Results of a Typical Digital Marketing Campaign

Modern entrepreneurs are often impatient with business growth, and this sees them searching for quick tips and fixes, to succeed in the industry quickly. New businesses used to be given adequate time to grow like a plant, but that has changed with the technological advancements making several things possible at a faster rate. The time to cultivate businesses has been remarkably shortened, and people no longer have the tolerance to learn on the business.

As much as this may be good or bad, the fact is that competitiveness now drives the economy and the race to win the next clients is fiercer than ever before. This is why clients of digital marketing managers cannot afford too much time to pass by while waiting to see the results of their digital campaign. The question remains if that can be helped or not. However, the more important issue is if there’s a smarter way to make digital promotion yield results faster.

How Much Time do you have to Wait to get Results From your Content?

One of the tools used to generate traffic in digital marketing is content creation. Businesses always need to reach out to both new and old customers to inform them of either existing products or new ones being introduced.  Articles on blogs and websites, as well as short videos,  explain these products to potential customers briefly. Digital marketing drives faster results compared to traditional practices of marketing. Many experts use analytics from a special marketing software program to evaluate specific returns on investments (ROI). This has revolutionized the way businesses are run on the internet. The mere fact that it is possible to connect a marketing tool to the result it yields makes the entire marketing phase faster. Once, you see the particular digital marketing tool that reaches people more, and you pull in more resources to improve the quality of such tools.

Your target audience and population can be immersed in the desired experience you want at a very fast rate because you can see their reactions and gauge their future response. So, the amount of time it takes to start seeing results based on the marketing strategies depend on the quality of your digital marketing strategy.  This is why many prefer our custom platform, as it provides those quality features that make a marketing strategy stand out from that of others.

If you invest in our custom platform, you will able to manage your digital marketing almost as if you are working with top managers. The beauty of the platform of platforms is that all the technical basics have been done and implemented. The only thing required of you is to monitor the process and act accordingly, but you are not alone. The system is developed in such a way that every stage of your marketing structure has been internalized into the platform. This enables the platform to respond with intelligence and suggest the appropriate phase of action that should be taken at each turn.

Identifying the Needs of the Market

There has been much conversation going on about developing comprehensive buyer personas. The discussions have claimed that having a buyer persona assist in establishing the needs of the potential market. The idea behind this notion is that, once you know what the needs of your target audience are, then you can push to them a product that satisfies such needs. However, identifying these needs can be quite tumultuous, this is why the experts are the only ones that deliver.

Although, that has changed entirely with the creation of the platform of platforms. As soon as you have customers connecting to your contents, clicking on related links to your brand, and simply showing interest in your product, the platform gathers the data. These data are grouped in segments according to their needs, and this is basically profiling your potential clients according to their desires. You are now able to identify the number of people that your product will eventually serve, at least in the first phase of product delivery.

Digital Marketing Tools and Business Growth

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This is where marketing tools such as SEO, content optimization, webinars, social media adverts come in to drive traffic and win the customers over from being a mere potential, but actual customers. Most organizations are able to utilize those data and achieve this feat of revenue generation from potential customers within a year if they work with an expert team. However, the financial implication of that is high, and the services of such experts are competitive. Our custom platform cuts down the price extraordinarily and still provides the desired result at a much faster rate, with you involved in the process. Your involvement in the process is not designed to stress but to give you a front row seat in the growth of your business.

Sustaining the growth is as crucial as the process of growth itself. What is the point of achieving success when it can be threatened by either increased demands from the part of the digital marketing experts? This is what our custom platform has eradicated, the excessive dependence on individuals who are not as invested in your business as much as you are concerned. Since the business is your, why not leverage on a platform that allows the promotion strategies to be yours from the onset. Such luxury becomes vital to the sustainability of your brand, and you are capable of improvements at your discretion, as well as, the guidelines that are provided by the platform based on the analytics of your venture.

The platform of platforms is a remarkable way of liberating your business from the shackles of individuals that may choose to exploit your ignorance. You don’t have to allow that, especially when you have a unique option of achieving more with our custom platform. Create a successful and fully functional online technology for yourself using the platform of platforms. There is no better way of setting yourself up with the best in this competitive industry without being in charge of the marketing and basics of your product.

Content that Works in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, using an appropriate content can be the difference. This is why many startups have used the services of professional content writers to assist in improving their brand awareness. The quality of a content relies upon the needs of the market to be satisfied at various stages of a buyer. Identifying the group of buyers enables writers to deliver articles that will appeal to them.

Contents and the Online Market

Quality articles are used to give information about a product to potential customers. Digital marketing managers make use of this approach to win over people that are still undecided about purchasing the products. 21st Century businesses have been revolutionized through the redirection of customers from quality contents. In the past word of mouth drives traffic and profitability, but the modern era has brought in digital marketing tools like articles. These articles could serve as the company’s keynote or an avenue of detailing the essence of the product being offered. However, you don’t want to go into an online business with only great articles. None of the digital marketing channels work optimally in isolation. Digital marketing managers combine them all to deliver a successful awareness program. It is such campaigns that translate into a productive and successful income generation.

Content Mapping

Content mapping is another way that digital marketing manager has been able to refocus content to suit the hunger and traits of the individuals that make up the market. Market research has shown that potential buyers do not suddenly go from not knowing a product to purchasing it. There are stages they go through, and digital marketing managers can influence these stages. The stages are tagged to the lifecycle of a buyer.

