Business Brand and Influencer Relationship

In the world of business today, marketing has taken a massive toll on individuals and the collective success that business brands have been able to record in their organizations. This is the reason why most business owners have been able to properly integrate and make marketing a major department in their institutions. Marketing is a potent business tool as it can drive a cynical business brand up to the success ladder.

Marketing also has to do with branding as it entails the connection and acceptance of the product by a large group of target prospects in the global market. Furthermore, branding is about knowing the right market strategy and platform that is most acceptable and applicable in the global market. It similarly has to do with having the capacity to speak the language of your target audience. When it comes to boosting your return on investment (ROI) and hitting your bottom line, you may have to evolve with timely innovations, considering the reality of branding and marketing.

Many financial institutions have struggled as they could not bridge the gap of communication and relationship between their product and their target audience. In light of this, finding their niche with regards to what it entails to putting their brand out there and also boost their return on investment (ROI) has been quite difficult. However, business owners that have been through all these devastating experiences can now start considering new ideas for a fresh start. This is where experiments are introduced in business as patience and transformation sets in. When you need ideas to boost your return on investments (ROI) and look towards upgrading your business brand, it is time to put into consideration influencer marketing.

This is the motive why our team of experts has been able to work hard to build a platform of platforms with the integration of influencer marketing for the transformation of business brands. The relationship between influencers and business brands come in influencer marketing. The study of influencer marketing can help you know how you can make more money becoming a successful influencer. It can also educate you on how to become a successful influencer.

As we intend to explore our custom platform, we would first take our time to understand the basics of influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing

One of the most valuable digital techniques for marketing that has the capacity to connect a large number of audience to your business brand is called influencer marketing. Based on the concept of influencer marketing, it has been witnessed worldwide by institutions and organizations that this method of marketing has been very productive and powerful on social media. Most importantly, on Instagram, business owners have been able to embrace influencer marketing through our custom platform to generate brand awareness and boost sales.

Influencers Replacing Online Brand Messaging

Description: Email, Email Marketing, Newsletter

Target prospects and consumers are now unwilling to put their trust in sending brand messaging. This is because in 2018, up to 25.2% of the internet users in the United States have blocked adverts on their different online devices but have turned their sight to influencers on social media. These influencers are the individuals that have been able to extricate themselves with their flair and ability to entice a large number of audience.

Our innovative platform now makes it possible for consumers to connect and interact with the brand’s products that the influencers are promoting. The kind of fashion and vacation trips that the influencers take gets their followers enthused. Our custom platform has now been able to locate and link up with their consumers by slotting their models and brands into the discourse between the followers and the influencer. This way, you can market yourself and make money as an influencer.

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Maintain Influencer and Brand Relationship

Our custom platform helps business owners with the opportunity to connect to influencers with a large audience even though marketers mostly see social media advertising as less competent. The influencer is tasked with the role of driving sales by building awareness via placements of products on different social media networks. The innovative platform helps business owners to choose the best influencers based on the size of the audience. Our custom platform also helps oversee the relationship between the brand and the influencer. This process is carried out via quality methods of choosing influencers, negotiating major contracts, and also overseeing their performance.

Influencers Collaborating with Brands as Real Partners

In respect to the kind of transformation that influencer marketing has gained in recent times, influencers are now taking massive steps to become more professional in their quest for collaboration. This has led to making influencers aspire to improve on their collaboration with business brands as actual partners. This is where our custom platform has been able to relate with brands and influencers alike as enhancing their relationship would encourage more productivity.

Based on research conducted through over 27 major interviews with various influencers and business brands, it is shown that there has been a rising frustration that exists between influencers and traditional marketers. This is why influencers now focus on becoming friends with the business owners that possess the brand they promote, as they love it when their voice and flair is not taken for granted. Here, our custom platform helps business brands, and influencers become familiar as they keep faith with each other through a personalized communication channel. Furthermore, the brand owners would become more confident with the quality of service the influencer would offer them as much as the influencer would be able to understand the goals of the brand owner.

The advent of influencer marketing has brought about a massive opportunity for business owners to promote their business brands to their target audience. It has also encouraged more individuals to become influencers as becoming a successful influencer can help you make more money. Striking while the iron is hot of utmost importance to the current influencer, as is the importance of learning how to plan for a successful retirement. This may be the time of your life that you able to earn the largest part of your lifetime income.The ability for the business brand to develop intimacy with an influencer such as knowing the interest, moods, and goals of the influencer can help promote a quantitative and qualitative performance.

The Concept of Brand Success and Influencer Marketing

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Since the introduction of mobile technology and the propagation of social media platforms, brands, and consumers are now capable of interacting with themselves extraordinarily. This way, most teams of marketers can now search for the right target audience that best suits the business brands that they are promoting. This was not the case in the past for marketers as they can now take their marketing campaign beyond purchasing behaviors and demographics of prospects to now include passion, preference, and lifestyle choices. For example, one of our brands, Wilson Investment Services has opted to meet their customers in their areas of interest. Since everyone needs to be invested in retirement planning, Wilson investment services has employed several of our influencers in different niches to advertise wealth management to thousands of people they would miss through traditional methods, such as commercials and billboards.

The marketing world has become very competitive as it has made business owners sought after influencers and their communities to help promote their business brands. It has helped drive the marketing strategies of marketers into the future as the consciousness of social media has now made influencer marketing real, giving birth to various ways at which brands can be promoted. This has made the necessity of standing out as an influencer more compulsory.

Influencer marketing is the solution for brand promotion and sales maximization in the global market. Individuals that are still not clear about what influencer marketing is all about and are wondering how becoming a successful influencer can help make more money, should pay attention. Our team of experts has been able to create a platform of platforms that would help you understand influencer marketing and how you can build a brand successfully as an influencer.

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is an expert that sets the trend via a niche and is able to influence a significant amount of followers. This is the ability to convince a certain amount of people to consume a particular product or service based on your credibility and relevance. This is the reason why you need to know who is qualified to become an influencer or how to market yourself and make money as an influencer.

Our custom platform has all the information that you require to becomes a successful influencer and also build successful business brands. In the business of becoming a successful social media influencer, any individual is qualified. This is because they can easily connect their followers with a particular brand just because they are able to speak the language their followers understand based on their niche and credibility.

This way, as a business owner, can trust an influencer to build their brand with the help of influencer marketing. So, business owners can now successfully build their business brand via influencer marketing with the help of our innovative platform. This makes them better brand promoters than traditionally paid adverts.

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Locate a Qualified Influencer

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Our custom platform would help you achieve this by finding the right influencer the best suits your brand. This has to do with making sure that the influencer that you intend to work with has the right qualifications that are required to promote your brand. It is crucial in the sense that if you are unable to confirm their qualifications, you might end up not reaching your target audience as all efforts would be wasted.

So to get this right, our custom platform would help you increase the efficiency of your campaign by knowing who your audience is. The platform of platforms would also help determine who your brand is targeting. Since you have been able to identify your target audience, then you find the best influencers that are connected to your industry as you also confirm the number of followers they have and how they engage their audience.

Make a Lucrative Mutual Offer

The next step to building your business brand is to make a lucrative offer that is mutual to your qualified influencer. Here our custom platform would help you establish a connection by trying to interact with them to offer your proposal. You must be aware of the fact that influencers are always contacted by numerous people, which is why you must state clearly that you intend to work with them and that you share somethings in common.

You must also state clearly their benefits and how they can make more money in return. Although some influencers are very sensitive to issues involving money such as cash, you must identify their interest with regards to returns on investments then make it available to them. However, if the influencer refuses your terms and refuses to promote your brand, it is advisable for you not to disconnect totally but continue to share their content as you follow them on social media. If they agree to work with you, it is necessary to provide them with all the vital details such as resources and materials to produce contents and reviews that are so easy to comprehend.

Communicate Consistently

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Our custom platform would help you avail yourself for communication at all times. You are expected to continually keep your phone lines open in case there are other additional information needed from you to help build your content.

Extend your Campaign

When the content has been produced successfully and posted, you shouldn’t stop at just one post. Our custom platform would help you to get the most out of your campaign by extending your campaign. This is achieved by making sure to repost your contents and pin the post to your feeds. You can also reuse your content and reposition it as you continue to share and post it on blogs and websites for as long as possible.

Maintain your Influencer Relationship

As you successfully build your business brand with influencers, you need to keep the relationship going having come this far. Though your campaign with the influencer is over, our innovative platform would ensure you don’t lose touch as maintaining the relationship and interacting with the influencer is germane.

Monitor your Campaign

Our custom platform would help you track your campaign. This a way you can confirm that your campaign is working as this process of tracking would help you identify the best methods that work for your business brands.

