Business Brand Promotion using Influencers

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Business organizations have been focused on building brands to remain competitive in the global market. Business organizations have sought relevance for their business brands through social media influencers. It’s wonderful to connect to a wide range of potential prospects through influencers. When a brand, like One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Fort Worth, needs a campaign in the past, business organization pay for advertising organizations to get their business brands out there on TV’s, billboards, and prints.


These methods of promoting business brands have been utilized by organizations and institutions for centuries past, and it has been the major and acceptable method of promoting business brands. In as much as some organizations are still making use of this traditional method of promoting brands, it is seen that business owners still experience some challenges in the way they go about brand promotion.

People are looking for a means to connect to brands in a meaningful way that provides a solution to their problems. When they can connect with such brands, they tend to remain loyal to these brands. It is because of this idea that business owners have utilized social media influencers in reaching out to people. It is quite easier to achieve because every product solves a problem, and it only needs to get to the right audience.

The core strength of influencing marketing is that it offers a community of people with similar interest. Therefore, when a product is introduced to such people in that community, the likelihood of sticking to such a product by the majority of them is quite high. One of the most challenging aspects of marketing is the part where business organizations would get target prospects or the global audience at large to purchase their business brands, and this problem is what influencer marketing solves perfectly.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


The World of Influencers

There has been a drastic turn of events in the business sector and the entire global market. In order to fully grasp the world of influencing marketing, having a little understanding of the influencers is necessary. This leads to the four key categories of influencers stated below:

Nano-influencers: These influencers are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to influencing. These are influencers with followers lesser than 1000. However, this may be people with utmost credibility in their community, meaning people will trust if they see they are aligned with a brand. The fact that they don’t have a lot of followers may even be pivotal in launching such campaigns.

This is because people readily support loved ones, and when they get the idea that one of them is now seemingly rubbing shoulders with the big leagues, the support multiplies. You can imagine someone with less than 1000 followers who has loyal friends looking to associate with a successful friend, eager to share the posts of their friend. So they may be a nano-influencer, but they may actually have the power of a micro-influencer.

Micro-influencers: One of the key factors that influencers use to edge celebrities aside is authenticity. People now understand most celebrity’s endorsements come with benefits for the celebrities even if the product is not authentic. However, the difference between celebrities and influencers is that celebrities may be filmed to use the products without actually using them, while the influencers won’t do that. In fact, influencers will use the product or service, document the progress, and only promote such products if they work and are authentic.

Micro-influencers are influencers with a followership of about 1000 followers to 100,000 followers. This is the range that micro-influencers boast of, but they can exceed this range if they become exceedingly successful. Most business owners have noticed that launching campaigns through micro-influencers is quite effective, the percentage of reach and traffic is very efficient compared to other influencers. The reason is that the majority of the followers with micro-influence are keen on the primary niche that such personalities represent.

Macro-influencers: So much for the talk about how successful micro-influencers, the fact is that most micro-influencers become macro-influencers and their success with it. Such people must have diversified in their niche and upgraded what they do in some ways becoming better for it. These set of influencers have between 100,000 to 1 Million followers, and their reach gives them the ability to get a brand popular within a short period.

The level of traffic that such people command is also as a result of the fact they also have other micro and macro influencers on their following. This gives whatever brand they are associated with a significant boost that powers whatever campaign they are looking to broadcast. Sales will skyrocket with such influencers in a short period. The level of loyalty with regards to authenticity now depends on the particular influencer, as it depends on such people’s personality.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?



The State of Influencer Marketing In 2019

SideStreamBanner2Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Social media is now accepted globally and has become an integral part of everyone’s life, this has given a golden opportunity for users with rich, engaging contents to accumulate loyal followers and earn a livelihood doing so. Social media users with such quality posts and huge fan base are known as influencers and brands have realized with time they are the best suited for their marketing campaigns.

Unlike other traditional media, social media is not bound by restrictions such as geographical location and target audience worry. The social media is accessible by all regardless of their age, class, and location. The ever-growing nature of the business indicates companies are investing more in influencer marketing as well as making way for aspiring influencers. Many businesses are looking for a side stream income to increase their revenue.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

We will all probably agree that influencer marketing is on a steady rise, but figures and statistics might help us appreciate the acceptance and the recent boom that has hit the business.

Market Size: The most important yardstick to measure business growth is the market size. The influencer marketing business was estimated to be 1.6 billion in 2016, and it rose to almost double at 3 billion in 2017, a further 50% increase by 2018 to rise to 4.6 billion. The figure presently stands at 6.5 billion, which is a 400% increase from 2016.

Internet Searches: Another vital metric to measure growth and popularity is the amount of search engine searches. Increase in search is directly proportional to the increase in consciousness and acceptability. The phrase influencer marketing was searched 4000 times in 2015, 6400 times in 2016, 21,000 in 2017, and 60000 in 2018, representing a 1500% increase within 3 years.


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


What to Consider for a Successful Influencer Marketing

About 80% of influencer marketing campaigns are successful while the failed campaigns are caused by inadequate planning and failure to set ideal key performance indicators (KPIs). The following should be considered for a successful influencer marketing campaign:

Get the Right Influencer: A major cause of a failed influencer marketing campaign is choosing the wrong influencer for your campaign. Getting an influencer in the wrong niche, an influencer with poor contents, and an influencer that doesn’t use your products are few of the reasons why an influencer might not be ideal for your campaign. Making use of influencer agencies in choosing your influencer can help you avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong influencer.

Creative Contents: When launching an influencer marketing campaign, it is essential to dedicate some time to creating engaging contents, and choosing a creative influencer may help with this.

Right Target Audience: The success and popularity of an influencer doesn’t make him ideal for the campaign. Age, location, and gender of influencers’ followers must be taken into consideration when choosing the influencer for your influencer marketing campaign.

