Business for Sale Near Me

To start your own business or to buy a Business For Sale is probably one of the hardest decisions.

I am going to help you with some thoughts, and really dismiss a few fears that are easy fixes and once removed they may change your PRO|CON list.

If you are really good at something and a thought leader for that product, industry, service YOU SHOULD START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

If you are not and really just either want to BUY A JOB or have some money and what to have the American Dream, you should by either an operating business, virtual franchise, structured service business or franchise.


Things to think about before buying a business for sale near me.

Now if what you are really good at is your passion and you have to start treating it like a business will that make the passion go away? Possible, so you will need to think about that.

ALTERNATIVE to that would be to start a SIDE STREAM which is actually the best of both worlds. It is a niche that would compliment your passion. So it does not take over your passion, but it comes alongside it to make money and generate income.

FRANCHISES: You can pay a lot for a franchise but the top ones give you a “business in a box” and really you just become the Owner / Operator, which is good for:

  • People who are not creative
  • People who don’t have their own ideas
  • Anyone that wants the flexibility to shape their business

If you are someone with a voice, who is creative and wants to shape a business then a franchise probably not for you.

How to start a franchise?

Visit the shows, call a broker or PICK THE ONE YOU LOVE and call them directly.

How to find other small businesses for sale near me?

Many people put their business on craigslist, or list with a business broker…however the best ones are typically the ones not listed. They are the ones you hear about from a friend, or “YOUR GUY” hooks you up.

What is the Cheapest Business to start that has a huge upside?

SAAS: Soft ware as a service (SaaS) businesses are the ones that provide with the largest upside, as they are the most duplicatable and have no inventory. This is probably why when being sold they command such high mulitiples.

SERVICE: Services Business are great too. Anything you cand get delivered overnight by AMAZON if probably more likely to have staying power as a profitible business for you.

Specialties: If it requires advanced education or licenses you are probably in a position

What is the #1 Franchise for sale 2020?

Well, its not even a franchise at all. The #1 way to start a business is to partner with somone you trust to leverage their skills and your expertise to create prepetual residual income. We have a list of these and other opportunities in over 1000 niches, so give us a call 972-800-6670 to find out how to turn your expertise into a business!

Starting a business for under $25,000

Yes you san still start a business that can make over $100,000 a year on less than $25,000 start-up costs as long as you have the following skills:

  • Desire to exceed
  • The ability to stick with it
  • Self-Motivated
  • Ability to share your passion and teach others

If you have these traits, call us now 972-800-6670 and we will help you get started on Your American Dream!


If you have over $1M and are looking for a business to start, we suggest:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Healthcare (Since the population is aging)
  • Start your won franchise (become a franchisor)
  • Software as a Service company

If it is only an investmenet..



  • Digital Real Estate
  • Become a Franchisor
  • Software as a Sevice

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