Influencer marketing can help build a successful business brand promotion. Most business owners are encouraged to start looking into taking their business brand to a whole new level with the possibilities of influencer marketing. Our custom platform can guide you and help you through the whole process.

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What is an Influencer Marketing Agreement

Description: Conditions, Period

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Imagine a flawless society where lifestyle and business go on smoothly, and there is law and order, people would interact and relate without having problems or disputes. On the contrary, the world is not flawless, nor is it perfect, and problems arise from time to time, which is the reason why business organizations design written agreements. For example, it was important for a recent influencer to sign an agreement of payment with ac repair Dallas in order to make sure both parties received the agreed upon pricing and product.

This enables them to avoid going back and forth that can evolve into serious disputes at a later stage. Same also goes for influencer marketing agreement as it clearly spells out the relationship between the two parties. It is a contract that explains the relationship between the parties involved as it would intimate them on what is expected of them and what would happen if there is a breach in contract.

As we now know how widespread and popular influencer marketing is, business organizations that are now having an influencer marketing contract can tell the difference. When you become an influencer, it is necessary to involve an influencer marketing agreement. This is part of the process of becoming a successful influencer because having an influencer marketing agreement can prevent unnecessary headaches and harassment.

Reasons for Influencer Marketing Contract

Business owners need to know why an influencer marketing contract is crucial. If you intend to know how to make money in advertising as an influencer, you also need to understand influencer marketing agreement and why it is essential in becoming a success. As an influencer, the main

the reason, why you need to have a contract agreement with the business brand owner, is for both parties to be on the same page.

Both parties would have a grounded understanding of what is expected as it becomes challenging when one part of the agreement is breached, and the standards of the agreement nullified. When a contract or agreement is not involved, you have no choice, but to accept it anything that happens. There are other motives where an influencer marketing agreement is essential as when the contract is written down, the project becomes more concrete.

As much as you are in dire need of an influencer agent, an influencer marketing agreement is inevitable. This is because it would enable you to be in control and take actions if any part of the business deal goes wrong. You would be able to state your terms and can terminate the agreement if the other party, i.e. the influencer, misses any part of the agreement. You are allowed not to hold the payment of the influencer based on the fact that you are not satisfied by the influencer’s job done. You can also charge the influencer to court if the deal does not go well.

The Platform for Contract Procedure

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Having known why a business owner and an influencer needs to have an influencer marketing agreement, what comes to mind is, how do you get the contract prepared for use? Where do you get the influencer marketing agreement? It is crucial to know the right procedures that are involved in the creation of an influencer marketing contract.

This is where our custom platform becomes essential. This is because our team of experts has been able to develop a standard procedure that is needed to create an influencer marketing agreement. Our platform of platforms has been able to provide the business brand owner or influencer with the help of a legal practitioner and logistics to produce a contract.

The innovative platform helps both parties to go through the details of the contract with ease. The presence of the legal practitioner would also ensure that the agreement made and signed between the business owner and the influencer would be held up as legal and binding in the court. When this is achieved, you are on your way to becoming a successful influencer or a satisfied business brand owner. Our custom platform allows both parties to record their agreement, as it is very important to document all the terms of the influencer marketing agreement. The platform of platforms has been able to outline the different elements that the contract would require.

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Quantity of Work

As the contract is being prepared, the custom platform puts into consideration the amount of required exposure that would be agreed upon by both parties. For the business owners, clearly state the tasks you expect from the influencer, like the time the influencer would post your content, daily, weekly, or monthly. This would include the volume of work and the deadline for the content to be posted.

The contract would also contain what is expected to happen if the influencer is not meeting up with agreements and standards. This would help becoming an influencer more dedicated and focused because there is now a written agreement involved which will make the influencer accountable.

Condition of Payment

Another element of an influencer marketing agreement powered by our custom platform is the terms of payment. This is based on the money the business owner intends to pay the influencer. Here, it shows how more money would be made as an advertising influencer. The agreement would hold up the form of payment the business owner would make such as flat rates or payments based on content performance. This would also state the medium of payment like cash deposits and cheques.


The timeframe of working together also needs to be stated in the contract as it is one of the elements required. The platform of platforms gives an insight on when the contract would start and end, and also if they can automatically renew the contract too.

Work Description

When making an influencer marketing agreement, it is vital that both parties state the work description. Our innovative platform requires that the business brand states what the influencer is expected to produce. If the influencer is expected to create contents freely or strictly on the brand’s directives.

Job Ownership

The custom platform also needs both parties to state ownership of the job. When the content of the brand is created, who becomes the owner of the content?

So in this light, it is evident that an influencer marketing agreement is very vital when it comes to becoming a successful influencer. It can help the influencer to make more money as it helps the business owner to trust the influencer based on his credibility. So it is all about our custom platform if you need a standard influencer marketing agreement.

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Do I Need an Influencer Agent to Make More Money

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Monetization is what drives innovation in our society as it provides sustenance and relevance. Monetization means getting a monetary reward for knowledge, goods, or service rendered. With influencers, it means exchanging their social media reach and influence for money. The influencing industry is worth billions of dollars, and it pays no matter the level of your influence.

Micro-influencers, by definition, are influencers whose reach is between 1,000 followers and 100,000 followers. Medium-sized brands prefer to work with micro-influencers as they are more affordable and have higher engagement rates than a macro influencer. Macro influencers and social media heavyweights and real-life celebrities, their followers vary between 100s of thousand and millions. They are expensive to engage, international brands like Coca-Cola and Nike need macro-influencers to be able to reach millions of target audience around the world.

For example, a tae kwon do near me had the good sense to hire our taekwondo influencer to use her online influence to help grow his business. He is on his way to opening his second school as a result of this smart decision.


Micro-Influencers vs. Macro Influencers

Both types of influencers are important in the influencing industry, there are pros and cons to both, and crucially most micro-influencers will grow to become macro-influencers with time, so you can regard micro influencing as a starting point to being a macro influencer.

Pros of Micro-Influencer


It costs 500 dollars or less to engage a micro-influencer for a post, in comparison, it takes between thousands of dollars to millions of dollars to engage the service of a macro influencer.

Increase in Sales

Even though working with macro-influencers means wider reach, the problem is followers don’t trust celebrities to use every product they market, research conducted revealed followers are likely to believe the feedbacks of micro-influencers as they are more likely to use whatever brand they promote. Therefore, working with micro-influencers is more likely to drive sales.


Many followers know their micro-influencer since they started their social media account, some even know them in real life, and they can relate with them, vouch for them and know the kind of products they like, this kind of closeness is unlikely with superstars who are admired from a distance. This closeness with followers makes micro-influencers more authentic and accessible by followers.


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


High Communication Rate

Fewer followers in comparison to macro-influencers ensure they build a connection with them, it means increased communication, which in turns gives followers a sense of belonging and feeling of connection.

Multiple Influencers

Since their reach is limited, brands can decide to employ multiple micro-influencers to improve their reach. You can engage multiple micro-influencers instead of a single macro influencer, it can give the brands about the same reach of macro-influencers while paying less.

Cons of Micro Influencing

There are not too many disadvantages of micro influencing, the major that is is their reach, micro-influencers are not suitable for brands hoping to reach millions of users around the globe.



Pros of Macro Influencing

Bigger Reach

The obvious reason why brands engage macro-influencers is their wide coverage, if your target audience is millions and scattered around the world, you will definitely need macro influencer.

Low Risk of Fake Followers

Celebrities, whether real-life or social media, attract followers because of the fame and influence they are less likely to use fake followers to boost their number of followers.

High Level of Professionalism

The services of macro-influencers are quite expensive to engage, one of the reasons for their high charges is their level of professionalism. They pay attention to details of the promotion and run their promotions exactly the way the brands want it.



Cons of Macro Influencer


Only big brands can afford to engage the services of macro-influencers because of their high charges.

Hard to Execute

It is sometimes complicated to employ the services of, and they might have reservations about promoting a brand because of their loyalty to another brand or because they are not convinced with products themselves.

Third-Party/Agency Involvement

Most macro-influencers engage the services of agencies which makes contract negotiations a little complicated.

Ways of Monetization Available to Influencers

There are many ways of making money online for influencers, and some involve selling products while some don’t. Monetization options include:

 Selling your Products

A common way to monetize your social media influence is by selling your products to your followers, this is particularly useful for micro-influencers who have fewer but more loyal followers than macro-influencers.

Affiliate Marketing

Alternatively, influencers can market the products or services of a third party in exchange for a reward. Rewards for affiliate marketing vary, it could be commission on every product purchased, a barter for service or an outright fee for the service.