Adequate Preparation: Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, to ensure a successful campaign, linking a URL to the campaign, selecting the right influencer and setting KPIs that will ensure good ROI are necessary.

Effective Terms of Agreement: After identifying your ideal influencer, the next step is setting terms of the agreement that will clearly spell out each party’s responsibilities as well as avoiding copyright issues.

What to Avoid When Choosing Influencer

Choosing the wrong influencer ruins an influencer marketing campaign, always avoid the following when choosing your influencer:

Fake Followers: The major headache for brands seeking influencer is engaging fake influencers, there are a few fake influencers with fake followers, fake likes, comments, and reposts, going through agencies can greatly reduce chances of dealing with fake influencers.

One-off Campaign: In order to improve influencer marketing campaign success, it is pertinent to try a continuous campaign that keeps your target audience engaged. Making use of brand ambassadors who are contracted to represent, promote, and market the brand summer, winter, spring, and fall, ensuring your audience are engaged continuously.

Avoid Very Expensive Influencers: Macro influencers with huge followers command a huge fee, kylie Jenner charges 1 million dollars per post while Cristiano Ronaldo charges 975,000 dollars for a single post. Only huge brands can afford the services of the macro influencer. Always stick to a budget and make judicious use of micro-influencers in your niche. Going beyond your budget to engage the services of a macro influencer may result in a failed campaign if the ROI doesn’t complement the investment.

What Makes an Influencer Marketing Campaign a Successful One?

Few metrics determine the success of an influencer marketing campaign, KPIs vary from brands to brands and campaign to campaign. The commonest KPIs are:

Brand Awareness: The essence of an influencer marketing campaign is to improve people’s consciousness about the brand, to measure the level of awareness, engagements like likes, clicks, comments, links, and shares are taken into consideration. This is particularly important for a newly launched product.

Improved Sales: It is natural to experience a surge in sales during and after a successful marketing campaign.

New Audiences: By the end of the campaign, brand awareness must have improved among the desired age bracket, gender, and location targets.

Lead Generation: Making instant sales is important, but so is having a list of potential customers and keeping in touch. During the influencer marketing campaign, names and emails can be generated through account setups, give away entries, and newsletters.

 What have we Learned about Influencer Marketing in 2019?

For followers of influencer marketing, there is nothing new to report about the industry, the industry is rapidly growing and could hit a trillion dollars in nearest future, and Instagram remains the leading platform for influencers. Cristiano Ronaldo remains the most popular user of the platform. The state of influencer marketing in 2019 can be summarized in these few steps:

  • 15% will spend up to 50% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing.
  • 65% of brands will increase their budget for an influencer marketing campaign.
  • Influencer agencies increased from 420 to 740.
  • Instagram is the most used platform for influencers, and 89% of Influencers use Instagram.
  • Marketing channel spent most on is Instagram at 69%, followed by YouTube at 11%, Twitter is least at 1%.
  • Snapchat is the least used at 3%.
  • The most common budget range for influencer marketing annually is 1000 – 10000 dollars.
  • The most used content format is Instagram post at 78%, followed by Instagram stories at 73%, twitch Livestream is least at 5%.

Social media has come to stay, and it is now an integral part of everyone’s life. Those who set trends and have huge followership are making it big on social media. These people are known as influencers, brands rely on influencers to reach more target audience, these types of marketing is rapidly replacing old ways of marketing of print media and billboards.

In the last year Influencer agencies almost doubled, the market grew more prominent with a potential to grow even bigger, by preparing adequately and going through the diligent process in selecting an influencer, brands can grow their brand bigger by reaching their target audience in different geographical locations.

Tips for a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign on Twitter


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There was a time when many had forgotten about Twitter. Facebook, at a time, had eclipsed the social media that was flying blue and very famous for its tweets. Until the recent dip in popularity brought about by the Analytica Scandal Twitter seemed to have lost its place among the other social media platform.

Donald Trump became more famous for his Tweets at a point and significantly made people look forward to the President’s view on Twitter. These and many more contributed to the resurgence of social media. However, it wasn’t that Twitter shut down or was no longer available, it was always there, in its own way competing with other social media channels.

It has stood the test of time and now extremely relevant and deemed safe for connecting with other people. The level of abuse faced on some other social media platforms with little to show in terms of discipline and sanctions contributed to people using Twitter more than the past few years.

Influencer Marketing on Twitter

The social media has birthed a unique marketplace giving social media personalities with lots of followers the capacity to market, connect, and influence people’s behavior or attitude towards a brand or product. Influencers are given this power because of the people that follow them. Since many people have been on Twitter for a while, with different level of engagements going on, Twitter influencers have a unique advantage.

Research has shown that over 70% of business owners , like plumbers, 24 hour emergency plumber near mehome insurance agents, lawn care services,heating and air companies,  real estate agents, maid services, dog boarding, and acai juice companies like Monavie, are looking to fortify their online presence and reach. Many of them are going to invest in influencers to launch unique influencer marketing campaign like no other. This is the new trend that has been observed to bring unprecedented results. Even surveys have become easier and accessible on social media rather than the typical phone calls.

A study showed that people are tired of seeing adverts, as a matter of fact, they seemed to have lost confidence in them. This is why many skip the adverts or tune away from them. However, the same set of people are more inclined to listen to their favorite social media personality views and advice regarding brands. The bulk of the population are the millennials since lots of them are getting employed, in their hands rest the spending power.

Furthermore, millennials practically live on social media, and they tend to listen to social media influencers more than the other generations. This has allowed both influencers and brand owners to connect to a marketplace untapped. The potential marketplace the internet offers has yet to be fully explored, and this is why business owners are jumping on the train of influencer marketing more than ever.

Are you looking to get paid as an Influencer?