Regarding the organization and techniques of putting out remarkable content, there are various ways to go about achieving that feat. Based on the phases the potential buyer is in, different contents can influence the buyer in making the key decision to become a customer and buy the product.

Blogs, eBooks, and Videos

Blog entries have taken over the internet in moving information across. Blogs are concise articles that are enriched with resourceful concepts about various products. This has turned around the amount of traffic to numerous websites in a positive way.

Videos have also been used alongside pictures on social media platforms. These are easier to share and are more potent in attracting other formerly uninterested cohorts to the community of customers. Social media platforms like Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all capable of hosting any form of these marketing tools.

Another remarkable way of giving further explanations on what a business is all about is using eBooks. This digital model of providing relevant correspondences on products is pivotal in changing the mind of a customer to purchase products online. An eBook can contain keynotes about the business and the products being offered. The added advantage of using eBooks as a marketing tool online is the fact that people will have to exchange their details to get it. This helps in building contact lists, and build relationships with those people, turning them to faithful customers in the future.

Market Research Reports and Webinars

A sophisticated way of generating traffic is through the use of research reports. Research reports give factual evidence of new data about the industry a business operates in, offers a clear inference based on that new information. The media prefers circulating such information because it has legitimacy and professionalism written all over it. 

Webinars are interactive sessions created online to answer any doubts left in the mind of the society. There are various phases where webinars may come in, and it serves a vital role in presenting the product or business to the public. This is similar to the research report in regards to the level of profound information it supplies, and it is efficient in closing the deal for many individuals.

It is essential to plan your marketing structure and know when to use any of the marketing tools above. The various types of contents are all good, but require proper planning to circulate. Some data show the frequently successful ones, but there may be slight differences from one business to another.

Bonus for Loyal Customers

Rewards have always been a way of retaining customers and gaining a new one. Bonuses can come in several ways, and it could be gifts, discounts, and special offers. Research has shown that people return to shop in stores that offer bonuses often. No matter how insignificant those bonuses may seem, it goes a long way in making people believe in the productivity and capabilities of the company.

Leverage on our Custom Platform

It is not easy to manage a marketing gig adequately, especially when many aspects of digital marketing are involved. This is why using our custom platform has revolutionized the way digital marketing is carried out. The process can be now be done without the worries of finding all the marketing tools and looking for experts to implement them. The platform of platforms allows for real-time monitoring and notifications. You can access your account from anywhere to introduce a new product.

There’s absolutely no guarantee that a particular content will lead to traffic generation, but our custom platform provides users with analytics. The analytics on our custom platform ensure that you know the aspects of your digital marketing campaign you need to put more work into its operation. Based on the data being fed into the system through all marketing tools being offered online, improvement and maintenance become organic.

The benefits of using our custom platform enabled successful companies that have not previously created online brand awareness to be empowered to achieve tremendous growth through the use of the platform of platforms. Our custom platform offers much more than the individual aspects of digital marketing being used by others. Our custom platform is an integration of the various tools all in one package. Starting an online business has never been easier, join the group of entrepreneurs that are going to lead the next generation of e-commerce.

How to Start an Online Business

Traditional businesses are gradually giving way to contemporary businesses that are conducted on the internet. The reach of these modern businesses is far greater than their traditional counterparts, merely in their globalization. Even if you have a business that is brick and walls, you still want to give it an online presence in order to increase the reach of your business and revenue as a consequence.

However, building an online business is proving to be the next standard of establishing businesses. The evidence is glaring when you look at the staggering number of successful online startups that the last decade as provided. This is why it is not surprising to see the rate of online businesses spring up on every corner of the web. However, the desire is not enough, you want to see what the successful ones have done in the past and follow it.

Furthermore, the evolution of the online market is constant and happens rapidly, so you want to be updated in order to use the current strategy. The leading online businesses were capable of breaking into the industry and become successful by using fresh market strategies to disrupt the industry. This has ultimately made the leadership of various traditional brands more proactive and flexible in the way they run their business.

Below are the secret tips used by several businesses to launch their companies, as well as, a new one yet to tapped by many businesses. Brands that eventually leverage on this new strategy will rule the next generation of online businesses.

Tips for Creating a Successful Online Business

  1. Search for a Problem to Solve and Make it Marketable

It may sound quite horrendous to go looking for a problem when it the solution that interests you. However, it becomes quite clear when you look at it from an angle that getting a problem leads you eventually to the solution. It is quite easy to find a particular issue that exists, then find a way to eradicate it. When the famous Microsoft was created, and the social media introduced, they were all made available to solve significant problems in the society. Therefore, if you have not been inspired by a product in mind, look around you, you will find a lot of things that are causing stress for people.

Since you are looking to build your business online, the best way to search for problems is on the internet. There’s no telling the level of research you can carry out online to discover the complaints of people on a daily basis. When you discover this, then find a way to solve that problem, and you have yourself a product that has an existing market already.

Don’t stop there, check if any business is already operating in that niche, if you find, look for a way to beat them to the service being provided. If you are lucky you are the first in such a market, then, do not procrastinate, set up, market, and make your product available for sales.

Although there are some who have existing products ready, nothing stops you from still carrying out an online investigation on the market available for your product. Repeat the same thing above to check for incumbent competitors, and see how to outperform them. The key is to ensure that you can solve the problem plaguing the market.