Brand Ambassador

Influencers can make money by representing brands over a while. It comes with handsome financial reward agreed on contractual terms, certain details about the contract like duration and clauses are stipulated too. Influencer responsibilities may include posts, videos, appearances on billboards, and events.

Sponsored Post

Often influencers make post strictly tailored and paid for by brands. They are usually paid per post and are always indicated as ‘sponsored post’.

License your Contents

Micro-influencers have to explore every monetization opportunity to stay relevant in the game, one of such is licensing your contents for use by other media in exchange for money.


Crowdfund your Project

Micro influencer’s followers are usually more loyal and closer to the influencer, they are more likely to be willing to fund the next project of their favorite influencer. Many influencers have used this opportunity to fund their dream projects and improve their standing in the industry.

Do I Need an Influencer Agent to Make More Money?

Influencer agencies are agencies whose service are employed by both brands and influencers to connect the two parties and to some extent regulate their activities. Most brands rely on agencies to provide the most suitable recommendation for them when engaging and influencer. Influencers rely on agencies for engagement, and it’s particularly useful for micro-influencers who are still struggling for engagements

Influencer industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that is expected to grow to trillions in a few years. The market is big enough for both micro-influencers and macro-influencers to thrive. Big international brands are attracted to macro-influencers as they provide huge followership to target. Micro-influencers are useful with medium-scaled brands with a limited budget.

Monetization opportunities available include selling products, affiliate marketing, brand ambassador, and content licensing. Engaging the services of influencer agencies can improve the rate of engagements for micro-influencers. Imagine engaging several micro-influencers for your small startup. It can never hurt to obtain the services of a high performing SEO company to help you expand your brand and increase your reach.

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What Happens When You Are Discouraged?

what happens when you are discouraged, encouragement, influencer marketing

When you are a person who is working so hard as an influencer, trying to help and encourage others through your hard work, what happens when you are discouraged? Today’s post is for our hard working influencers and business owners who are feeling down and defeated. This has been a difficult season and we are here to help and offer you some encouragement.

What Happens When You Are Discouraged?

The sunshine is blotted out by the dark clouds of defeat and negativism. Every doubt or feeling of failure is magnified and haunts every corner. The agony of defeat invades and permeates our every thought and effort. That’s what happens when we are discouraged. 

Why do we succumb to such? Why, when we may have just recently been on top of the mountain? How can we sink so quickly into a heap of self-doubt?

Feeling Hopeless

Our feelings are very fickle. They are also very pervasive. We know that, in our reasonable self.  Yet we feel hopeless, fearful, and fall into despair. If we have no history of how to successfully handle this consuming fear, how to rise again from the ashes, we see no hope. But there is hope! There is promising, life-giving, joyful hope!

The discouraged may need help in rationally handling this oppressive feeling. Someone to help them see the bigger picture. 

Learning how to evaluate and manage expectations without comparing ourselves to others is a major first step. We must refocus on our goals. We need to see this as a setback rather than a finality. 

Often a friend who is willing to listen, to help separate fact from a manufactured feeling of doom, to help us sort things out – just to be a friend with a listening ear – can help the discouraged look objectively at the circumstances.

A long walk or exhilarating run, a good meal, and a time to unload the garbage of the day can lead to the parting of the clouds, the coming of a small light to pierce the darkness of the morrow, and the birth of new hope.  Filling the void of that departing despair are these refreshing words:

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” (Philippians 4:8)

The Perks of a Professional Lawn Care Treatment Service Mansfield

lawn care treatment service Mansfield, lawn care

 Here at Weedex Lawn Care, we know that sometimes life gets busy, and your lawn may get lowered on your list of responsibilities. When that happens, your lawn can quickly get out of hand and only damper your curbside appeal and even your confidence. With so much on our plates in today’s world, who has time to single-handedly perfect their lawn? This is why we provide a professional lawn care treatment service, so your lawn care can easily be crossed off your long list of duties and you can get back to what matters. Let’s talk about the perks of lawn care treatment service Mansfield.

Weed Control Companies

Have you found yourself looking at your downtrodden lawn, feeling overwhelmed with no idea where to even begin to fix it, only to search online last minute for a lawn specialist near me? Maybe looking for weed control companies has become a continuous chore for you. Well, you need to look no further because here at Weedex, we provide any lawn care treatments you may need. We are your lawn care treatment service Mansfield Tx, Dallas, Tx and surrounding areas.

Professional Lawn Care Treatment Service

Our professional lawn care treatment service can help take care of your lawn care needs in any way you can imagine. For example, we can provide: weed control and fertilization services, dallisgrass control, summer lawn treatment, and even ornamental shrubs and trees for that extra special touch! Sit back and relax, let our team of professionals do the work for you. With our team behind you, you will be saving time and effort and finally get the results you’ve been pining for.

Why not take the stress off of yourself when it comes to trying to achieve the lawn of your dreams? As professionals, we can bring your lawn back to life so you can go back to enjoying your lawn the way it was meant to be enjoyed. By using our professional lawn care treatment service to transform your lawn, you’ve chosen the most effective way to achieve your goals. We are your lawn care treatment service Mansfield Tx, Dallas, Tx and surrounding areas.

Lawn Care Service Near Me

Bring back your confidence in your home with a lawn that impresses! With a team that cares, you will easily have your curbside appeal back and you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to get your lawn back to the way you want it so you can go back to the things you want to do. We’re here to help

Contact Weedex today to learn how our professional lawn care treatment service can make your lawn everything it should be. We are your lawn care treatment service Mansfield Tx, Dallas, Tx and surrounding areas.

You can also request a free quote online or by calling 972-727-9207.

The Art of Engaging an Influencer

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

When it comes to having an influencer in your corner to promote your brand, whether you a service organization like a heating and air conditioning company, a lawn care service company, or a plumbing company, a lot of critical things have to be done. It is essential to build a lasting relationship in order to work together and for the influencer to properly represent your brand. Also, the influencer will have to be analyzed and understood before entering a contract with the influencer. Definitely, the vision and field of operation of an influencer have to align with that of the brand owners. Below are ways to sway your potential influencer to get to commit to your brand:

Follower and Subscribe to your Influencer’s Channel: If you have to do all the logistics of getting an influencer yourself, it’s advisable to start by following the potential influencer you want to use for your brand promotion.

Share their Videos and Posts: Share the material of your potential influencer, this will make them like you and emotionally driven to repay the favor. It’s almost like you are friends because it means a lot to influencers when their work is viewed and shared.

React, Like, Watch, Drop comments: You want to interact with the social media celebrity you are planning to work with by reacting to their posts. You want your brand to reach people globally, and you have to make a little investment by liking other people’s post like the influencer you want to work with for a successful campaign.

Relate to your Potential Influencer: You really want to treat potential influencer like a new friend you are just getting to know. Ditch any sales pitch at the early stages and just get to know your potential influencer.

Direct and Straightforward Approach: You may also try your luck by sending an email to the influencer. You can send correspondences back and forth and hope you can arrive at a compromise. This saves time but may lack the depth of knowing your influencer in-depth, and the influencer may also lack the necessary conviction and understanding regarding your brand and products.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Below is an outline of ways you can use in getting across to an influencer, you can use any of the tips above or employ the following steps:

  1. Make sure to subscribe to the social media platform and channel that your influencers are on, it may be a blog or personal website.
  2. When you get an introductory message from an influencer after subscribing, ensure to send a response. This gives you an edge over other people or competitors because most people will ignore introductory emails.
  3. Additionally, share the posts whether they be videos or contents of your potential influencer, this gives them an instant connection with you.
  4. It is crucial to comment on the posts of your influencers, like the posts, react in any way that best portrays your brand’s vision, and this will help them get to know your brand gradually.
  5. If you eventually get to work with an influencer, don’t isolate their message because at that point it is your message, therefore, link your influencer’s post to your brand’s message and share on your platform as well.
  6. Introduce your influencer on your official website or social media channel. As much as they are under contract to promote your brand, you’ll be increasing their morale and ratings by presenting themselves to the world.



The Platform for Social Connection

There is an opportunity in the marketplace for people to market their products. Our team of experts has been able to project brands to impact the social media marketplace further. This is vital to business organizations with regards to brand promotion. Our custom platform enables business organizations and influencers to generate comprehensive content for brands while maintaining content materials that are relevant consistently.

This is a great way of engaging your potential customers and clients. This way, the business organizations would become relevant in the global market because the platform of the platform ensures that the content of the brand that is shared is highly relevant to their target audience and/or consumers. Our custom platform gives the business organization a unique opportunity to be outstanding amongst their counterparts globally through influencing marketing.

