Top of Private Equity Consultant Tools for Software as a Service Valuation Calculator

Service Valuation Calculator

 Our software as a service valuation calculator is designed to help put a valuation in multiples around existing businesses leveraging big data and demand along with competition and real time expense projections

Designed to help put a valuation in multiples around existing businesses leveraging big data and demand along with competition and real time expense projections

If you are looking to enter the private equity market having access to these tools would be great for your experience as well as give you a leg up if you’re trying to compete for a spot in the top 12 companies listed below

We are looking to partner with some of the top consultants in the country to get experience and utilization of our big data tools to help better predict valuation, future sales and multipliers in the software as a service private equity arena1. TPG Creative Capital Firm

TPG is presently the leading private investment firm in the world. Their business focus covers a broad range of sectors like financial service, IT & communication technology, consumer products, healthcare, media & entertainment, travel, industrial, and retail business.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

Candidate must have an MBA or a degree in finance, mathematics, economics, statistics, and accounting. It is mandatory to have a prior work experience of 2-3 years as an investment banker or management consultant.

Job Description for Entry-Level PE Analyst:

  • Candidate must have extensive knowledge of TPG’s industrial sectors.
  • Must know how to apply Lean operations practise to increase efficiency and reduce wastage.
  • Monitor assigned portfolio and regularly update it.
  • Research to identify strategic advantages across the TPG portfolio.
  • Good modelling skills to present portfolio and the results to seniors and stakeholders.
  • Ability to research and present pros n cons on new investment opportunities to a senior team within the firm.

2. The Blackstone Group

They are leading today in asset management and as an advisory firm to investors. Their business focus is on private equity, real estate, hedge fund solutions, and non-investment grade credit.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

At entry-level there are two positions: one is for a PE Analyst and the other is PE Associate.

The primary requirement is 2 to 4 years of work experience in either or both public and private sector. The basic educational qualification required is CPA or a graduate degree. However, for an Associate position post-MBA candidates are preferred.

Job Description for Entry-Level:  

  • The candidate is required that they assist seniors in direct acquisitions, divestitures, restructuring, recapitalization, joint ventures, and LBOs across sectors of mid-sized and large companies.
  • An Analyst’s work will include performing financial and competitive analysis, drafting internal and external memos, assist seniors in implementation of transactions, computer modelling, and research.
  • An Associate’s job includes monitoring and managing current portfolios for potential exits, investment, and acquisition opportunities.

3. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

The KKR firm manages investments across numerous asset classes. They include hedge funds, energy, infrastructure and real estate, credit and capital markets.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The entry-level position is that of an Associate. The basic educational qualification required is a Masters or Bachelor’s degree in finance, business management, consultation, economics, or mathematics.

The candidate must have previous work experience of 2-3 years in a reputed PE firms or investment bank and must possess working knowledge of software’s like Microsoft office, Bloomberg Terminal, Visual Basic, PowerPoint, data analysis, and valuation.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • Assist and perform portfolio management and monitoring.
  • Gather data, analyse, and present information to seniors using tools like Excel, PowerPoint, and Visual Basic.
  • Preparing preliminary due diligence reports and modelling with growth forecasts for assigned portfolios.

4. Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Area

They are a leading firm providing services and strategic advice to individuals and companies with respect to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, risk management, and debt &equity underwriting.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The candidate must be an MBA with 2-3 years of work experience in the similar industry to join as an Associate at entry-level. Fluency in multiple languages like English, French, and German is an added advantage.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • The role of an associate includes planning, structuring, and executing financing transactions in the public and private markets.
  • Advising companies on mergers, acquisitions, and strategies.

5. The Carlyle Group

They have investors ranging from wealthy individuals and families to private & public pension funds, and other sovereigns like unions and corporations. They focus on sectors like telecommunications, media, power & energy, real estate, and defence to name a few.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The entry-level jobs offered are as a PE Associate/Analyst. They require either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a reputed institute along with 2-3 years of work experience in banking, consulting, or preferably private equity.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • The job profile requires focusing on buyout and acquisition opportunities in the respective sectors by studying analysis based on public filings.
  • Comprehensive industry research, utilizing resources and tools such as the Internet, professional database, Bloomberg, Factiva, Thomson Finance, and expert interviews.
  • Prepare internal analysis reports, formal documents such as investment memo’s, and assist in preliminary deal screening efforts

6. CVC Capital Partners

CVC manages capital for over 300 institutions, government organisations, and private investors worldwide. They focus on venture capital, high net-worth individuals, and LBOs.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The entry-level job for an undergraduate is either as an Operations Analyst or Associate. The educational qualification required is either an MBA or master’s degree in finance, economics, and marketing along with some relevant work experience in the Private Equity field.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • As an Analyst, the primary responsibilities include performance and portfolio analysis along with handling the operations and trade support.
  • To work and assist seniors in business development and fundraising opportunities.