How to Find the Best Influencers on Twitter

It is easy to find people with thousands of followers on Twitter and believe any brand promotion done with such people will yield results. This is untrue and can be devastating at times. It is vital to ensure that there’s a connection between the brand or product and the influencer before working on a campaign together. Brand owners have to carefully and painstakingly choose their influencers for many reasons before working with such an individual.

One of such reasons is that you have to consider that the followers of the influencer your future customers. Another reason is that the moment an influencer starts to promote your brand, that influencer is now an extension of your brand. These are a few of the reasons that should put brand owners or representatives on their A-game while choosing an influencer to contract.

This is the reason most brands go through social media influencer network agencies. These agencies are made up of agents who work directly with influencers and are capable of getting the ones that fit your brand and campaign. Also, working with influencer agents reduce the hassle you’ll have to go through as a brand owner while helping the influencer secure a reasonable contract as well.

Relevance and Engagement over Numbers and Popularity

Studies have shown that multiple campaigns run by influencers with thousands of followers compared to those with millions are far more successful. The reason is that people with less than a million followers have been shown to engage their fan base more than those with millions. The percentage of engagement involves how much an influencer interacts with the followers and the resultant effect of their reaction in turns.

 Followers that willingly and frequently retweet their influencer posts are more valuable than those just numbers of people who follow just because the personality is a celebrity. The key to these social media campaigns, especially the ones launched on Twitter, is to carry them out in the company of an appropriate and relevant target audience. It is such a basis that produced the term ‘Target Audience’ itself. You don’t want to be advertising phone accessories to followers of a healthcare influencer just because the person has a million followers.

 Support your Influencer and Evaluate Periodically

There’s nothing as good as showing support to your chosen influencer once the campaign begins. Influencers already have an audience with their followers, and they each have their unique ways of doing it. Respect that and encourage them in any way they promote your brand. Give them links to redirect followers from their page to yours, retweet the posts of your influencer about your brand, and provide them with giveaways for the campaign. All this will automatically assist you in getting more traffic and increasing your reach.

Twitter is an excellent place for influencer marketing, don’t underestimate its potency. It is true many seem to favor social media platforms like Instagram as the best, but in the coming years, any form of exposure is excellent for your brand. This is why you want to be on every platform, broadcasting and educating people about your products and services. Put in some effort and work as a team with your influencer, and you’ll reap the benefits of tapping from the pool of traffic waiting to be tapped on Twitter.

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YouTube Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to get paid as an Influencer?

Marketing trends have been altered in the past few years. The marketing industry has been disrupted with the internet, especially social media. Since the bulk of people now interact on social media, things have quite changed. Even giant media houses now have an online presence where people can easily view their news and stories on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This has further affected interactions with video calling being more mainstream than a privilege or luxury.


The advent of smartphones with quality megapixels have also upgraded the quality of photography and videography. This has empowered several influencers in putting out quality posts that are both attractive and engaging. YouTube is one social media app that focuses on providing video posts that enable everybody to enjoy and get educated on topics that are either entertaining or academic.There have been several talks of Instagram being the perfect fit for social media marketing, but YouTube is a unique influencer marketing tool. YouTube video creators have risen in influence over the years, and not everybody can be on a cable network like the Kardashians or the Braxtons. Most people that were interested in such ventures started out on YouTube Vlogging. Teenagers have been observed in focused a study to be more receptive to their peer’s conviction on issues. The study showed that 30% of youths would rather buy a thing because their friend said so rather than buy that thing based on an advert.

Why Should YouTube Be Used for Influencer Marketing?

A population, the size of a China, is always logged on YouTube daily. The video-based social platform boasts of arguably every superb character or celebrity from the real world. This is not to say we’re living in a virtual world already, but we are getting there gradually, seemingly everything can be done via the internet. So many social media platform offers the opportunity of seamless communication as far as video calling, mapping, and messaging.

 YouTube is a platform that offers detailed insight into any product or service that a brand may want to share with the world. Gone are the days when only a privileged few are allowed to watch, internet connectivity is almost free and available everywhere. Also, the platform allows interaction between people, just like any social media platform.

Since developers have used Adblockers and the FTC have tightened their regulations on advertisements, brands have been forced to find creative ways of ads. This is where YouTube comes in, as nothing compares to YouTube in sharing details of the brand’s solutions to the world visually for as long as intended.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

What Makes an Influencer Ideal for Brand Promotion?

 Whether you are a business owner looking to work with an influencer, or you are an influencer who wants to be a topnotch and highly sorted person, there a few things to look out for in order to achieve your aim. The fact that so many people now boasts of several thousand and millions of influencer makes it difficult to sort out which is better and appropriate for ad campaigns. However complex it can be, it is very simple to a trained eye.

  • The first thing that an influencer gives to any business owner running a campaign is the target audience.
  • Afterward, it is crucial that such social media personalities do have tremendous influence over the followers in order to drive traffic and sales.
  • Furthermore, it is inadvisable to work with a social media influencer that is new to the terrain of influencer marketing.
  • Social media personalities that are conversant with engaging their followings in a similar tone the brand will love to communicate is key to a campaign.
  • The next thing to consider is the level of engagement, such as social media personalities have with their followers.
  • Also, the frequency of the interaction between the influencer and the people following the channel.
  • If the above seems complicated, just assess the level of comments, shares, and reactions to the post of the social media personality.
  • The final cherry on the cake that makes a social media influencer stand out from the rest is the demographics. The genders of the followings, their interest, their location, their ages, and possibly religious affiliations.

All the above are crucial to ensure that the vision of a brand aligns with the interest and dynamics of the potential influencer. It is when all these have been assessed adequately that there can be a fruitful relationship and arrangement between the two parties. This may sound burdensome at the start, but you have to look at the followings of influencers as potential customers. If one cannot do that as a business owner of a company, then what is the point of contracting an influencer with such followings?