Our custom platform doesn’t only stop at creating relevance for the business organizations and influencers. Furthermore, it also creates a strategy for success in the mode of updating and creatively enhancing the contents being put out there by influencers. Promoting business brands on social channels by influencers requires utmost consistency.

Target audience, which is mostly millennials, is always in need of content that has in-depth details of the brand that the influencer is promoting. This is because millennials want to be relevant, and they love being the first among their peers to share a funny or relevant post. This is what YouTube has done by asking their users, “Be the first to comment on this video”. You’ll be amazed how much competition goes into being the first to comment on a video before it reaches the first million viewers. This is what our custom platform has been captured on our custom platform to facilitate brand promotion and successful campaigns.

Our custom platform regulates updates of content on social media platforms of an influencer and regenerates new information to be posted based on algorithms of the most talked about topics and trends. The platform of platforms enables communication through the comment section and strategic sharing of posts. All these not only aids the influencer in promoting the brand but also provides sustainability of the campaign by engaging consumers and keeping the business owners carried along.

Apparently, engaging an influencer requires a lot more than just successfully finding yourself an influencer. It goes way beyond that, and this can be quite stressful, which is why there’s a platform that can ease such stress. If you want to be involved in the process of your campaign, handing over your campaign to our custom platform keeps you constantly updated on your brand promotion. However, if you want to do it personally without help, the above tips will sure to assist you on your quest of getting and working with an influencer.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Detailed Guide How to Create an Awesome Facebook Business Page

Why create a Facebook Business Page? Facebook has practically 2 billion customers daily. That’s a ton of traffic and makes Facebook one of the top social networks platforms out there. While a minority of individuals declare to utilize Facebook to adhere to brand names they like, a large portion of customers found a brand-new service or product on the platform. And also, even a little percent of 2 billion individuals is considerable.
All of us know that Facebook supplies entrepreneurs and also salesmen a method to reach their target audience, support existing consumers, and give a noticeable hub for advertising and marketing. Yet, did you recognize Facebook now has a lot more to offer with FB Messenger and also the new Marketplace feature? It appears Facebook is trying to replace every one of the ancillary services people delight in. I question when they will certainly come out with their own cloud storage space item to replace Dropbox. Anyhow, the factor is that Facebook continues to attempt and also establish to give a one-stop purchase its customers.
Competitors on Facebook is high as well as their advertising policies can be heavy handed as well as unclear. Besides, keeping that much power, they could silence a U.S. President. So, it’s crucial to understand that your social media sites endeavors will certainly need to be softened as well as maybe not as compelling as you initially pictured. I’ll describe extra in a little bit.
I saw that there are over 100 million service pages on Facebook, which are separate from your individual web page.

What is a Facebook Business Page?
It is a page only for the objective of advertising your business or reason.

Do I need a personal Facebook account to produce a Facebook Business Page?

Why Should I Create a Facebook Business Page?
A Facebook Business Page resembles a social version of your business site. It helps others understand what you do and just how to call you. Some people handle their online business only from their Facebook Business Page, which I do not think is smart. Think of this. If Facebook determined to cancel you for some factor, what would occur to your organization. (which they can do for any kind of factor without discussing why). Regardless of the threats, it’s still an excellent idea to have one, as long as it’s in tandem with your web site. Many individuals will post web content to their site, and afterwards get the post address as well as utilize that in a discount article on social networks. It publicizes your web blog post with a link as well as image.
Facebook Business Pages promote your service, while your personal page is for family and friends to communicate regarding anything. Generally, it’s finest to soften business messages on your personal feed since individuals are not typically on Facebook to see marketing. Lord knows we obtain plenty of that almost everywhere else. So, social media service marketing needs to have an extremely strong social part.
Your Facebook Business Page provides you a system to share articles about your business, services, products, and career. As well as you can share pick company posts on your individual feed, as required. Typically, I like to share organization blog posts on my personal feed if they assist individuals in some important method. After that, I compose a little comment to opt for it.
One more great feature concerning Facebook Business Pages is that you can designate individuals to manage it for you. They can publish, comment, area advertisements, as well as even more to aid lessen your effort and time.
Expanding your social media neighborhood requires time as well as initiative. It must be a regular part of weekly in service, just as uploading articles to your site. Daily is best, yet uniformity is king.
Facebook ads can aid you drive even more website traffic as well as their tools can reveal you what individuals intend to see, or what they are currently checking out.
There are aps for your Facebook Business Page that can supply a place for organizing consultations also. Although I like the WordPress Plugin called Amelia. Check it out right here.
Amelia can assist you establish your available times, time blocks, and not available times and give you a web link where people can set up their very own consultations with you. Then you simply look at your calendar to see who your following consultation is with. Awesome tool huh?
Facebook Business Pages are cost-free to set up, suggesting there is no ahead of time investment to get your company detailed.
A massive 75% of Facebook individuals get on the platform daily!
So here are the actions to establishing it up. If you require assistance, (ask us. We can do all of it for you).
Actions to set up a Facebook Business Page.
The primary step is to obtain prepared. You will certainly require photos of particular dimensions, a description, engaging opener, contact us to action, and so on. You likewise need to think of who your suitable client is and where you may locate them. What teams do they sign up with? What are their behaviors? It’s time to get involved in your leads’ heads.

  1. Login or Register.
    You have the option of developing a business page while you are logged into your personal account, or registering a completely brand-new account just for company. I don’t understand about you, yet I have entirely way too many e-mail accounts, and also social media accounts as it is. So I would simply produce the business web page from your personal account unless there’s an actually engaging reason why you wish to maintain your service far from your personal social networks account.
    The link to set up a page is
    Select a business/brand or community/public figure, and afterwards click Get Started.
    Next off, enter your page classification, name, and also description.
  2. Upload Cover & Profile Photos.
    The main visual of your Facebook Business Page are your cover and also profile pictures. These will certainly need to be resized or created the best dimension. One complimentary online tool we utilize is called Image Optimizer
    What is the Profile Photo dimension for Facebook?
    Account Photo = 170 x170 pixels on computer systems, 128×128 on smartphones, as well as 36×36 on some sort of phones virtually nobody makes use of anymore.
    What is the Cover Photos size for Facebook?
    Cover Photo = 820×312 on computer systems, 640×360 on smart devices. Your photo upload must go to the very least 400×150 yet I would certainly size it 851×315. Trust me, I understand this is confusing. Simply make the cover photo 851×315. A.JPG will be much faster but a.PNG will certainly look far better. Go with the tiniest data size if you don’t see a distinction. Under 100kb is what I shoot for.
    Now your web page is released and you can flesh it out with details.
    You can note your company at for added direct exposure.
  3. Include Details.
    Description: Your description requires to be particularly designed to create interested prospects as well as lead them to the following action of calling you. This ought to be perhaps a paragraph in length.
    Get in touch with Info, place, and hrs: Let visitors understand how you wish to be gotten in touch with. Don’t have ADHD here, ensure to be certain. How do you desire people to call you? One primary way, and after that some choices. So, if you truly desire your phone to ring, Provide your phone number in advance as well as huge. Make sure whatever indicate making use of the phone number. After that, almost as an afterthought, include your internet address, email, and so on. Or, if you truly want web website traffic, after that make that noticeable. The bottom line is do not offer individuals way too many options or they will certainly freeze with indecision.
    Lots of smart marketing professionals create a really details landing page and point whatever to it. After that, the landing web page gives an engaging factor to act upon the call to action, whatever that may be.
    Username: Pick a name that’s very easy to locate. So, for example Blockbuster Video may be @blockbustervideo or Cinemark Theaters might be @cinemark.
  4. Call To Action (CTA).
    Next you will set up your contact us to activity to produce great leads. You can buy Medicare Insurance Leads at if you are an insurance agent. Keep in mind during preparation you thought about what you desired people to do? Now is the moment to have them do it. This will certainly be a button. The most common are No switch, Download, Sign up, and also Learn More. Because a lot of individuals won’t hesitate to click on it, learn More is by far the most successful. Sign up is the worst I presume due to the fact that no one wants more email and also individuals are no more “joiners”.
    If you fall short to select a call to action, Facebook will skip a Contact United States switch.
  5. Beginning Publishing.
    The next step is to develop some content. You can welcome brand-new site visitors, talk about your grand opening, discuss the process of beginning, discuss your “Why”, and more. The factor is to offer readers something to review, and spectators something to enjoy before you open your doors to allow them in.
    Some specialists suggest additionally doing some competitions, giveaways, vouchers, etc. so that when people hit your web page they see tons of reasons they should be there. Remember you likewise want them to do things. This can be answering studies, downloading a cost-free overview, talking about something, etc. Constantly try to evoke some action from visitors to boost interaction. Facebook tracks that sort of thing.
  6. Let the stockpiles in.
    Currently you can invite people to your heart’s web content and also drive traffic to your web page.
    You can welcome your personal contacts to watch your new web page, which is a wonderful concept unless you don’t desire them to understand about it. Why wouldn’t you desire them to find out about it?
    Click the three dots …
    This will certainly offer you a food selection where you can invite people etc. Currently, Facebook Insights will certainly show you your statistics and also give you suggestions on just how to boost. Try to spend time below over the following couple of weeks really understanding how to view the statistics and brainstorming means to improve.
    Take a look at even more excellent guidance at
    Check out the Squirrel Marketing Podcast for great pointers.