7. Apax Partners

They focus on investing funds in four sectors i.e. Consumer, Health, Services, and Tech & Telco.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The entry-level jobs are as Associates or Analysts. The basic educational qualification required is either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Economics, Policy Analysis, General Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • The candidates are required to work on multiple transactions in the sector assigned.
  • Consult and advise clients and team members along with managing the portfolios.

8. Apollo Global Management

They focus on nine core Sectors as a part of their Private Equity investment business. These are Chemicals,Commodities,Consumer & Retail, Distribution & Transportation, Financial & Business Services, Manufacturing & Industrial,Media, Cable & Leisure, Packaging & Materials, and Satellite& Wireless.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The entry level jobs are either as a Private Equity Associate or an Analyst. The basic educational qualification required is a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Finance and Business Administration. The candidate must have knowledge of working with Microsoft Office/Excel/Word/PowerPoint, and Bloomberg Terminal.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • Analysts are expected to take complex, different ideas and convert these into simple, challenging concepts.

9. Bain Capital

They have expertise in the areas of Consumer, Retail, Dining, Financial & business services, Healthcare, Industry & Energy, Telecom, Media, and Technology.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The entry level jobs for undergraduates are of an Associate Consultant and Associate Consultant Intern. For MBA graduates, the profile is of either a Summer Associate or Summer Consultant.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • The candidate will be required to research, structure and perform analysis to highlight and support Bain’s recommendations to clients.
  • Working closely with full-time consultants.
  • Presenting the results of your work to partners and clients

10. Oaktree Capital Management

This firm majorly deals in asset classes like Corporate Debts, Convertible securities, Distressed Debt, Control Investing, Real Estate, and Listed Equities.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The qualification required is a bachelor’s degree from a top university or college along with 1-3 years of work experience at an investment bank, asset management firm, or consulting firm.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • Analysing markets, products, and new business prospects to develop recommendations on the applicable plan for Oaktree.
  • Performing quantitative and qualitative analysis, with diligence, valuation, and creating benchmarks by studying industries and sectors for Oaktree.
  • Building detailed financial models and preparing presentations for senior management and external stakeholders.

11. Hellman & Friedman

This firm currently invests in management buyouts in areas like financial services, Health Care, Energy & Industrials, Insurance, Internet, Digital Marketing, Software, Retail, and Consumer.


Expectations from candidates at Entry-Level: 

The entry-level position is that of an Associate with educational qualification of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Mathematics, Economics, Biomedical, Engineering, and Business Administration along with previous work experience.

Job Description for Entry-Level:

  • Prepare spreadsheet analysis of the impacts for the potential LBO.
  • Identify new opportunities and potential buyout candidates through research and screening.
  • Prepare and present data for senior members for a new opportunity.

12. General Atlantic

This firm focuses on the areas like business services, retail & consumer, financial services, health care, and internet & technology.


Expectations from candidates at Entry… If you leverage our tools on anInterview or internship and they purchase are software

Social media metrics

Social media metrics like all other metrics including search engine optimization and visitor metrics are really just a rubber ruler designed for a guide post to business logic but do not let metrics over rule or take place of wisdom and business logic

 social media metrics like all other metrics including search engine optimization and visitor metrics are really just a robber ruler designed for a guidepost to business logic but do not let metrics over rules or take place of wisdom and business logic 

 Making the most of search engine metrics or social media metrics overlying business launch it 

Millions of dollars are spent on analytics and metrics tools and half the people that purchased them don’t have the wisdom or the business mind to really digest what the data is telling them and often times will spend time energy effort and money going down a path based strictly on metrics or tools like Reese monkey with I hope to drive I desired outcome which if I was first layered with business logic or wisdom would have negated the whole process of saving time energy effort and money

Business metrics tools are designed to help leverage big data and past experiences on layers of business logic and processes that of been tried and true or tested or at least their eyes with some sort of business wisdom brought by human intelligence not machine learning or AI

Greasemonkey to help manage your google analytics account

 Because Google has designed their algorithm to make as much money as possible per hour the detail insights that once were available or now gone. 