  • Develop Contents that Sells your Product

Content creation is the new herald that businesses use to announce their arrival and presence to the world of internet. Excellent content creators have evolved over the years, but you want to know the basics of having top quality content. This is essential, as it is vital for traffic generation to your site, which eventually reflects on your income. Quality contents draw in people to be interested in your product from the title of your content. Some sales will be made by people who are captivated by the way your business is presented through the topic of your contents.

However, it is crucial that the rest of the content does justice to explaining your product and the solution it brings to the market. While contents are good in turning potential customers into loyal customers, you want to be able to satisfy the market’s curiosity of solving their problem reliably. Also, some people may not bulge, this is why expert content developers and architects highlight a sense of urgency in buying products. These are ways that successful brands have uniquely used to win over clients, and present themselves to the public. The small percentage of potential customers that have not been converted at this stage only needs a set of testimonial in your content, and you will most likely convince them.

  • Set up your Website and Make it unique to your Business
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An online without a website is not realistic, so you have to keen on having one, but make sure it is professional and engaging. Remember your website is your company, so make it quite easy and basic enough to make purchases with as few clicks as possible. Make sure you have a customer-friendly website, with ways for the customers to reach you without stress. After establishing a proper website, you want to use marketing tools such as SEO to generate traffic for your website.

Digital marketing as developed into the main channel of getting businesses out to several people and turning them into customers. Marketing your business or products online can be done in several ways such as optimization of keywords that are connected to your business. This creates an environment where you can create traffic for your website and make money.

Advertisements can also be used to promote your brand image and identity. You also want to create an outstanding brand image and identity with all these digital marketing tools. Once, you start getting these customers, endeavor to build your address book and relationships with them immediately. This will keep them at a message-away from you and another potential sale.

Also, use bonuses to keep them, happy customers, chances are that they will return. Finally, the secret ingredient to increase your revenue in the next phase of the online business is monetization. The modern way to monetize your website and brand is through the use of cryptocurrency.

Digital Marketing on Our Platform

Digital marketing enables advertisers and brand owners to see specific outcomes of their campaign in real time. In the past, you may have published an advert on the newspaper, and you have no idea of knowing how many people read that part of the publication. Even if there was a chance to gauge the number of people that read the paper, to be sure of them reading your promotion is almost impossible. Additionally, there is no way of connecting any sales made with promotion and advertisement made on other platforms. However, with computerized logistics, the return of investments of digital marketing can be evaluated, analyzed, and instrumental to the growth of businesses.

Websites and Traffic Generation

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Models that use digital marketing includes websites and blogs. Modern tech has made it possible to confirm and access the number of visitors that have been to a landing page. The accurate number of guests that visited and those that clicked the links will be given. The platform of platforms is an excellent example of a system that will provide you with all the analytics you seek. You can likewise perceive the number of pages guests visited on your website, what gadget they were using when they were on browsing your webpage, and their location. The traffic generated on websites can be used to measure the success of a marketing campaign at a given time.

This insight provided from the analytics encourages you to organize which marketing channels to focus on and invest your resources in. Our custom platform has an advanced function to guide and lead you in the right direction based on the data of your traffic. For instance, if minimal traffic generation comes from search engines, then the platform will notify you to intensify resources on SEO. This will lead to an increase of the traffic you get on your campaign through the search engines.

Such an added feature is what makes the platform entirely instrumental in successful digital marketing. Other people who focus on an aspect of brand awareness will not have access to such information and may not even realize there is a need for such improvement or refocus. Every business need information on how their customers connect and react to the business before making the choice of patronage, this will help the brand replicate and multiply their success. This is a special feature on our custom platform that presents the patterns that exist between your sales and marketing. This unique recipe allows you to leverage on an exceptional platform that is born out of creative and expert collaboration.

Content Performance and Lead Generation

Those days where people use leaflets to market their products and hope it sticks somehow, without any specific process of assessment to drive success have gone. There were instances where promotions were posted in prints to people’s houses, as much it is guaranteed to get to the required destination, you can never be too sure that the leaflet was read. However, with digital marketing, such leaflets can be left in digital formats, and hosted on websites or blogs. The analytics will be able to pick up the number of people that have been to the online leaflet. Furthermore, in cases where links are clicked from such sights to make purchases, it will be seen. This information can be used to design the next promotion and amount of exposure needed can be estimated.

Attribution Modeling is Vital to Digital Marketing

A powerful advanced promoting technique was integrated into our custom platform, which makes it the platform of platforms. The unique thing about the platform is how it harnesses the adequate apparatuses and technology to enable you follow-up on all deals and transactions. It is the process of tracking back to the first attraction that brought the eventuality of a sale, that is called attribution marketing. The purpose that this feature serves on the platform of platforms is the provision of data it gives on the productivity accrued by the several digital marketing strategies you use. This gives you the opportunity to gauge the part of your marketing tactic that requires reinforcement, and the one that requires only maintenance.

Market research has exposed the fact that the failures of most businesses are linked to their lack of this technique. While the successful brands all use attribution modeling to improve their revenue annually. This is why it is vital to sales. The stress of going out of your way to look for this service by yourself can be stressful financially, mentally, and physically. This is why the expert team of our company developed the latest digital marketing platform that has this feature among other ones that you can use to transform your business.

How much is the Platform of Platforms?

