Platform of Platforms

What is a platform of platforms? It is a collection of like-minded businesses who want to see long-term digital success. It is a strategy that leverages the  authority of the masses to provide increased traffic and sales opportunities for all. It’s the “rising tide lifts all boats” phenomenon for the digital age.

Such a concept can be difficult for many to accept, but early adopters will see huge benefit as time goes by – since every new business or industry that joins the platform will help build overall authority, thereby making world-class digital marketing consulting services available to everyone; helping all involved make more money from their websites.

Along the way of developing this opportunity, we have had the good fortune of working with a great number of exciting companies and fantastic people. By working closely with our clients and listening to their needs, our service has evolved over the years from digital photography and virtual tours, to web design and development, to SEO and paid search management, to web analytics and user experience consulting.

We are happy to offer the cutting-edge concept of Platform as a service to you. Any and every entrepreneur would welcome the ability to leverage their knowledge and expertise; their experience and networking; their overall comprehension of their vertical and how it operates (and how it doesn’t!) into greater profitability. Every expert in any field would love to be able to develop more income streams within the framework of their existing abilities and connections, without having to increase the amount of work required.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, keep scrolling!

Caffeinate your business

Think of us as Starbucks for your business success… The great news is that we offer a triple and quadruple shot!

Business cannot live on caffeine alone

We provide basic business tools as well as custom developed applications to manage much needed business features, functions and processes that allow hyper-charged businesses to excel in this new digital age.


Top of Private Equity Consultant Tools for Software as a Service Valuation Calculator

 Our software as a service valuation calculator is designed to help put a valuation in multiples around existing businesses leveraging big data and demand along with competition and real time expense projections Designed to help put a valuation in multiples around existing businesses leveraging big data and demand along with competition and real time expense …

Greasemonkey to help manage your google analytics account

 Because Google has designed their algorithm to make as much money as possible per hour the detail insights that once were available or now gone.   Grease monkey in similar analytics tight platforms have popped up to try to duplicate or emulate the missing link to the true big data that advertisers and businesses want from …

One last shot for the road

Platform of Platforms Is like a triple shot of espresso for businesses