How to Get More from Your Influencer Marketing Investment

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Brands turn to influencers to promote their products and improve their reach these days. A recent study suggests that 68% of companies are ready to increase their budget for influencer marketing. Such is the growing success of influencer marketing, and it is only natural to protect huge investments. As with all investments, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) can improve the return on investment (ROI).

How Do I Create Influencer Marketing Campaign?

You can create a successful influencing marketing campaign if you make adequate plans and judicious use of available resources. These simple steps will help you create a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Identify your Target Audience

The first task is to determine your target audience, the age range, geography, and all other characteristics of your target audience. These characteristics of your target can influence a lot in your campaign, including the budget, type of influencer, and even platforms for the campaign. For example, if you are looking for a brand that offer answers answers to life’s questions such as divorce, tune. into YouTubers and podcasts that answer such things as divorce and other life questions.

Set budget                                  

Big brands with successful influencer campaigns put great effort into it, and this includes setting the ideal budget from their campaign at the outset and sticking to the plans and budget all through.



Establishing Key Performance Indicators

There should be a yardstick to which the success of an influencer marketing campaign is measured. The performance indicators include:

Views: One way to measure the performance of influencer marketing campaign is the number of views of the post. Amount of views is an essential measure of the reach of the post.

Engagement: Likes, comments, shares, and reposts make up engagement rate.

Clicks: Clicking is one level better than viewing, clicking means the followers are interested in the product and is a potential buyer or subscriber of the products

Audience Reach: Apart from the influencer’s followers, views, clicks, and reposts are ways of measuring audience reach.

Sales: There must be an improvement in sales after an influencer marketing campaign, if sales doesn’t improve, the campaign has been a failure.

Impressions: A successful campaign will leave some impressions on people, any impression good or bad will have people talking about it on the internet and make it a trend. Comments, likes, and reposts are also a good measure of impressions of an influencer marketing campaign.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Increase in Followers: It’s natural to experience a surge in the number of followers during and after a successful campaign.

How to Have a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

As with everything in life, it is hard to achieve success and even more difficult to maintain high standards, to stay on top with your influencer marketing, you have to follow some guidelines and principles.

Skip Big Names: Unless you are an international brand with global followership and target audience, it is not wise to choose big names as your influencer. They are expensive to engage and less effective than micro-influencers when your brand is relatively small brand.

Keep Successful Partnerships: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix is the common saying, there is no need to discard any partnership that works, maintaining an excellent successful professional relationship will mean better understanding, trust, and continued success.

Compensate Adequately: Micro-influencers are the ones that take all the jobs with the low pay if you believe the influencer has surpassed expectations, reward such influencer the pay their efforts deserve. Adequate compensation will mean improved performance.

Acknowledge Creativity: Always reward creativity, acknowledge the good job of your influencer as a way of appreciation and encouragement.

Promote the Posts: You can significantly improve the performance of your campaign by complementing the efforts of the influencer, this can be achieved by liking the post, getting involved in interactions and reposting.

Look at Various Social Media: Instagram is the most used platform by influencers, but that doesn’t mean others are not useful or effective, you should target all major social media to improve the depth of your reach.

Pick your Own Metrics: Metrics vary from campaigns to campaigns and brands to brands. Most common metrics for evaluating success include traffic, engagement, and profits made during and after the campaign.

How to Measure Success of Influencer Marketing Campaign

When evaluating the success of influencer marketing campaign, several factors and parameters must be considered as a single factor doesn’t tell the whole story. These metrics will tell you about the success of your campaign:

Determine Campaign Reach

The reach of the campaign simply means several social media users that came in contact with the post. It doesn’t tell all the story as not everybody that saw the campaign would be interested, but at least it tells a story, and that is how far the post has traveled.

Determine Engagements

Engagement is a better measuring tool than reach, it includes likes, comments, shares, repost, and retweets. High engagements mean people were very interested in the campaign.

Increase in Number of Followers

A successful campaign will translate to increase in followers if more people are following, it means you are doing it right.

e-products Download

Brands who sell e-products can easily measure their success by the number of downloads of their e-products.

Revenue Generated

Brands set various metrics for measuring campaign success, where an increase in sales is the metrics, the increase in revenue is a clear indication that the campaign has been a success

Website Traffic

During the influencer marketing campaign, website traffic soars and level of success can be measured using Google analytics. Google Analytics will provide the following information that can inform you of the level of success achieved by your campaign:

New Users: Google analytics will indicate exactly the number of new users that visited your page during your campaign.

Page Views: It will indicate the total number of page views generated during the campaign.

Time Spent: This software will show you the total as well as an average number of time spent by all the visitors to the page.

Number of Sessions: The total number of sessions spent by users who visited the page.

Referral Parties: Google analytics will provide information about your partners that created leads to your website.

Influencer marketing is the most popular marketing campaign amongst brands these days, and it is an ever-growing industry that provides several options of influencers to choose from regardless of your niche or target audience. Before embarking on an influencer marketing campaign, adequate preparation is essential and will determine the level of success achieved, what to consider includes a budget for the project, ideal influencer, and platforms to use.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Squirrel Marketing Episode 10 – Apple – Steve Jobs vs Microsoft – Bill Gates

In the latest episode, Bill and Jeffrey take on the case study of Apple – Steve Jobs vs. Microsoft – Bill Gates and how they revolutionized modern technology with a few unexpected twists and turns along the way. 

Squirrel Marketing Youtube Channel

Squirrel Marketing Podcast Page

Welcome to squirrel marketing. This is Bill Bronson, marketing guru and I have successful sportscaster sports podcaster excuse me, the same thing. Jeffrey Coop Cooperstein. Sorry about that Jeffrey.

I like it well, we will go with that

I’m gonna settle on something one of these days

I like that. I like the variation. Okay. The coop Meister, that’s fine, too. Okay, whatever you want.

But Jeffrey’s here with me. And we’ve been talking a little bit about Apple, and Apple and Microsoft strategic alliance, or lack of Alliance was kind of a rocky deal, that we’re gonna dig into that a little bit. But first, but first, Jeffrey, I wanted to ask you. I said, I talked about successful sports podcaster. But I haven’t really asked you about the background of that. So what, what kind of podcasting? Have you done? Or Or do you do on a regular basis.

So about four or five years ago, I started at the ESPN Radio Station, here in the DFW area. And shortly after that, I started doing a podcast affiliated with them. And it was with it was with a co host. And we did that for about a year or so. And then, you know, I just I’ve not stopped doing it ever since I have, you know, General sports podcast. And then when the maverick startup here in a couple of weeks, I’ll have a maverick specific podcast as well. The app so you can find my content all over online. Yeah. Appreciate that. So what do people search for if they want to hear you so you can go to you’ll be able to go to Mavs and you can find me there or you can find me on any podcast platform that you’d like.

And you just type in Jeffrey Cooperstein. And as Jeffrey spelled like a normal Jeffrey now I know you’re weird. Yeah, correct. Well, that’s pretty cool. Yeah. Appreciate it. And so you your family’s kind of in sports too, though. or thinking or do you have other people in your family? Yeah, my dad is my dad. My dad was is a is a sports broadcaster as well. And that’s kind of how I got the passion for it. Right. Got it. Anybody else in your family in sports?

No. Just uh, just my dad.

But y’all are big Mavs fans.

Yeah, my dad is the announcer for the Mavericks. That’s awesome. So that’s one thing that stands for sure. So you had to have been kind of enamored by that like, you know, for sure. The games, you got to hang out and see the players. Yeah, I grew up growing up. I mean, it was a kid just dream. Like, I got to go to a bunch of games, not just Mavericks. I mean, any sport. Usually got pretty good seats and good parking. Sure. And all that so yeah, no, it was awesome. And you’re gonna be starting up an independent podcast pretty soon. I heard.

