render all your efforts useless. Good
journalists are trained to understand their audience and write for them. They
have a lot of tools to find their target audience and all the questions that
are being asked.

Storytelling: Journalists are known to be good at telling stories, in
captivating ways. The society thrives on storytelling. Your business can create
a storyline that offers valuable information to readers across various mediums.
This could be through your blog, social media platform, and so on. Journalists
hone their storytelling skills every day. You should also do this with your

Deadlines: Deadlines are important, and you must learn to keep to them. You
must learn this skill, as it’d force you to focus and think clearer to get the
best work completed in the least amount of time. Creating contents and
delivering them before the deadlines will give you good credibility.

Learn to deal with a process that’s controlled by editors: It’s important to
have a systematic editorial process if you’re serious about content creation.
This applies for any type of content production, including blogs, video
content, infographics and so on. As an illustration, some blog writing projects
may have to go through various layers, with different editors, such as

  • SEO
    provides keyword research
  • Content
  • SEO
    provides guidelines with target keywords
  • Writing
  • First
    editing process
  • SEO
  • Final
    on-page SEO/editing process

Consistent content: It’s important to be consistent in putting out good
contents. As an illustration, if you own a social media platform, you should
endeavor to put out contents multiple times, not only to retain your followers
but also to grow your network and drive traffic to your page.

Focus: You should try to focus on real work, and do away with distractions.


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