Some platforms only satisfy an aspect of digital marketing, but the platform of platforms provides them all. Our custom platform is the first of its kind, this is why there are other features that have not been digitalized before now. The financial budget needed to enjoy the services of the platform of platforms is not exorbitant. You only need to compare the cost of having those services provided by professionals, and you will discover that you are saving a lot while boosting your company’s revenue at the same time. The major cost you will bear is your commitment to join our custom platform, and the time you will put into your business, which has been organized in a remarkable, as well as systematic manner.

There is nothing as bad as navigating a business terrain where you are running blind. This is why digital marketing and analytics are crucial to running a modern business. Digital marketing has revolutionized the way business is promoted and taken to the potential customers. However, you don’t have to shoulder the stress alone, starting a business or running one is already enough responsibility. Have yourself a jolly good platform that allows you to maximize your potential while sorting the complex tasks for you.

Contents that are Relevant to Digital Marketing

Content writing has been one of the ways that marketing has been done online. Brands have found ways to influence customer’s decision-making through the in-depth provision of information. This is even more impactful when individuals make searches on the search engines, and the content created already by brands turn up based on the optimization of their content, and proper use of keyword density. Attracting people looking specifically for particular products and services can further be achieved by creating quality contents on websites or blogs. There are many professionals capable of turning in several articles that will create a successful brand promotion.

The only challenge is that this is not the only aspect of digital marketing, and if not utilized with other marketing tactics, you will not get the best results of the marketing campaign. Obviously, content creation is essential, but you need to which architecture will drive optimal results. When businesses are starting their operations, it may be quite impossible to know the best approach to use and the best tools to bring the best result. However, using a platform like our custom platform is a way such worries are put to bed.

Content Mapping

Our platform keeps track of the customers who view your content, especially the ones looking for products and services you provide. The platform of platforms goes beyond and creates buyer personas, based on their interests. On a fundamental dimension, your online substance should be designed to meet the objectives and desires of your customers, as well as provide solutions to their challenges.

At that point, you’ll have to consider when they’re about to make decisions concerning procuring your goods and/or services. This is where content mapping comes in and provides a vital benefit. Content mapping tracks the point a potential buyer is in, as such a person is about to go for the product in connection to the nature of the content being published. Also, content mapping shows where they’re at on the road to making a purchase.

Content mapping helps to design content that may be either pictorial, articles, audio, or audiovisual in a way that they speak to audiences based on the qualities of the brand’s identity. It is based on the content mapping that the content creators are able to structure contents that will address potential buyers at the particular stage of their buyer’s lifecycle. The configuration that a particular content can take differs based on the lifecycle of your potential client. Below are different lifecycle of buyers and the contents that can be published based on those levels: 

Awareness Stage

Blog Posts

At this stage, blog posts are superb for generating traffic for your brand, especially when combined with the use of SEO with the proper keyword density used as well. These contents do not even need a proper website domain, and there are websites that have platforms for blog posts without you owning a domain yourself. Although, it is better to have your personal domain, as not having a company’s domain has its limitations. However, many platforms allow transactions to happen without you being the one that owns the primary domain. The platform of platforms eradicates such limitations and gives the opportunity for clients to discover your business. The blog posts will provide the necessary information on what the company or brand is all about. This will fuel the required and desired awareness that you want to create.


The strength of infographics is that you can share on them on several social media platforms. This gives your business the increment of odds in your favor by a geometric promotion that can be fueled through other people sharing your promotion. The better the quality of the infographic, the better it will go viral. The key is people believing that the content is talking about problem-solving, and they, in turn, will share with communities they think will benefit from such information.

Brief Recordings of Promotion or Campaign

The social media has changed the terrain of marketing. Social media platforms like SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have changed the way information is transferred. Whether they are video or audio messages, sharing these campaign formats are very easy, requiring not more than a few seconds. This makes it possible of brand awareness to be grown exponentially faster than it used to be in the past. Capturing new markets and winning the hearts of new customers can be driven by the way the current group of customers shares the videos or podcasts enthusiastically.

Contemplation Stage

Research Reports

It is easier to convince people if they believe that a product is genuine. When research results back the integrity of a product, it is likely that more customers will be won over. This is incredible for lead generation as media organizations can even publicize it. The real-time data found in these documents appeal more to potential clients because it helps them make up their mind, and clear any doubts still lurking in crevices of their minds. Research reports are results of studies and surveys that closely represent the market.


Just like a continuous backup for all the content already pushed out, webinars can be organized to explain in details to the potential market. The strength of a webinar lies in the fact that it is interactive. Webinars are powerful in helping customers make up their mind at the stage when they are still contemplating.

Decision Stage

Case Studies and Testimonials

There are very few ways to convince someone of parting with their money like having some case studies to see. It is pretty straightforward when they are available, and you have a customer that is interested already in making a purchase. The website can be a great way to post a case study and another way to provide individuals with ways to encouraged them clear their doubts, if any, and get a product is by reading testimonials. Whatever doubt is left at this stage will be obliterated by reading the testimonial of another convert. People can relate to someone who has been in their shoes, and this is why another customer’s testimonial will strike a chord in them. 

Content creation when properly harnessed can transform your business. More importantly, when used on a custom platform such as ours, it makes a lot of difference. Join the successful brands who are going to set the pace in the modern digital market.