Yes. That’ll be that’ll be the Mavericks one. They start. December 23. is their first nice, right. Yep. So starting After that, I’ll be I’ll be doing a mouse pocket. Pretty cool. Alright, well, so I guess, being around all those people. You get to hang out with Mark Cuban a little bit.

I’ve met him a couple times. I’ve met him a few times.

Yeah. What do you think about him? He’s great guy. He really is a nice guy. I mean, he I think so too. I don’t agree with everything is a politically but he he’s very honest. And he’ll tell you whether something’s right or wrong. And he I mean, and he treats everyone the same whether it’s a bigwig reporter who’s making millions or if it’s you know, scrubs, like me and anybody else like he treats everyone the same.

Seems pretty cool. So now he’s a cool guy. He does right by his by his people.

I don’t see him as a narcissist.

No, I don’t think so either.

I think he seems generous and philanthropic. He always admits that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. And has people that know what he doesn’t know. So how did you get so rich? I mean, how does it so he was big in the internet’s infancy, infancy. And he sold broadcast comm for multiple billions of dollars. Wow. And I believe right around 2000.

So he just had a website. Yeah, he had a website. He had software that was patented, sold it for billions and then bought the Mavs there you go bought the Mavs in 1000. That’s really cool. I mean, that’s everybody’s Dream on the internet is Yeah, to have a cool site or something and get bought out. Yeah.

And he has a cool story. I mean, he moved to Dallas. I think it was I think, in late 70s he didn’t have a nickel to his name. And this is one of the biggest, you know, bubbles in the US now. So yeah, early adopters. Yeah, Ashton Kutcher has made a lot of money there. And then, you know, of course, Facebook.

Yeah. That’s a whole nother podcast.

It’s a whole dish, but we could do a lot of stuff on early adopters. Yeah. Elan Musk was a doctor and in fact, We’re gonna talk about him just a second On this episode, but so let’s go ahead and dig in, I guess to the topic. We’re going to talk about Apple versus Microsoft. So when you think of Apple, you think of iPhones, iPads, air pods, MacBook Air pods, right. But the early days were totally different. And it’s pretty interesting. So we wanted to talk about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, really not Apple and Microsoft, it’s really comes down to the two really influential heads of the snake, if you will, the two leaders, and both of them incredibly dynamic people. One, I would say more interesting than the other. Absolute, one’s an accountant. And the other one’s an eccentric fashion. They’re both they both become eccentric, because of the level of success, monetary success. And fame. You know, and when the government asks you nicely to please come talk to them and flies you up? You know? That’s pretty cool.

Yeah. When the government seeking advice from you, you’ve never done something right. Will you please come talk to us?


So how did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs meet? You know, I don’t know. I did a little research, obviously. And so I was thinking that maybe they were together on developing a computer and they had a falling out and split ways or whatever. That’s not really the case. There was a 1975 Popular Mechanics magazine that came out. And it had something in there called the Altair, which was a do it yourself computer. And not the kind of computer you’re thinking this was a computer that would just could do a math problem, maybe or something, right. But it was a basic computer. And it was a kit, it was 400 and something dollars in 1975. That’s a lot of money, a lot of money. But it featured it was the very first personal computer kit. And so bill saw the article, and so did Steve. And there, what do you call them their sidekicks. So we had Steve Wozniak, with Steve Jobs. And then I forget the guy’s name was Bill Gates. Was his is Steve our Steve Ballmer. Well, Steve Ballmer was the CEO of Microsoft, he now owns the Los Angeles Clippers.

Yeah, no, it wasn’t him. It was someone else. But it was an early an early childhood friend, or whoever it was his buddy. And so they both saw this article, and they both got interested in it. And so this club, these, I think they were French Canadians who had this, this company, the very excellent Computer Club, or something, I don’t remember. But anyway, they all formed this group called the Homebrew Computer Club. And Steve was a member. And Bill was a member. And so they all got together, they were writing software, they were coming up with ideas, they were having all kinds of fun. They, of course, couldn’t be wasting their time on computer games, or texting or anything except playing some record, right. And so they had a lot of brain time to conceptualize and invent things. So they all had this, this passion for building something that didn’t exist yet in the form of computers or software. And so through this club, they started, Bill started to produce something called basic which, in my background, I used to program in something called Apple basic. And I remember that was a Mac thing. But it wasn’t a Steve Jobs thing. It was a Bill Gates thing. So the apple basic the operating system of the Apple computer that I had, was written by Bill Gates. And so Microsoft actually produced the software for Apple computers. And I didn’t know that. The reason why the Apple computers are so much more stable or secure than Microsoft or PCs, is not because of the Microsoft software. It’s because Microsoft PC based computers, I should say PCs allow anybody to write software for them, whereas Apple computers only allowed Bill Gates to write software for.

That’s interesting. So the reason Mac’s never get infected with viruses or malware or anything like that is because of Bill Gates.

One of the reasons and the other reason is encryption. The way that it was written, it’s, it’s got its, it’s better produced, it’s just it’s better software. And, and the hardware to the hardware kind of dictates what kind of software can run it. You know, it’s like, Okay, this is the hardware Now, how do we control this hardware. So it has a lot to do with how you produce the software, but, but PCs allow anybody to write for them. You can write any software package and throw it on a PC, but you can’t do that with an apple computer. So anyway, so this apple basic, the members of this club is Homebrew Computer Club. We’re giving this computer operating system out for free. And Bill Gates got really pissed off about it. Yeah, he wrote a letter going, Hey, you know, basically, there’s no way that you can write good software for free, you guys need to pay up. So for every, for every instance of the software, they had to pay him. And that’s where he started to monetize. And, and Steve Jobs felt the same way. And the rest of the club didn’t In fact, Steve Wozniak, His goal was to produce computers and software and give it to the world for free. And he was broke. Yeah, that’s crazy. But they were all sort of like hippies, right. They were all free spirits, free everything. And he just wanted to do it for the love of the of the thing. Really interesting stuff. So they both saw this opportunity. And they met at that club, you know, over their vision of capitalistic, inventive evolutionary kind of a thing. And it was really interesting. In fact, there’s some really cool movies about that whole thing that people can watch if they want to see more about the history and the interaction between the two. So I made a list of a couple. There’s one called Triumph of the nerds. 1996. It’s about Bill Gates.

And I think I’ve seen that one. Have you really? Yeah.

How about Pirates of Silicon Valley? 1999. Steve Jobs billion buck hippy 2011.

Is that the one with Ashton Kutcher? No. I saw two Steve Jobs movies. One was Ashton Kutcher. I can’t remember the other one was well, coming up to more current times we have jobs. 2013. Yes. Ashton Kutcher. Yeah. Then we have AI Steve. same year. Yes. Okay. That’s all both, which was apparently kind of weird. It was a satire. Yeah. And then Halt and Catch fire. 2014. Not really sure what that’s about. And then Steve Jobs, the man and the machine 2015.

I haven’t seen that one, either.

But there’s been a lot of documentaries and novels. And they even have some plays about them. It’s kind of funny, like Broadway.

Yeah, I’m not Broadway. But I mean, these people should be documented in this way. Because think about how influential Apple is in our society. We wouldn’t live without apple. I know you have an iPhone and an iPad. I have five or six different Apple products. I mean, Apple is so integral to what we do. Yeah, for everything.

I think Steve finally learned from Bill. Because I mean, so go with me on this for a second. So when they started out, Apple produced computers, it was called Apple computers, Microsoft, it’s built into their name software. Microsoft was software. Apple was computer hardware. They had two different things. They were not competing. As soon as they started to compete. As soon as they weren’t collaborating on something, but started to compete with the same deal. They got in a huge battle. Mm hmm. And so I don’t know if everybody knows what happened here, but the war before the war happened. Microsoft believed in Apple so much that Bill Gates actually said that next year, we’re going to make nearly half of our income from selling Apple software.

I mean, so basically, they were selling the software that goes on Mac computers.

And anyway, gates even said that Mac was the most revolutionary computing machine he had ever seen, and thought that it was such a high standard that it would create a whole new possibility for the world, which I did.

Right. Well, so. And then so Compaq was involved. Also on the PC side of things, and we had Tandy and all that. So before the war, man, they were like, close to friends. Yeah. But so what happened? It was over an operating system, it was over windows. So in the well, the 80s and 90s, there was this big culture war between Apple people and PC people. And the same today is absolutely Well, it’s, well, it’s Apple versus Android. And then also Apple versus, or Mac versus PC. And so jobs accused gates, this was in 80. In the 80s, I forget when but so jobs accused gates of stealing their plans for a graphical interface or their goi user graphical user interface. And it was developed by Xerox actually, really?