This article will probably not be complete without mentioning PewDiePie. He is one of the foremost YouTube influencers with millions of views. What he offers brands like gaming apps is a host of the relevant audience watching his videos continually. This allows the brands to reach out to these potential customers, and PewDiePie helps them captivate their attention and sales in turn.


The marketing industry has gradually accepted influencer marketing as a progressive way of marketing. It has not thrown away other forms of marketing, but it is evident that this digital form of marketing is inevitable. The platform for such a marketing style is not only available but also global, and this makes it effective in reaching the ends of the world. This is why influencers are now considered celebrities. The fact that whatever they do in the corner of their homes or community is now broadcasted globally with a click makes them as important as celebrities whose movies, books, or music are experienced globally.

YouTube influencer marketing has become a prominent way of marketing. It has been able to show that it can rival giant media channels and it has even won over those giant TV channels by winning them over. Most TV stations now have their personalized YouTube channels. This has shown that YouTube is a capable social media hub for people all over the world to interact and conduct business. The amount of music posted monthly on YouTube draws in constant traffic to the platform providing brands a pool of potential customers to win over to themselves.

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Top 11 Healthcare Influencers on Twitter

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Influencer marketing is a massive industry that has included every sector, including the medical one. The healthcare industry has been the most rigid yet progressive in all areas. Not much has changed with Medicine, after all, human beings remain the same. However, medical technologies and pharmacology are evolving to deal with mutating microorganisms and make healthcare delivery better. Advertisement is not somewhat a challenge when it comes to the medical sphere, but healthcare influencers are well capable of helping with the increment of the reach of your product.

Healthcare influencers seem to bolster more confidence in their followers compared to other influencers. This is why brands are likely to enjoy the benefits of having the most relevant followers on social media. Let’s explore the top 11 healthcare influencers that businesses and business owners, such as 24 hour emergency plumbers, can do business with, to increase their reach on Twitter. If this were another list, we’d probably be talking of Ronaldo before anybody else. However, here we are in the medical world so there’ll be a different number one. You may be looking to increase your revenue with a side stream business.



  • Sanjay Gupta, MD

Sanjay is a neurosurgeon who is also a medial correspondence for CNN. He arguably has more followers on Twitter than everybody on this list combined. His followers are slightly above 2.4 million, and that makes him not just the Chief Medical Correspondent but the Kingpin of healthcare influencing. Being a neurosurgeon gives him a significant edge over others, but his followings have been built since 2008, but he barely has up to 5000 tweets. This is why brands have to be wary of his engagement with his followers.

  • Dave deBronkart

Dave is a unique individual with a unique experience. He fought cancer and survived. This has given the privilege to talk about his journey online while encouraging others that are currently facing the challenge. He is famously known as e-Patient Dave. He is one of the most renowned speakers on health with almost 40,000 followers. He has remained one of the best healthcare influencers in the past decade. Brands that work with Dave will be exposed to a target audience willing to trust his recommendations.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

  • Dr. Mike Sevilla, MD

Dr. Mike is a doctor that specialized in family medicine. He is also a primary healthcare advocate. He is one of the pioneer physicians to gain social media presence and popularity. He boasts of over 25,000 followers with over 50,000 tweets.

  • Yoni Freedhoff, MD

This is the man responsible for the book on diet titled “The Diet Fix” and also the co-founder of Bariatric Medical Group. He is an expert at helping people lose weight through unique methods. He has over 40,000 followers with almost 60,000 tweets. He is one of the best healthcare influencers out there and can easily expose brands to his followers, especially those connected to weight loss.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


  • Doug Ulman

Doug Ulman has almost a million followers on Twitter. He is a top influencer in the healthcare industry. He is one of those progressive influencers who delve into overlapping niches. He is the President and CEO of Peloton. Peloton is a bike tour that puts all its proceeds into cancer research. So Peloton has funded over 100 projects.

  • Barby Ingle

Barby is not synonymous to Barbie at all, almost the opposite. Barby has been combatting and suffering from regional pain syndrome for more than two decades. Barby has since garnered 18,000 followers, and she is the president of the International Pain Foundation. She has written several books and her background in social psychology gives her an edge in society. Barby is an ardent advocate in the health sector, making her a prime influencer for any healthcare brand.

Aproko Doctor

Dr. Bobby Chinonso Egemba is a Nigerian physician with about 62,000 followers. He has won several awards in the propagation of healthcare issues. He is also a health communication expert making him a force to reckon with when it comes to reaching out to people. The Nigerian doctor has followers all over Africa and the world at large.

  • Kevin Pho, MD

Kevin Pho is a medical doctor who has written several books and has also spoken in several seminars at different podiums. Kevin also contributes regularly to USA Today. He has over 150,000 followers on Twitter with about 50,000 tweets already on the social media platform. You can follow him to find the best allergist near me.

  • Dr. Ola Brown

Ola trained as a doctor outside her home country, Nigeria, and when she returned decided to fill a vacant niche in the healthcare sector of the country. She is the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria. This organization caters for the transportation of patients from remote places to get adequate healthcare. They are capable of flying patients in need of care outside the country or continent. Dr. Brown and her team are the first to establish such an enterprise in her country, making not only a pioneer in her niche but also an inspiration to others. This is why collaborating with her will produce a phenomenal result with her over 61,000 global followers.

  • Christina Farr

Christina has been around for quite some time now, and she has been a fervent health and tech reporter at CNBC. She has 46,000 followers to lay claim to being part of the top influencers in the healthcare sector. Christina is crucial to the propagation of disruptive medical techs in the sector, and people will listen because this is her forte.