Boost Your Business with the Platform of Platforms

Developing a marketing campaign that turns your business into a profitable and productive one does not require too many things. You do not have to gather all the resources of the world or seek the services of every top digital marketing consultant you come across. You only need leverage on our custom platform. The way online businesses are run these days you may think that you have to do so much, but you are not wrong, it’s just that there is a better way of going about it.

A Custom Platform that Solves Problem

Our custom platform enables you to monitor as well as compare online campaigns, and harness the strength to promote your brand to a higher level of success. The benefits of using our custom platform include an organized set of notifications sent to your end-users. Our custom platform ensures that they get notifications in-app, on the mobile phones, emails, and social media account.

The platform of the platform further allows you to click on each feature from the corner of your room or office or even from the comfort of a park bench. You get access to features that show live analytics and infographics that shows you the reach of your campaign. It also shows you your customer base, and groups them into categories that help you to understand who requires particular focus in terms of specific products. Based on the arrangements you can have targeted products and services to a ready market that will drive success.

A Platform that Promotes Profitability

Traffic generation has never been better in the digital marketing sector, and our custom platform combines the best strategies of online marketing tools. Joining the platform comes with a free trial to experience the quality of the system and enjoy firsthand the advantages lurking on the custom platform. Digital marketing has been done in several ways using top quality professionals carrying several methods to make brands and businesses succeed. However, the new generation of systems being developed has provided a means to leverage on an advanced technology. This, in turn, has led to the opportunity to leverage on the platform of platforms to create a thriving business even without the services of those professionals. Professionals in the digital marketing niche are remarkable based on the results they have produced and the groundbreaking work they have done. This is why they are held in high esteem and their work unprecedented. However, their work has evolved and integrated into artificial intelligence capable of working faster without errors.

Increase your Revenue with this Platform

If you are looking for ways to boost the revenue of your company, be it a start-up or an SME or an online brand, you only need to get this custom platform. It saves so much funds and time that can be invested in other meaningful aspects of your business. This new age of advanced tech and globalization at its highest level, which means starting businesses requires a different approach from what operates before. There’s no point in starting a company that will face numerous challenges in any market without getting a platform that will do all the hard work for you.

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There’s something crucial about management that young entrepreneurs may not realize, and that is compartmentalization of functions at the management level. There is utmost need to have supervising officers, as an entrepreneur will not perform at an optimal level if he/she combines functions. The task that entrepreneurs should be facing should only be monitoring of the data and statistics to fuel growth and stability.

The mental capacity of human beings has shown that results are often affected on the long-run when other administrative functions are combined with intellectual tasks. One can get individuals who will see to those tasks, but when there is such an innovation, why spend so much on them. Especially, when you can pay considerably lesser and get even better services that are all under your control and watchful eye.

Digital Marketing Rules All Industries

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Digital marketing influences the reaction of customers to products. There is no brand that can’t be impacted with the qualities of a digital marketing strategy. It is even more fantastic when the strategy comes in a toolkit or a software program that offers a platform like no other. Our custom platform enables many tasks, evaluations, opportunities, and actions like no other. This is why it is a leader in the industry with an unprecedented framework. This custom platform allows businesses to attract and convert the top leads to potential revenue by utilizing your website and supporting digital channels.

Our Custom Platform’s Added Benefit

The platform of platforms also avails you the additional chance to evaluate the ROI of all internet campaigns that have been launched to get your business to the desired destination. You will be able to access your website traffic, knowing the exact number of people who have seen the campaign and clicked it in real time.

In addition, you can also see the number of pages that they visited, and how long they remained on such pages. There are other useful information such as the particular device they were using, whether a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, and the locations of access as well. All the information helps you target productive channels to focus on, in order to generate traffic and convert them to loyal customers.

If you have been searching for a means to start your business in the best way possible, why not do what many are already doing, leverage on our custom platform. You may be surprised that many established franchises and brands have become our clients. This is not a surprise, as it cuts cost exceptionally. A platform that allows you to carry out your business in the most progressive and organized manner is not always an option. However, the time has come for startups not to be scared, because Calvary has arrived. The platform of platforms has transformed the way businesses are run and operated.

Businesses of the Modern Era thrive on Digital Marketing

It can be quite a hassle to build one’s business and still have to market especially online. Digital marketing has become compulsory whether one realizes it or not. This is why brands especially the ones online are in search of digital marketing managers to sway online traffic in their support. Below are the experts in charge of fueling traffic generation and brand awareness for businesses.

Content Marketing Specialists

These are digital marketing experts that are skilled in keeping readers on the page of your business until they are done reading the available information. Content marketing experts also work on creating contents for blogs to attract the traffic of people interested in the niche that their clients (businesses and brands) operate in. Some content marketers are capable of creating engaging content even on YouTube channels driving the traffic of subscribers onto the channel. The traffic will eventually lead to product procurement and profit for the brands. These specialists do not work in isolation, they work collectively with the brand’s representatives to create contents that will work and deliver success. It can be wasteful if a campaign is launched and does not reach the desired population. This is why content marketing specialists are called in to devise strategies that will prevent the failure of products and campaigns. Promotional contents are created by these professionals to specially target potential clients and create fortunes for the brands as a result.

Social Media Managers

The social media experts are those who maximize content sharing and impressions creation. Digital marketing managers that specialize on social media are skilled in increasing the population of the followership and subscribers of the company’s social media account. These managers create a schedule for releasing social media posts for the brand they work for at the duration of their contract. They also work with content writers and the marketing team to determine the architecture and structure of the contents to be published. This is essential for a successful digital campaign, and only experts are able to design the appropriate keyword density that will improve the traffic.