Xerox? Yeah. So Xerox Corporation was the big boy on the block. And they developed the graphical interface, possibly for their machines to graphically be able to choose options or machines, right, the copiers and stuff. So they had that idea of, of a basically a digital push button, push screen kind of deal. Or at least back then maybe you would arrow up or down and hit enter or something on the machine.

But so gates, so jobs accused gates of stealing Apple’s graphical interface for their computer, which became windows one.

So jobs says windows one was stolen by Bill Gates, basically, that’s unsurprising. Well, so gates response was a metaphor. He responded. He said, let’s say we both have a rich neighbor named Xerox. And I broke in the house to steal their operating system. But I found out you’d already stolen it.

That’s what Gates said. Yeah. Interesting.

So his, his thought for the his whole thing. His whole defense was, he didn’t steal it from Steve. He stole it from the fellow from Xerox. And they both stole it from Xerox. It’s just one of them stolen. Sears.

That’s funny.

And this went on for 10 years, there was appeals and, and it was thrown out.

This went into legal trouble when in the late 80s. Yeah, so Apple sued Microsoft. And this was in 88. And then in 98, it finally kind of dissipated. Crazy, though. So right then, though, right, then when all this happened, and right when jobs accused gates of this Jobs was ousted, as CEO, they threw him out his own company, his own company. And so he’s like, okay, screw you guys. I’m gonna start next. And next was the exact same type of thing except not for the personal computer. It was for higher education, institutional computers, and software. And he built that and built that up to where when he finally came back into the company, when they finally brought him back. They bought it for like, I don’t know $400 million or something.

That’s a quick way to make money.

Exactly it was a 12 year exile. And so in that 12 years, jobs built next, and Apple acquired next for $429 million, that long, 12 years. So he back until 2010, well, he was still kind of back. Kind of they were like, please help us. We’re drowning. And he was like, nope. He’s like, Hey, you know, but he was an ingenious move. And I remember seeing the movie. And I was like, Oh my gosh, that guy’s just amazing. He’s, he was a very smart guy. He obviously rubbed people the wrong way. Yeah, certain times.

But his company.

Yeah. I mean, anyone at that level of thinking and innovation is going to rub people the wrong way.

Yeah, so it was 97 when he came back, and Apple was in big time financial trouble.

So thanks to the poor management, Gil Amelio, I guess was the CEOs name. In jobs absence, buddy. He had other hits and weird stuff. He had some weird projects going on, and just didn’t do well. So they were in big time trouble. So. So Apple, the board decided we’re going to do something.

And Apple came back, Steve Jobs came back to Apple. And then Steve and Bill met. And here’s the cool part. Bill Gates invested $150 million in Apple stock to help Apple right the ship when jobs came back. Hmm. So that was sort of it was, it’s the end. Also, it ended all their act of goodwill. Yeah, well, yeah. In the dollar litigation. First of all, that was part of the agreement. So here, I’m going to buy all this stock and help you out. But you’re going to end these, these litigations and this copyright infringement stuff. And we’re just going to start from scratch again. Which was really cool. Because jobs felt like Apple had forgotten who they were. And they focused away too much on beating Microsoft to the point where they won’t they were not focused on innovation, which anybody who gets caught up in rivalry suppresses their future ability to innovate, you know, and be creative. So actually just hurts everybody when you’re that way. We saw that with the presidential stuff. Where when you spend too much time hating the other person, you know, you’re not going forward? Yeah. For instance, I didn’t see in the Democratic Party, where they had a platform, other than we hate Trump. That was it was what do you believe in? We believe in beating Trump, that’s really it. So I would have rather have seen both sides focus on what they wanted to do for people. Same thing with companies, I would like to see companies less focused on beating each other and more about the product furthering the Yeah, furthering everything. And you can take a lesson from this Microsoft, kind of as a rule hated apple. And they invested 150 million to help them out. And they had a buyout in in the contract for 2003. So they sold it back to Apple in 2003. Just so that was basically alone, essentially, it was alone. And they well, Bill believed that Steve could write the ship. Yeah. And he believed that the stock would be worth more and in. What was that? Three, four or five years? And so he felt like, okay, in five or six years, I think that it’s going to be worth more, we’re going to make money. It’s a win situation. Let’s end all this litigation. Let’s be civil to each other again. And in that one decision, Microsoft Office became available on Macintosh computers. Oh, that was part of the deal as well. So if you remember, my Apple computers, one of the big problems was the limited library of software available, and everybody in banks and institutions, and companies needed Microsoft Word. Because that Word and Excel, were really the two main backbones of business. And then PowerPoint. Yeah, but those were the main three. And then institutions were also using the database stuff, too. We won’t talk about that. But it was not a good product. But words cool, Excel school. And PowerPoints. Awesome. So when you look at those three things, those were not available on Apple.

That’s crazy to think about because now Everything has Microsoft on it, even apple.

It was not that long ago that I had a teacher send a file from their Mac. And I couldn’t open it in Word. That’s because they didn’t save it as a doc file, right? So it was not that long ago. And so this stuff really is just now coming to where you can buy an Apple Computer and run superior software on it. But you can also run the backbone of Microsoft Office on it.

And this is kind of going on a squirrel here. But Google has now taken the Microsoft, you know, family of products and put them in a cloud based server.

Yeah, so now all the software doesn’t have to be loaded onto a computer you can access from anywhere. And let me tell you something. It’s not a secret. But this is why I finally decided to move to Mac I hate hated dislike PCs. Because every time I turn around, something screwed up.

Absolutely no, but the GPU freezes, my screen freezes, it shuts down for no reason. And I lost everything, whatever. And it’s happened so many times. And I’m like, you know what, forget this, I’m going to do a mirror, I did a raid mirror with hard drives. So I would never lose anything. And I had to go to all this trouble. It reminds me squirrel that my new dog keeps digging holes in my backyard and my brand new saw the brand new side that I bought, which is this Palisades Zoysia is a pain in the rear to put down, it takes a long time to take hold. And then this dog goes out there and sort of dig in holes in it, and mess it all up. That was quite a squirrel. Well, that it reminded me of the computer. I mean, because every time I got made some progress, it would freeze or screw up or I’d have to buy a new ram stick or whatever. A sick of it. And so finally, Now that everything’s cloud based, and I just need access to the internet with some superior hardware, I’m going apple and I did and it’s awesome.

Apples the best. I’ve had the Mac computer for five years now. And it still works perfectly. Well. My friend Jeff said he has one of those cheese graders they call it it’s a it’s a tower system. But it’s got like this loop on it looks like a cheese grater. Yeah, you’re talking about? And he said it’s an old server from like some like I don’t know, oh, wait. Oh, wow. And he says it’s as fast as it’s ever been. That’s crazy. So, yeah, but so back to what we were talking about. So. So Bill helped Steve out with this loan. And not long after that. They came out with what we’re talking about now is the iPod.

I remember the remember the first iPod coming out.

Okay, so until now until then, really? Apple was PC or personal computer hardware. That’s all they were. Really they were developing their own software to some extent. They were collaborating with Microsoft on software. But these other this other digital music with the Sony Walkman. Yeah, right. Yeah. Kind of reminds me of Harley versus Honda. The Sony Walkman. Well, Sony dominated that industry, even from the cassette tape. So it from it was RCA with record players and techniques and pioneer and all that. Yep. I mean, that was lucky German companies were involved in Dutch. Yeah. So then the Japanese came in when? When compact discs I mean when cassette tapes came. So then you saw Sony Walkman. You saw Panasonic you saw some of the other and then CDs of course. But then when it wasn’t physical, it was all digital. Then you had the reo? Do you remember hearing about ay. mp3 player called the reo. I bought one for my daughter A long time ago. It was it was an I think for my wife too. But it was a reo. And it was an mp3 player. It helped 15 songs. And it was pretty cool. You could you could basically play an album. digitally. Yeah. Well The iPod came out and dwarfed it.

No, I remember. Yeah. 500 songs. And in that ingenious little wheel that you spun around, yep. To get through the menus, so that one was 500 songs. I want to look at my phone right now and see how many songs I have. It’s, I have multiple 1000s of songs on my phone, but 23,000 songs on your phone. We won’t talk about the phone yet. We’re gonna talk about how Apple killed the the mobile phone industry. Okay, we can actually we’re going to talk about how Apple killed the mp3 player industry, we can do that. But so after they developed and launched the iPod, they, they were in direct competition with Rio. But there was not a really good way for people to put songs, new songs to find the mp3, there was the services you could download. And there was a lot of pirating going on incomes, Sean Parker.