  1. Louise Roe

Louise was popular for her posts on Psoriasis. She is an avid blogger and has well over 200,000 followers. She is an excellent healthcare influencer with accounts on major social media platforms. It is no surprise that she has a large following on other platforms apart from twitter as well.

There are more healthcare influencers out there, but these are some of the ones doing well in the sector already. The medical sector can be quite complicated with regards to ads, but brands can still find ways to reach out to potential clients. Influencer marketing may have brought a leeway with regards to healthcare marketing.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

The Basics of Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Social media has become intrinsic to everyone’s life, and nearly every adult has a presence on at least a social media platform. Instagram has active monthly users of over 1 billion, that represents 13% of the world’s population. This makes it the best platform for brands to promote their products and services. Brands make use of influencers to reach a wide range of audience, cutting across different geographical locations, age, and class. If you own a business, you may looking for a way to create a second income stream.


Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone with a strong presence on social media, they are loved and respected, and consequently influences people’s decision when selecting brands and services. Most of these influencers already achieved celebrity status as an athlete, entertainer, or any other field, and being on social media provides their loyal fans an opportunity to follow their idol closely.

However, many more achieved celebrity status just by making judicious use of social media presence, the reward is wealth huge enough to live a luxurious lifestyle akin to those superstars you adore.

Types of Influencers

It is hard to classify influencers with other parameters other than the number of followers. Using the amount of followers, influencers can be classified into the following categories:

Mega-influencers: These are world-famous people who have achieved celebrity status in their various fields. They command huge respect and Influence both in real life and online. Mega influencers have several million followers scattered all over the world. They could be athletes, world leaders, models, and entertainers. Examples are Lionel Messi of Barcelona football club, Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, Kendrick Lamar, an American rapper and so on.

Macro-influencers: This type of influencers have between 100,000 and a few million followers. Most macro-influencers achieve their fame with their social media presence. This is usually achieved by posting inspiring contents, comic contents, and blogging.

Micro-influencers: They have between 1000 and 100,000 followers, they usually specialize in a subject and usually make educative and informative posts on their chosen niche.

Nano-influencers: This type of Influencers have less than 1000 followers but have a strong presence in their local community. Local religious leaders, community chief, and local government head are examples of nano influencer.

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How Can I Become an Influencer?

The basic need for your influencer career is a digital device and a good internet connection. With your tools in place, the following can help you attain celebrity status on social media and become a successful influencer as a result:

Choose your Niche: As an upcoming influencer, and it is crucial to pick a field, you have huge knowledge about, where you can make insightful posts regularly.

Always Post Beautiful and Insightful Contents: Social media users have no idea about your personality, they will relate to your posts and learn about you through your posts. Being renowned for quality posts is what will get you to the top in the business.

Quality Photos: Instagram is the leading social media platform for influencers, posts on Instagram are usually pictures. Everyone posts pictures on Instagram, to become an influencer ensure your photos are of the highest quality possible.

Build Followers: What makes an influencer is the number of followers. Take your time to build real, loyal followers, acquiring fake followers can cost you your account in the future.

Be Creative: You want to be an influencer? Don’t be boring with your posts, even if you only post about a subject, be dynamic and creative with your contents. Apart from the number of followers, the main attribute brands look for in influencers is creativity.

Engage: By the time you become a micro-influencer, you will have less time to reply to comments on your posts due to your busy schedule. However, as an upcoming influencer, it is necessary to dedicate some time to like and reply comments on your posts. This will give your followers a sense of belonging and make them more loyal to you.

Giveaways: A certain way to acquire new followers and make existing followers loyal is by giving your fans giveaways, giveaways are usually given in exchange for shares, reposts, and likes, which increases your followers.

Use Hashtags: The most important tool on social media is hashtags, it takes your posts farther and increases SEO, the more hashtags, the better. It is advised to use up to 4 hashtags per post to improve reach.

Join a Network: Influencer network is a platform designed to bring influencers together, to share ideas and knowledge about influencing in a bid to improve and be more productive.

How Can I Make Money as an Influencer?

There are many ways to make money as an influencer, and I will share them with you.

Sell Products: The primary way of making money as an influencer is by selling your products to your followers, few of your followers will patronize you, and the numbers will definitely increase with good feedbacks with time.

Sponsored Posts: You can make a post about brands and their products, what you charge per post depends on the number of followers, mega influencers charge up to 1 million dollars, while micro-influencers charge few hundreds of dollars. It is typical of influencers to indicate that a post is sponsored.

Affiliate Marketing: You can also market and promote third party products and services on your social media page in exchange for a reward. Rewards vary from monetary reward to barter of goods and services.

Brand Ambassador: Brands with continuous, never-ending marketing campaigns make use of brand ambassadors who can always represent and promote the brand in the right way. Influencer responsibility as a brand ambassador includes making posts for the brands, appearing in adverts, billboards, and product launches.

Crowdfund your Project: Another way of making money for an influencer is by having your followers invest in your dreams, loyal followers will go to any extent to contribute to the career of their favorite influencer.



Join an Influencer Agency: Influencer agencies are agencies that connect brands to influencers. They are consulted by brands when selecting influencer for their next campaign, while influencers depend on them to get jobs. Micro and nano influencers must join an agency to improve their chances of getting jobs from brands.

Influencers set trends and Influence decision of their followers when selecting a product or brand. They are classified according to the number of followers. Celebrities and superstars make up mega influencers while nano influencers are those with less than 1000 followers and are particularly influential in their local community, macro and micro-influencers fall in between with thousands of followers.

There are many money-making opportunities available to influencers, including selling products, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, brand ambassador while joining an agency can improve your chances of getting lucrative jobs from brands.

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Mega-Influencers on Social Media Platforms


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Influencer marketing is the concept of building a business brand promotion around an individual that has a celebrity personality and a following of over a hundred thousand and above. This marketing concept has gotten financial institutions all over the globe, competing with the help of social media platforms as it has paved the way for a massive evolution in the world of digital marketing.