SEO Managers

These experts are in charge of organic traffic, and they achieve this in some ways like powering the google ranking of the website of the business. Google ranking has become of the crucial factors that enable websites to be found by end-users looking for specific services on the internet. This is the reason SEO managers work on the content of businesses to give them better rankings on Google.  These managers utilize a variety of tactics to promote search engine optimization. Some of these managers liaise with expert writers or content creators to make sure the content being released and hosted on blogs or websites rank high on Google. SEO managers also work with content writers to post social media posts that further advances the ranking of the company or business online.

Digital Marketing Automation Coordinators

These digital marketing automation coordinators tend to use the rates of emails, the frequency of clicks a campaign gets, and the lead generation conversion rate of the traffic visiting a site.  These automation coordinators are in charge of monitoring software programs and the way they influence the success of the digital presence of the company. These specialists also act as analysts to follow the growing trend of businesses they represent. The automation coordinators are also charged with organizing the various digital marketing specialists. Based on the dynamics of successful brands, it is evident that these experts ensure that other digital marketing managers work together. Each group works towards a goal in order to achieve precise results in the industry where the brands are operating. The performance of each campaign is dependent on the skills of these professionals who coordinate and monitor these activities. If there’s a need to improve on any aspect of the campaign or integrate any of the parts, the digital marketing automation coordinators step in and fix it.

The Platform of Platforms is the New Automation Coordinator

It is clear from the above illustrations that having a proper digital marketing team requires much effort. This is why there’s a significant disparity between the start-up companies with limited funds and their counterparts with large capitals. However, that does not have to be an issue any longer. The level of sophistication in the world of information technology has led to a development that overrides the hassle of getting a digital marketing team. Our custom platform, which was developed by top professionals, enables all the digital marketing functions possible. It does not end with that, but goes even further, to carry out the functions of the automated coordinators. This is the reason that the platform of platforms has become the next big deal. If you can leverage the quality of this innovation, even your membership base will benefit immensely. The platform allows you to come to a single unit and enjoy the services of experts that are hard to get with financial commitments. The platform of platforms is still making many businesses grow at unprecedented rates, and many more are leveraging on the value it offers.

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Content marketers are crucial players in the world of digital marketing and business growth. These writers are capable of analyzing the required materials to generate traffic for the profitability of a brand. However, that is not the only aspect of delivering a successful online campaign. The social media marketers are increasingly taking over the terrain of digital marketing. The creativity that is being witnessed is befitting of the technology that social media brings into the world. Although, for social marketing to work efficiently, the liaise with content writers and SEO managers to create a proper structure that drives adequate brand awareness and publicity. SEO managers are the ones that optimize the contents on client’s websites for them to come up on search engines.

All these above experts need to work collectively in a monitored and coordinated environment. As much as there are automation coordinators, we all know human beings are prone to errors. Then, what stops you from leveraging on an innovation, artificial intelligence, and technology like no other, a custom platform that has become the platform of all platforms.

Starting a Tech Company in College

When Bill Gates dropped out of college and later built Microsoft to the most successful brand in the world, many thought it can’t be repeated. However, Mark Zuckerberg achieved the same feat with Facebook. Not so long after, the Snapchat was developed to become another social media giant by Stanford college students, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. These are examples of brands that were started in college and have now become exceedingly successful. Setting up a tech company in college is a different ball game when compared to typical businesses. Below are seven (7) things that you will need to consider to commence your business while you are still in the college.

1. Coding Skill is of Utmost Importance

You want to be able to have mastered your coding skills before venturing into any tech business. The above examples of successful college students were not without their legal controversies. The Snapchat case was one filled with Brown claiming rights over the creative inputs while the ones currently in charge of the company are those with the coding skills. Spiegel and Murphy only paid him a small fraction of their equity as a pay-off. You ought to either figure out how to begin coding now or invest the majority of your energy creating associations with experts you can learn from. Adapting adequate coding skills will empower you to interpret your ideas efficiently.

2. Identify your Target Market at the Beginning

If you begin with your target market and work in reverse, you’ll be bound to develop a brand that reverberates with the target market. This will also lead to an increasingly remarkable comprehension of any changes or warnings in the way the brand is perceived. This is not to deter you from having creative freedom, but it helps when you have identified the needs of a cohort and deliver the product to solve that problem.

3. Evaluation and Analytics of your Product

In the past traditional businesses utilizes feedback from potential customers. However, modern times have seen the use of digital marketing tools to access market needs, strength, and demands. It goes further even to project the possible reaction of the end-users that is likely to occur. Don’t just go ahead with your business based on subjective input, but try to approve it with quantitative research. It is extraordinary if individuals state that they like your site, that they would purchase whatever it is you’re putting forth, or use it all the time. However, this does not directly translate into the actions that will be taken or predict the future accurately. Using landing sites and infographics has become one of the leading methods to carry out almost perfect market research.

4. The Priority of a Start-up should be Growth and not Instant Wealth

This is an essential knowledge for start-ups, especially at the beginning of the business, you have to concentrate on development and growth. The wealth will follow consequently on the long-run. When a business grows steadily at about 5 percent weekly, it will grow to become a formidable brand eventually.

