Golden Goose Authority

High intent authority is the most strategic action you can take to provide most optimum ROI or outcomes in the technology and Internet-based marketing.

Many Call it a “Digital unicorn”

The concept is fairly simple where we all know domain authority is approximately 33% of the algorithm and what makes one company or site rank higher than the other but driving that is high intent authority coming from not only other high intent sites but those supporting sites to the perfect match.

A purpose That is at the top of your industry typically the leader in the space or the most authoritative person in the space often times a government website or a state website usually one that is practically impossible to get if not impossible to get a link from the second best thing is to get a link from a site that gets a link from the golden goose.

Authority flows from the top down and if you From the golden goose you have a reduced that effect but still it is the ultra high intent authority that often times can push aside in ways that no other efforts can. Because you’re leveraging all the hard work and efforts of those above you that have gone before you and spent the energy to become the authority sharing their authority with you is a expression of power which every site needs from the golden goose.

Of the golden goose would be if you were a Medicare insurance agent and the site link to you that would be a golden goose linking to you with perfect high intent domain authority and we have seen in many instances good sites that generate good traffic double if not triple with just one golden goose link.

Golden goose links 

Golden goose links are the hardest ones to find and in reality not find but actually We all know who they are, The White House, New York Times although you can actually buy a gas post on the New York Times for $7000… So it’s really more the golden goose in your industry is priceless so finding the golden goose link needs to be somebody’s full-time job if it means that much to your operation or your business.

How to find the golden goose?

If you don’t know who the golden goose is give us a call and we will help you figure out a handful of Golden goose sites in your area or nay We what I intend domain authority is all about.

Earning the coveted golden goose link

Creating amazing content that has high appeal and high engagement but answers some of the hard questions or the questions that have not been answered or a great way to get attraction from the authorities because they like to not only see their work highlighted but they like to see the work highlighted and then implemented on so they can reference themselves as the authority leaving you in the secondary position but still giving you the coveted high authority 

Another way to get Golden goose links is to leverage the work of those that have gone before you and get a link from a site that Golden goose links to giving you 85% Passthrough depending on where your authority is coming from in relation to the hops from the golden goose but often times great success has been seen from 23 even four hops from a golden goose site so don’t discount the work and efforts of maybe leaders in your space that I’ve got the coveted Golden goose link.

Golden Goose Links are hard to get or earn, but are worth the effort.

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