The social media influencer marketplace is beginning to take shape as there is a projection that the influencer market is primed to be worth more than $10 billion in the year 2020. So, if you are considering a career as a successful influencer to make more money, you need to focus on the aspect of becoming a mega-influencer. This is as a result of the level of compensations that comes to those that are mega-influencers than other categories of influencers.

The influencer marketing trend is on the rise in the global market as most business organizations are now keying their business brands to their target audience via influencer marketing. This is evidently the new and most effective way for business brand promotion, and it makes it a lot easier for institutions to promote their products. Influencer marketing comes in different categories such as mega influencer, micro-influencer, and nano influencer but of all these categories of influencers, we are going to be talking about the effect of mega-influencers on social media platforms. So, who are mega-influencers?



Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Mega-Influencer Marketers

Mega-influencer is the social media influencers that are rated as the highest-ranked in the category of influencers. This is simply because they have a following of audience that is over a million and according to the founder and CEO of the HYPER Brands, Gil Eyal, stated that “mega-influencers are more famous than influential,” “They command an audience with various diversity with different topics of interest too.” Eyal also articulated that mega-influencers have a more distant relationship with individual members of their following.

Will Smith falls in the category of individuals that are mega-influencers. When we talk about other mega-influencers with their large audience, it is noticed that they are largely impacting at the highest rate in the marketing industry. This has resulted in most business brands across the web leveraging on the opportunities to partner with an individual that has invested time and effort to build a target audience that is so large.

This article would give you an understanding of the effect of mega-influencer marketing on the social media platform. It would also expose to you the different ways at which the game of influencer marketing is played.            

Provides Authenticity and Opinion

One of the effects of mega-influencer marketing is the fact that they bring opinion and authenticity to their audience. This is one of the reasons why multiple brands connect with mega-influencers as their followers respect their opinions about issues and life generally. Some people go as far as just checking on Instagram for ideas on what kind of look they need to put on to a cocktail party.

This means that lots of people have an individual that falls in their niche that they intend to watch or read. It, however, makes the audience look forward to what the mega-influencer was going to post next. These get the audience to stay connected to the mega-influencer as the influencers are working up their brand and also reaching out to their audience at the same time.

Some others take to their mega-influencer when they need to know about a particular thing. The audience tends to build trust and respect for their mega-influencer as they read and study about the experience of the influencer. In a nutshell, social media users require authenticity from business brands as it helps the sales process of the brand and also helps develop quality relationships.

Promote Brands Effectively

Mega-influencers are great at helping business owners to promote their business brands in the global market effectively. They have different marketing strategies for brand promotion because they are devoted to what they do on their social media platforms. The mega-influencers spend quality time to build multiple channels of the audience as it brings more style, flair, and personality.  

This has clearly shown the impact of the mega-influencers on the social media platform as all the efforts that have been dedicated to building a channel would bring better results. Mega-influencers also create advertisements that are projected to a large audience of people. This gives the business brand the edge to be seen by an incredible amount of people.

The beauty of mega-influencers is that they control a massive group of the target audience, and they are the best platform for any company that needs their business brand to be seen by millions of people. Mega-influencers give companies the largest amount of exposures as they are usually used to working with business brands on influencer outreach campaigns. This is why working with mega-influencers can be very expensive but also highly rewarding.

Though in the world of influencer marketing, the micro-influencer is seen to be gaining more profitability and productivity than the mega-influencers. This is as a result of the fact that micro-influencers have the capacity to relate and build a relationship with their audience individually. It is due to the fact that the micro-influencers control a lesser group of the audience than the mega-influencers, which gives them the opportunity to relate directly with them as their audience begins to develop loyalty.

However, mega-influencers have nothing to worry about as the business of influencer marketing has to do with quality content creation. This is because business organizations pay more attention to the quality of content that the mega-influencer can produce. Then when they are satisfied with the quality of content, they focus on the level of engaging followers that they produce. This means that a mega-influencer that is able to produce remarkable content and still consistently get their followers to react to their posts, comment, and share their post could still broker a partnership deal with any organization.

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Twitter Revolutionizing Digital Marketing through Influencers

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Twitter is traditionally one of the pioneers of the social media industry and has  done well to still remain competitive until now. Just like Sci-fi movies where artificial intelligence evolves right under the noses of the characters in the movie without their notice, social media influencer marketing has evolved into a disruptive model in the world. Even Twitter has contributed to its evolution. Celebrities have always been available to be used as brand ambassadors,to help people like you grow your business, and they seem to benefit more in some instances. However, the new niche for influencers has seen a new form of celebrities who actually benefit brands as much as the brands profit them. This is because they are more inclined to promote the brand because of their connection to the products and their followers.


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Celebrities are known to snub fans because of their comfort or safety at times, but influencers are more in control. Influencers and celebrities alike that post on social media can control the comments of their followers. However, that is not the key strength of influencers on social media. What makes them stand out from traditional celebrities is that these people are normal people who are not necessarily used to being in the spotlights. They are ordinary people who are passionate about particular things, like gaming, fashion, food, fitness, sports, discount travel, and so on.

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These people tweets, post videos, and post pictures that connect with people and generate a level of reaction, and gradually their followers increase till they consistently reach thousands and millions of people. Therefore, whenever they are contracted to a brand, they are keener to relate more to the product and promote it better because brand promotion is all they do. Before an influencer becomes relevant to social media, such people must have invested time in honing their skills and developing significant skills that make people trust and follow them.

How does Twitter help people become such great influencers? What are the benefits of doing a brand promotion on Twitter, whether as an influencer or a business owner? What are the stats that make this social media platform relevant?


