Exciting Launch Meeting with Incline Media guru Jeff Cline About Local Business Marketing Platform in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

At our now favorite coffee shop, Jeff Cline and I met to discuss Toplocal.org local business marketing launch plans and expansion opportunities to help small businesses compete with big box retailers and other big spenders.

It’s hard for small businesses to advertise enough to grab enough market share to make a good living without spending a small fortune. Until now.

BNI and other leads sharing, referral generating, groups have been around a long time. Likewise, the chambers of commerce are equally established in the community and are both a first stop for small business owners to attempt to compete with big spending retailers. But there are some limitations on how effective these organizations are at bringing meaningful revenue to struggling small businesses in the local market.

In Dallas and Fort Worth, as in the rest of the country, small businesses need warm market referrals to build their client base. Toplocal.org was designed to aid organizations like BNI, meetup, chamber of commerce, and other referral sources by strategically placing businesses in their zipcode as the exclusive business in their category and then publishing a local business guide each member distributes to their customers with them featured on the cover. The guide is powerful as a warm market referral tool and the zip code exclusivity makes it easy for businesses to want to pass it out, but that’s not what makes toplocal.org so powerful.

The true power behind toplocal.org is the seo search engine optimization that happens in the upper membership levels and the geo-targeting and geo-fencing features as well. The seo package is our platinum level and places business website links on some very powerful referral sites that very quickly raise them up in the ranks as long as they stay a member.

Imagine your business website going from 5 hits a day to 500. How would that impact your business and what would it be worth to you to have 15,000 people visiting your website each and every month? Our pricing is inexpensive when you look at the benefits and the potential revenue it will generate. We exist to help others and we want to help as many small businesses as possible compete with corporate big boys.

Visit Toplocal.org local business marketing today and place a listing. Consider the membership levels and choose a plan that fits you best.

$20/month – Basic Membership. A basic listing, an exclusive category in your zip code, and a generate-on-demand local business guide with you on the cover. Our recommended national print shop will print your 50 guides for $1 each and ship them to you once you send them the PDF each month.

$499/month – Silver Membership. Basics plus 1-mile geo-targeting and add distribution to mobile phones visiting your top 3 competitors.

$999/month – Gold Membership. Adds geo-fencing within a 1 mile radius to distribute mobile ads to people going out or coming into your radius.

$1499/month – Platinum Membership. Increases your geo-fencing to a 3 mile radius and adds powerful top tier backlinks and SEO search engine optimization to dramatically increase your online search engine exposure.

As Jeff Cline says, a rising tide lifts all ships. As we help one of you, we help all of you.

Our goal is to help all small businesses level the playing field and attract a steady stream of new customers.

Squirrel Marketing Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPkNjVRe5aD-JZwE6Beh8UA

Squirrel Marketing Podcast Page https://squirrelmarketing.buzzsprout.com/

TopLocal.org is an advertising co-op grass-roots movement to help locally-owned businesses develop a non-competing group of business owners in a particular zip code to increase traffic and sales. https://www.toplocal.org/

The Mortgage Millionaire Book – Sales and Life Strategies That Can Take You To The Next Level. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-mortgage-millionaire-william-b-bronson/1115389914

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