5. Beat the Best to Become the Best

Starting from college gives a lot of opportunities for a business. The established businesses most likely take you for granted, and expectations are quite low. Most established businesses offer their criticism, commendations, and training if approached by someone still in college. In order to be a leader in your sector, you learn the secrets of the best in your industry. Even though you can learn a lot from reading, the greater part of the crucial data that you will learn from is out there. As you start your tech company, there are much to be learned from the leaders of successful businesses around you. You will be told about the mistakes they made, you will receive education on the way they reacted to their challenges. Also, you will be exposed to their achievements and how they achieved them.

6. Product-Market Fit

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Product-Market fit is the only thing that is essential at the early stages of a tech startup. When Facebook was beginning, it the interface was not as developed as it looks now. However, that was good enough for the age it started and aided the required growth in its business. The main thing that you ought to be concentrating your resources on is the product-market fit. When the product-market fit is in place, then your customer base becomes larger, then revenue generation can now become the next focus.

7. Don’t be a Coward

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Incredible things can emerge out of a child who is innocent and mostly doesn’t know any better. They don’t know how industry functions or how things are done, so they do what they think may work. A great example of this was portrayed in the musical, The Greatest Showman, where the idea of a live Circus came from his daughters. Children end up making an idea that nobody would have conceived in the market because it appears to be unreasonable. However, some of these ideas become very lucrative.

If you are lucky to still have any of your childish adventurousness left, do not be a coward, go for it. Learning drives everything, if you don’t know a concept right now, you can learn it and perfect it afterward. It is easier to take calculated risks now that you are still in the college. There are little or no responsibilities, if you are not married yet, no children, only student’s loan, then this is the time. If you want to wait to graduate and you are debt free, it may be too late.

The only way to know if you will succeed or fail is by trying. If you are going to fail, why not fail forward. Talent alone is not enough, you have to develop your skills. Operating in the tech business, you must be a solution provider. The faster you do this, the better for your growth and that of your business. Nothing should stand in your way, not even your fears, most times facing your fears not only makes you stronger, but wealthier.

How To Start A Tech Company

A tech company is the type of business whose primary aim is to develop, manufacture technology, and provide technology as a service to people. This type of business has a wide range, and it can involve business relating to digital electronics, e-commerce services, manufacture of software, and other internet-based services. Examples of tech companies include giants such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, eBay and so on. The bigger the company, the more they spend on research and development. However, these companies didn’t start with billions or millions of dollars. They started little and built their companies to the point that their product started attracting investors. This article would focus on how you can start your tech company.

What Makes A Tech Company?

The definition of a tech company is pretty straight forward. You should consider yourself a tech company if you earn your income by applying information technology, or scientific knowledge in solving problems.

How To Successfully Start A Tech Company

The success story of tech companies is different and peculiar. However, there is a common denominator to all of them, which is motivation. All the successful companies have had their share of doubts, failure, disappointments, tribulations, milestones and so on. However, one thing they all share is that they kept working, and stayed motivated to remain on their course. Below are some of the ways you can start your tech company:

  1. Create your product: This might seem obvious, but it is essential. Your focus and energy should on creating the best product you can make. Studies have shown that building a product represents about 30% of the job. The other 70% of the job focuses mainly on the business side which includes marketing, sales, customer support and service to customers. The kind of product has to be good, and something people would want to buy. If it’s a new thing, then you’d have to find a way to present it to people that it’s a product they can’t live without.
  2. Ask for help: You should not hesitate to ask for help if you’re stuck. In a lot of cases, two or more heads are better than one. You could seek for the input of someone who you think would add and give a significant boost to the quality of the product. You should also present your product to trusted friends or relatives and get their honest feedback.
  3. Employ sales staff and engineers: A lot of tech companies hire sales staff and engineers for their immediate needs. However, this should not be the case, as it doesn’t support growth. You should employ workers based on where you see your product in the next one to 2 years. Although, this is not to say you should run yourself into debt because you want to hire a huge staff. This should be done within your budget. You have to find a way to maintain a balance. A lot of companies kill their growth potential because they only employ workers based on their current needs. You should do the exact opposite of that.
  4. Maintain your focus: Most companies generally have two identities, and this includes the service and the product. However, the most successful companies choose one for their vision and allow it to guide the decisions they make moving forward. If you select the product, then you ensure the products you create and sell to the public are unique and different from one they’re used to.
  • Start regardless: The truth is you can never be really ready to start anything. There is always new information flying around. So regardless of what you want to do, be it products creation, sales, hiring, how to market, and so on. You should start as soon you’ve acquired the relevant and best information you can get. A lot of companies are held back by consistently seeking better information, and not executing. Companies grow by making plans and carrying them out, not waiting for the perfect information. This is not to discourage the value of information. However, the point is to start executing the ideas you already have, and not waiting for a better one.
  • Fail: Failure is part of growth, this is why it’s important to experience quick failures. The best thing about failing is that it allows you to make corrections, and improve your product. You should never allow failure discourage your path. The most valuable tech companies in the world now have had their shares of failure, but the world doesn’t remember that. They only get to the see the good and shiny side. However, you should know to stop. If your product has a little chance of survival or has a high chance of failing again, you should when to call it to quit, unless you really believe you can make it work.
  • Don’t compromise your work: One of the things that kill newly started tech companies is a compromise. They get to attract a customer and keep modifying their product to satisfy that one customer’s needs. This eventually kills the company. It’s important to always focus on your vision, and why you started the company. You should never change your goal because of the needs of a particular customer. This usually starts as something trivial, until it gradually builds up into something that could undermine the success of the company.
  • Marketing: As mentioned earlier, building your product represents just about 30% of the job. Marketing your product to potential buyers is the difficult part of the job. The job starts after finishing building your product. People have to know you, and what you do. A lot of tech companies that were able to raise a lot of money even before launching the product usually spends a lot of money on advertisement. Not having money for marketing puts you in some sort of disadvantage. However, this would help you learn how to market your product, and increase your audience organically. The best way to go about this is finding your target market online, and find your way into such places. This includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. You can also develop a mutually beneficial partnership with some companies that rely on the type of product or service you provide.