Statistics of the Influencing Marketing Potential of Twitter

The Number of Twitter Users: Twitter has been several things since its inception and being able to drive traffic to its platform through creative and catchy tweets is one of those unique things. It is capable of retaining about 20% of internet users daily with its interesting trending conversations. This is a lot of people considering the amount of people constantly on the internet is virtually everybody. These days the prevalence of several phone brands has given people the opportunity of browsing without owning luxurious brands like iPhones.

Gender Demographics: It has been discovered that the demographics in terms of gender difference is slightly unbalanced on Twitter. This is not new as it is also not equal to other social media platforms as well. Men have been noticed to be more involved in discussions on Twitter, and also male users have more accounts than females. This means that brands that want to focus on a male audience need to consider having a strong presence on Twitter and involve influencers that are established on Twitter. This is more likely to produce a more resounding result compared to other social media platforms.

Age Demographics: About 20% of baby boomers are on Twitters actively tweeting and reacting to conversations. Almost 50% of the people on Twitter are millennials, and this is true of all the social media. This is because the majority of these social media influencers were created during the growing years of the millennials making the millennials very fond of them. The remaining age demographics between the ages of 35 and 54 occupied about 30% of the user demographics.

Earnings: People have wondered if there were influencers who make money on Twitter, and the answer is a resounding and affirmative Yes. An average of a quarter of the people on Twitter are influencers making about $75000 every year. This is quite a lot when you consider that this is only shared between only a quarter of the entire global users. This money is made from the global exposure that their tweets get, which is made from a potential market of about 500 million people monthly. When a survey of the amount of tweets going out of Twitter was, it was averaged a staggering 6000 tweets every second.

Top Traffic Generation Tips for Twitter: It can never be overemphasized to use hashtags for influencer marketing campaigns, it is crucial to maximization of the reach of the campaign. Also, be a part of chat sessions on Twitter. Trends are the toppings here, and you want to jump on every relevant trend that is being talked about. Make sure you tweet at favorable times that will give your post the best exposure possible, and you can also pay for tweets periodically to boost the reach of your tweets.


Twitter has been very progressive and has been a fast-paced social media platform just like its logo, Larry the Bird or Twitter Bird. The “bluebird” platform has seen many changes and improvement for over ten years of its existence. This has made it extremely dynamic yet true to its original vision of connecting people and spreading stories like the song of a bird.

Twitter has indeed changed the way advertising and communication works, and it is doing so at a fast rate. Influencer marketers have taken full advantage of the opportunities lurking around the corners of this unique social media platform. Twitter has given brands a unique opportunity of connecting with a fresh market waiting to be won over. Whether you are an influencer or a brand, this is a good place to start, time your posts, and post frequently and you’ll be sure to reach some people. If you want to direct your campaign to a specific audience, you can either use an expert influencer or make use of paid promotional tweets that will reach a larger audience.

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How to Make Money as a Social Media Influencer?

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Here, our team of experts has designed a platform of platforms that would show social media influencers the various strategies that they could use to leverage their expertise and influence to make more money. Our custom platform can help social media influencers maximize multiple streams of income as they support business brands in their digital marketing process. This makes it evident that becoming a successful influencer can help you make more money.

  Sponsored Social Media Post

One of the strategies that can be utilized by social media influencers in the social media post approach. Although some business brands have long term partnerships with brand ambassadors employing a social media sponsored post can be a very productive method of creating brand awareness and exposure. Becoming a social media influencer can help you make more money as you begin to make use of sponsored social media posts.

Sponsored social media posts are about employing an influencer to produce contents that promote the business brand, such as creating a post or series of posts and sharing it with your followers. The sponsored social media post comes in different forms like unique imagery development, launching a new brand, promoting a new product, and creating making exposures among new target markets.

It’s important to know that when it comes to exchanging funds or payments of other forms with a business brand, you must put into consideration the guidelines and regulations that exist in most territories and countries. This is where you need an influencer marketing agreement to handle these areas which our innovative platform provides.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

 Promotion of e-Products

Our custom platform also provides another strategy, such as the promotion of digital products. Digital products enable influencers to create products that they can sell and distribute to their network of followers based on their knowledge, influence, and expertise in order to make more money. E-products are easy and cheap to produce as they happen to be one of the major ways that social media influencers make money.

When these e-products such as ebooks, workout programs, and travel guide are properly distributed online, they can rapidly measure up and record a large amount of sales. Another way social media influencers can benefit from digital products is by selling editorial and advertising spaces to business brands. It is about co-creating content with business brands or by being specifically commissioned to create content. This way you can make money in advertising as an influencer.


Podcasting is another wonderful way for social media influencers to make more money. It is a method for distributing contents and connecting with the various audiences on other platforms, comfortably sharing contents and making money massively from their public profile and influence. Podcasting is relatively cheap to produce with the right setup and equipment. This has led to social media influencers joining this trend as they start their own podcast. This way, you can market yourself to make more money as an influencer.

 Brand Ambassador

As we inquire for further channels at which an individual can make money in advertising as an influencer, we should put into consideration the power of brand ambassadors. Social media influencer has taken over the world of advertising as people are now working towards growing a career in the art. Becoming a brand ambassador is a sustainable way that a social media influencer can make more money.

This method is very effective due to the structural nature of their ambassadorship, which has led to lots of business organizations employing the help of brand ambassadors to promote their business brands. The financial institutions that hire the service of a brand ambassador do so for long term relationships and pay them in advance. When the down payment is done, it is now the job of the influencer, which is the brand ambassador to publicize on social media his or her alliance with the product or the brand of the organization.