So then, Sean Parker is that limewire Oh, okay. Do you remember that part about the on the social network? So he’s the guy from Stanford, who was buddies with Zuckerberg? limewire is the thing where you would download torrents and illegally download songs onto your phone before Pirate Bay? Yes.

All that. Yeah.

So yeah, but so that’s how iTunes came about. iTunes came about because Steve Jobs wanted a legal way for people to access music, yeah, for their player. And then they started to say, put all of your music on the player, not just the music you buy from us. And so that they created the iTunes, PC app that you could install on your computer on a Windows computer and manage your iPod from it.

Isn’t that crazy? how all of this happened in the last 15 years essentially?

Exactly. So it’s really amazing. So but that’s the strategy that’s their strategy was. So before we get into that, let’s get last question. How did a computer company enter a new market of music and music players and dominate it in 10 years time?

Strategy comes from a Greek word called strategos, which means the art of the general. And so it’s like since his book, The Art of War. It’s war. When you enter a market and you attempt to take over a market, it’s war. You have to assess your competitors, strengths and weaknesses. It’s the whole SWOT analysis all comes back. Yeah, you do a SWOT on your competitors and on yourself. And you find commonalities you find discrepancies, you find opportunities. And what, what Apple did, they did research and they found deficiencies and what was being offered. They sort of created a vision for a better future. And then they offered a superior product and a new process on how to use it. So you didn’t have to go the internet and find this. These mp3 is all over the place and pirate on they’re all on iTunes, iTunes, you could buy them it was 99 cents or whatever for a song. And they started monetizing. So then they came up with this revenue share system for artists, where you’re buying the song. Yeah. And then and then other like Pandora came in where it was a totally new innovative model where you’re back, you’re actually renting the song. You only you can only listen to the song while you’re paying the membership. Which is weird that that was a whole well, like Twilight Zone. Well, the thing is, yes, that was weird at the time. But Pandora set the stage for what Apple Music and what Spotify is now, where you pay. I think I paid $10 a month for Apple Music. You don’t have to pay for the individual song like he used to. And you just stream your stream everything right? That was Pandora 12 years ago.

Exactly. And they went through a lot of trouble, but we might do a podcast on Pandora. But yeah, so. Oh, and consequently if you register for a class and you’re in school, it’s five bucks. Anyway, on our Apple Music Oh yes. I remember that because I got the I got the discount.

So yeah, but so Apple broke into the market. in the music business dwarfed Rio created a new app. software to serve the music and monetize the music and revenue. Share with the art So is that it was genius. And then they protected their brand by opening retail stores. Which even further made it easy for people to say, I don’t really know how to use this thing. So they’d walk into an apple store and they teach them. They would teach them and then at the same time, sell their other ancillary products.

Yeah, you know, what, some new earbuds or whatever and, or, by the way, we have a new version of that iPod? Would you like to trade it in? Or Yeah, whatever. It was amazing. So, but they kind of solidified their brand, they’ve protected their brand with the retail stores and created a cult following. And the logo was genius. It’s an apple with a bite out of it. Yeah. Take a bite out of the apple. And the psychology behind the brand is just genius.

It’s great. I mean, it’s, for me the most recognizable logo in the world.

Yeah, I mean, it’s symbolizes. It symbolizes. Participating in a little bit of the good life.

Yeah, absolutely. Right. Yeah.

You see it, you’re like, Oh, that’s really cool. In fact, I had a Compaq computer laptop. And I wanted it to be a MacBook so bad. I had, I didn’t have any money. And I had this old beat up. Windows XP laptop. It was a Dell workhorse. You couldn’t kill it. I liked it. But I wished it were a MacBook. And I had a little sticker I got from Apple when I bought my iPhone. I stuck it on the over the Dell iMac. I made a Mac nice. Absolutely. But so anyway, so that’s kind of a history of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and, and to revolutionaries, for sure.

I learned a lot about it by researching it. And I had known a lot of this stuff anyway. But I really started looking at it from a marketing standpoint, because this is a marketing podcast. And we’re looking at strategic movement, we’re looking at creating strategy, innovation. And really, the 2007 the five conference interview, I don’t know if you’ve seen it between Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs on stage together was really incredible. And instead of taking pop shots at each other, they were complimentary of each other. They were cordial. They, in fact, I think it forged somewhat of a rekindled friendship. Because right after that, or I don’t know if it was right after that, or right before it. I think it was before it. Jobs announced the iPhone, which that was that just blew everybody away. Yeah. Well, that keynote speech. People still study that speech. It was so well delivered.

Absolutely. I studied it in speech class in college. I mean, the iPhone speech was, I mean, it is it is one of the best speeches of all time, just not because of the technological innovation that it had. But the way in which jobs presented it.

No, absolutely. Um, in fact, I watched a TED talk. If you go to TEDx, and you search for Nancy Duarte, the pattern of a great speech or something like that, Nancy Duarte, very entertaining, very intelligent lady, I really enjoy it. In fact, I’ve watched it probably 30 times from start to finish, because I wanted to hear everything she said again. So she analyzed great speeches, the Steve Jobs 2007 iPhone launch, the Gettysburg Address, President Lincoln and the I Have a Dream speech, Martin Luther King, I mean, just think about that. You have the Gettysburg Address, which was where that was the abolition of slavery. Right? You have I have a dream, which is basically the speech that moved the needle along to end segregation. And then an apple speech. Yeah, we’re talking in the same breath. It wasn’t racially categorized. But it is something moving that changes the world for the better. Yeah. And the iPhone, the iPhone, we’re gonna have a whole show on we can get we can get into that.

Because obviously, it’s so revolutionary in so many ways, and people don’t even understand it. When I say that until we do get it. I mean, it is. It is unfathomably I can’t even say that word correctly. unfathomably revolutionary in what you can do With an iPhone now, even back then it was, but now it’s ridiculous.

Oh, it’s a PC in your hand. That’s Macintosh. It’s a, it’s a Macintosh in your hand that in 1976 was the size of this room.

Right? In fact, they’re moving the Mac, iOS more towards the iOS system, where the icons are consistent. And, and they’ve been doing that for years. But now they’re moving it more and more. And other than the Mac Mini, it would be cool if the IMAX were all touchscreen. Just big iPads.

Yeah, I could see that. But that’s why they have the iPad Pro.

Yeah, their product. Yeah, but it’s not 27 inches.

It’s what? It’s probably what? 13 or 14 inches?

I want the big screen. Yeah, I want to see it all, you know, and I’d like to be able to move one window to the other side with my hand. That’d be really cool. And we’re getting there. I mean, not for me. I’ve got a big huge curved screen with a Mac Mini mounted behind it on the wall. And all you see is the is the monitor. Yeah, it’s already cool. It’s all behind it. And it’s got a subwoofer system, and everything’s pretty cool. So I’ll show you a picture. Yeah. So anyway, ending this talk. I know we’re kind of rambling. Now. We’ll go ahead and wrap this up. The ending comments here, Steve Jobs passed away October of 2011. It was very sad. He may not have been friendly to a lot of people, but he was definitely influential. And at the time, his net worth was about $10 billion. That’s B with B, that’s with a B, that billion the B could knock you over. I mean, you talk about somebody having $10 million. You’re like, Oh, that’s a lot of money. billion as a lot of B. So at the time, Bill Gates was worth about 50. Which he monetized better. And he didn’t have quite the turmoil right involved and all the start over 12 years in exile. I mean, so I would venture to guess they would both be worth the same. If had there not been had there not been all that turmoil. But currently the three richest men on Earth, Jeff Bezos at 109 180 9 billion we have, we have to get an Amazon episode in here saying we will. I know you’ve been hesitant on it.

But we got to do it. I don’t know why I think Amazon’s evil but because I order from them all the time.

Well, yeah, I mean, they are evil, but we all were what we’ll get an Amazon their tactics are you talking about? But so Elan Musk, who I really like he’s, he’s out there with some ideas, but I think he’s a genius. I think he’s a genius. And he’s a genuine guy.

130 6 billion. And I want to Tesla, dang it. I want one now that go to the show. There’s a Tesla shop a mile away from him, okay, 90 grand.

I don’t have but yet, unless we get a Patreon account going here. And then Bill Gates currently at 120 billion. So that’s a three which richest men on Earth. I didn’t include the females because I’m sure they’re up there too. And I didn’t do the research on that. I just looked at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates really.

Anyway, we’re going to talk about next we’ll talk about how Apple sniped the mobile phone industry and killed mp3 players everywhere, including their own on the next episode of squirrel marketing. Until then, see ya Have a good weekend.

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