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Ten Reasons You Need our Custom Platform

The custom platform may not be entirely new, but the amount of research that been thrown into digital marketing. Goals for business are essential, and a good platform that is unique in its operations, as well as tactics, is vital to such a move.

1. You don’t have a Structure

It has become evident that organizations without an advanced procedure and policies don’t have a reasonable vital objective for what they need to accomplish online as far as generating new traffic of clients as well as creating lasting and formidable relationships with existing ones. The secret of businesses that have thrived over the years is hinged on their structure and culture. When a company is built without those core values, even then, there is little or no way the business won’t crash eventually. Whether you’re accomplishing those objectives on the short term, you will soon realize that you need a proper system to grow your business. This where the platform of platforms come in play.

2. There won’t be an Accurate Evaluation of your Online Traffic

Client interest for online administrations might be thought little of in the event that you haven’t inquired about this. It is essential to know the industry you are building your business in properly as this will assist in managing your business better. There are extraordinary apparatuses accessible from the fundamental computerized stages where we can discover the dimension of client requests. One of the ways successful brands carry out evaluations is by a thorough analysis utilizing Google’s Keyword Planner. In order to perceive how you are taking advantage of the searchers to draw in them to your site, or monitor of what number of individuals desire the brand, Facebook IQ is also capable of enabling such analysis.

3. You will be Overrun in the Industry

The strength of any sector is its competitiveness, and the world of the internet is one of the most competitive. In case you’re not dedicating enough assets as well as skills to advanced promoting, or you’re utilizing an impromptu methodology with no characterized systems, at that point, your rivals will overtake you, and you will be thrown out of business.

4. Your Business is Devoid of Adequate Incentive and Attraction

An unmistakably characterized online client incentive customized to your diverse target client personas will enable you to separate your online administration empowering existing and new clients from connecting at first and remaining faithful. Building up a focused structure and promoting a standardized system is vital to this target. In most cases, content is the thing that draws in your followership through various channels like search engines, social media, email advertising and on your blog.

5. Not knowing your Clientele

Google Analytics and comparative will just reveal to you volumes of visits, not the conclusion of guests, what they think. You have to utilize other types of digital analytics to distinguish your frailty and afterward address them. However, with our custom platform, you get that all in one package. This empowers you with the knowledge of your customer base and what they respond to in your business.

6. The Lack of a Stellate Platform

Advanced tactics of promoting online presence are mostly finished in storehouses whether that is a professional or not, sitting in IT or a different computerized office. It’s less demanding than the approach to have a board of experts in big firms working on the digital marketing of a company. Obviously, it’s less powerful and efficient, but it gets the job done. Everybody concurs that advanced media work best when coordinated with customary models. We generally prescribe building up an incorporated digital advertising platform, and once you have achieved success, it remains useful in terms of monitoring and evaluation.

7. The Deficiency of Individualized Digital Marketing

The digital marketing tools will be committed to both arranging and executing e-advertising. Based on the tasks already saddled to the director of digital marketing or the expert in charge of using the tools, few things may be lacking. In fact, at some point, it serves as a distraction for the brand’s digital marketing manager. This may result in a lack of threat prevention when the time arises.

8. You’re squandering Cash and Time through Duplication

Regardless of whether you do have an adequate asset, it might be squandered especially in the wrong ventures. This is especially the situation in more prominent organizations where you see distinctive parts of the promoting traffic generation tools for performing comparative web-based tasks. However, it can be quite tricky, except using the platform of platforms that is specially designed for such purposes.

Description: Target Group, Advertising, Buyer

9. The Leaders of the Industry are Indomitable

In the event that you start your business and you are overwhelmed at the level of development of the market-leading businesses. Brands that have stood the test of time are not easily dethroned. However, you stand a much better chance of disrupting the industry with our custom platform.

10. Content Optimization Alone is Ineffective

Each organization with a site will have evaluations however numerous senior directors don’t guarantee that their groups set aside a few minutes to audit and follow up on them. If a system works when it comes to digital marketing others, tend to copy the strategy. However, content optimization is not the only way of driving traffic to one’s channel again. This is why the platform of platforms remains the only way to take charge, penetrate the market and grow.

The challenge of most brands is not the lack of desire to do the right to move the business forward. The challenge they face is not having the right measures and key technology to drive the progress. Our custom platform stands out in the market and saves resources while the potential to multiply the capital is even higher. Investment or talent is not enough, and you need a constant upgrade to stay in business. The platform of platforms is fresh and instrumental in balancing all challenges and providing results nonetheless. Get our custom platform and transform your business.