Therefore, the brand ambassador becomes the ultimate and overall expert that handles the brand promotion of the business organization in the global market. It is also important for influencers to note that before a financial institution would hire the service of a brand ambassador, the ambassador must be a good fit for the brand by aligning properly with the brand and its target market. So, if you agree to become a brand ambassador, you can turn out to be massive superstars and influencers. You can also be a micro-influencer which is based on the target of the company’s campaign and brand. There are lots of people making a living out of becoming a big-time brand ambassadors or micro-influencers.

Conducting Webinars

Webinars are also another way to becoming a successful social media influencer and also make more money. Webinars are conducted seminars to educate and expose the individuals to certain information, product, or brand on social media or the internet at large. This method of advertising is very cost-effective and if you are looking for an easy way to start your social media influencer career, setting up webinars happens to be an excellent way to start.

One of the reasons why webinars are a good way to start becoming a social media influencer is the fact that the seminars can be conducted live online or could be pre-recorded. This can be shared with all social media platforms, video platforms like YouTube, and web blogs. Webinars are not just cost-effective expenses and proceeds for social media influencer, but it is also useful and productive for content creators too.

Influencers can now make money from conduction webinars by putting a price on the content of the webinar they have produced for consumers to purchase. This is achieved by the influencer, as they work with a business brand to create a brand content for the webinar. This way you could also learn to make money on YouTube, which would lead you to know how much YouTubers get paid for advertising.

So, for you to start making money as a social media influencer, you can take note of these different ways of becoming a successful social media influencer. This could help you create extra income on the side as you go to work every day. It comes with its numerous compensations as it benefits other people and solves their brand promotional problems. This will also help you build multiple streams of income.

Create a Side Stream of Income 

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6 Ways that You Will Rule with Influencing Marketing in 2020

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This decade is almost at its end with the next year the last year in the decade. Every decade ushers in a new trend. Influencers and business owners have worked together to create a vibrant marketplace. However, there are so many influencers entering the market, making the need to stand out more necessary. It is crucial to end this decade well to begin the new one with enough energy and confidence.

Influencers are quickly learning that they have to outstanding to be relevant in such an industry. This industry has grown rapidly to about $6.5 Billion in the past five years. This is to show that more growth is anticipated. There are latecomers to the show that will still be very successful at digital influencer marketing more than the already known ones. It is quite interesting that social media has created its own celebrities as the internet is encouraging the development of digital currencies as well.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

When one considers that online purchases and deals are globally digital, the ease of conducting transactions between influencers and the brands being represented becomes more realistic. Diversification of income generation is the order of the day, and many professionals have a side job, which is their ‘hustle’ as it is termed in the urban slang. Therefore, if you are an influencer already, you want to remain competitive. If you are just venturing into the world of social media influencing, you want to start on the right foot with a sound strategy.

Do you know that more than 50% of business owners are seeking not only to improve their digital presence but to invest in social media influencers and campaigns to boost their online traffic? Can you imagine that market research has predicted that by the end of next year, the influencer market would have seen a dramatic rise of up to 65% increase, making it a $10 Billion market? These are a few of the many things that will change not only the world but also the world of influencer marketing. This why being relevant and employing the following 10 tips are crucial to be successful.

The Engagement Power of the Influencer

This is a vital aspect of influencer marketing’s quality. There are lots of celebs with lots of followers who are only looking out for their next post. Although, some others take it a step further. What they do is to interact with their followers giving them a sense of worth and loyalty that can’t be bought. An influencer may have an average of half a million followers and be capable of running a successful campaign compared to celebrities with as many as 10 million followers. This is because the micro-influencer can engage his followers through consistent and meaningful interactions. If you are a brand looking to succeed in this market, or an influencer striving to soar, you have to take this aspect seriously for any successful influencer marketing campaign.

The Connection in Diversity

There are subtle differences between the niches every influencer occupy. As much as one may be an influencer in the medical world and not interested in cooking at all, you may become more successful by connecting the two. Imagine an influencer that brings cooking and medicine together, and this will create a network between these two diverse yet similar groups. Such a rare combination brings about more publicity to such an influencer, as both lovers of food and health will follow such an individual. This provides ample benefit to the brands that will run campaigns with such influencers. This is one of the future trends that will increase traffic and clients in influencer marketing this coming year.

Long-term Relationship between Social Media Influencers and Brands

Social media influencers benefit a lot from running a brand promotion. Some have more traffic and followers as a result, and besides the expected charges that come with the contract, they are also capable of making more in terms of sales commission. However, the brand may stand to lose more if they keep changing influencers with each campaign. This is why business owners and company representatives have devised that the new approach to this sort of marketing is the old trick of maintaining long-term relationships. When an influencer is kept for a while, they start to feel connected to the brand. This not only transmits into their passion in promoting the brand but in higher revenue generation.

 Federal Regulations on Social Media Ads

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been stricter with business transactions online, mainly influencer marketing deals. Influencers are now obliged to indicate whether their connection with a brand benefits them financially or not. This is crucial as it adds to the integrity of influencers giving authentic testimonials or those that are paid to critic or give an appraisal of the product being promoted. This also gives an insight into the level of commitment a company shows in bringing their products to the public.

CGI Influencers

We are at a point when gaming apps are becoming ways youth interact with themselves. Several billions of dollars have gone into the gaming market. The influencer marketing world is gently tilting into that direction. You may wonder why? People are beginning to create avatars that will serve as influencers, and they’re getting successful at it. Few of these CGI influencers have landed deals with renowned brands. An example is Lil Miquela, that has a contract with Prada and Calvin Klein. There are a few others like that, and the benefit they offer is the freedom in dictating how the brand is promoted.

The future may be slightly frightening, maybe because it is uncertain or just because our dreams come alive. However, one thing remains the fact that only those who evolve will benefit from the luxuries it comes along with the future. If you want to do better than the current version of you and become exceedingly successful, start preparing for the next decade as this one comes to an end next year.

Creating a Side Stream of Income for Your Business

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