 Grease monkey in similar analytics tight platforms have popped up to try to duplicate or emulate the missing link to the true big data that advertisers and businesses want from Google but they are not willing to share because their algorithm drives their profit which is driven by not only demand but supply and shade of spam that goes undetected because of the multi IP address very sophisticated networks of bots out their designed to drive up Cost per click, increased traffic, manipulate markets, make a competitor spend through their money faster, and all the other ways that are much more prevalent today Dan in the early days back when paper click converted very well and there was a true value being offered

How to determine click fraud in what tools to use do you figure out if you’re getting paper click fraud

Because of how to determine click fraud and what tools to use do you figure out if you’re getting paper click fraud

Because of the open market place that the search engine‘s have where they share a percent of the clicks from Affiliates and random sites two people who have access to very sophisticated technology that would allow for both great traffic on a website that gets consumers and users but the Darkside of it is those same sites can have bots Hitting those sites with malicious intent or the intent of Rod and the only way to really take a deep dive is to look into your actual server logs and start tracking IP’s and addresses and looking for outliers or multiples that don’t make sense and then tracking them back to their source and if you do this you may find a bot farm at the end of it… says Business developememt consultant. 

Digital influence is the new business currency

Digital influence is the new business currency

 Many businesses leverage the three .5 billion searches a day on the major search engine‘s to influence customers and increase product or service sales but the holy Grail to that success is ranking higher on the search engines and digital influence is 33% of that equation which you can’t just buy you actually have to earn making it a part of the equation that is very very difficult especially for large businesses who can’t move and flex like a smaller business or even a single influencer might be able to do And that is what random income is all about leveraging individual or group digital influence to help the outcome for businesses large and small if you understand the equation and how to monetize your digital influence

Video hosting for business built in free search engine optimization

 Our enterprise level and business level video hosting not only includes embedded logos and customization that will allow for your brand to keep its traffic and it’s viewers it is also designed to leverage are proprietary technology in such a way to provide for free search engine optimization across all major search engines with just a click of a button 

Video search engine optimizationWill drive searches in the future

Search engine optimization joint venture for local businesses

Search engine optimization joint venture for local businesses

The Internet has changed and like it or not platforms are dominating the search engine rankings on all of the major search engine’s so you were either going to try to beat them or you’re going to join the co-op or a joint venture that leverages platform technology to help you win in a competitive search environment

 Are platform of platforms is designed to leverage one another’s authority and strength to rise up against stand-alone platforms 

Working together is the future of winning on the Internet and we have a virtual franchise or platform of a platform service that will allow you to lock in your particular industry and turn around and sell it as a service to others in your industry or leverage it for your own core business at the same time leveraging others authority on our platforms to create systematically a content rich high authority platform which will be all other platforms in the future

 Local search engine optimization leveraging platform as a service 

If you excel in the local market and believe you can teach others or franchise your success in other markets for local businesses leveraging our platform as a service is a way to not only increase your local leads, went in the search engines you can also create a brand new revenue stream and sell these and/or technology to others in your industry I leveraging our platform as a service and your expertise and knowledge

how to validate a saas company valuation using big data

 The true earning power of a software as a service business is very hard to figure if you are not using large data, big data and real facts and figures to make market And scalability factors

Our technology allows for 5 billion points of data to come together to not only project demand but also determine value and competition

Software as a service big data predictive modeling

Best MBA private equity summer internships

Best MBA private equity summer internships-Will be for those who are smart enough to go into the internship as a leader in big data and technology with the goal of actually making an impression and or even moving the needle for the private equity firm that you internship with.

 If you are one of 1000  NBA candidates looking for a summer internship the best way to set yourself apart is to actually provide value to the private equity firm that you hope to work with. Most private equity firm’s do not understand a big Daddo nor do they have big data scientist and the technology to leverage in their offices so if you show up with technology that would actually allow for the firm to make better decisions, add value to potential clients, validate real-time data against Supply and demand it to create real valuation multiples based on fact you will be a shining star and probably write your own ticket

MBA big data internship tools

We have a tool kit that we offer to all venture-capital and private equity firm’s that has the potential to save and or create billions of dollars leveraging technology, big data, forecasting and a proprietary algorithm That we offered to NBA candidates looking for internships for free

It’s pretty simple math… You Leverage our technology that typically cost $60,000 a year as a sophomore is a service to impress the firm that you are working with for the summer and they will most likely buy it from us… Making you look like a hero and giving us a new customer

If that firm does not buy it and you do not stay, you will move onto two or three or four other firms throughout your profession taking our tools with you and we hope that you will leverage them to look like a rockstar and at the firms by our technology

Paid NBA private equity internship opportunity

If you leverage our technology and it lands you a position and us a customer all you owe us is a one sheet on how it worked so we can share it with others. In exchange for that one sheet we will write you a check for $2500….. pretty simple math 

Custom lead distribution software by ZIP Code

Once your business start generating leads it is important to make sure you respond to your customers quickly and accurately. We have developed a lead distribution platform that allows for multi unit and or multi agent or sales team environments to route leads to the closest agent by ZIP Code and also by trafficFully scalable with unlimited users and unlimited leads