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The world’s economy has been through booms and downfalls, which significantly impacted the unemployment rates across the globe. It is increasingly difficult to find a job following graduation; more importantly, higher education is becoming more and more critical for employees in all industries. This has given rise to entrepreneurs, but the challenge of building businesses is equally steep. However, successful businesses have something in common, which is a disruption model. Whether they are new or they have been in the market for an extended period, the ones that stand the test of time, introduce new models that change the way their industry is run. While the new ones may introduce a formidable model of carrying out the business, reaching clients, and satisfying them, becoming the leaders of their industry as a consequence.

Disruption in the Digital Age                                                     

Disruption is a process that sets events into motion and ushers in a new form of doing business. Commoditization will set in, and only those with qualified personnel and integrated technology will become a force to reckon with, in the new market. Establishments providing specific services that span across several areas at a cost-effective price will keep springing up, reducing the clientele available in the marketplace for the big organizations, still operating by the traditional models.

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For example, more operations like costing analysis will move towards the trend of automation increasingly in the finance sector. The market is seeing the emergence of business models like the value-added process business models and facilitated network structure in the field management. Facilitated network business model is gradually overtaking the traditional solution shops structure. Clients only need to pay for the services of these new businesses and they, in turn, pay the recruits who make the services into reality.

Digital Marketing and Market Control

Digital marketing is made up of marketing strategies that will drive traffic and consumers online. The result of this approach is to reach people on their electronic devices through the internet. You can imagine how much transactions will be done and profit raked in by firms and franchises. People require unique platforms that they can leverage on to direct and guide them through the means of digital channels to reach their end-users. Some of the digital channels include search engines like,,, etc.

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Some platforms allow businesses to connect with their clients on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Pinterest. Some other platforms use channels like email, and websites to good use in addition to other digital channels. Digital marketing is instrumental in reaching out to current customers and bring in new potential end-users.

To be successful with the use of digital marketing, it is imperative to determine the direction each digital marketing campaign will target. It is based on such focus that the digital marketing is designed and released. The beauty of the opportunity available online is such that there are free channels that allow for strategic marketing, as well as, those that require payments to host the marketing campaigns.

Successful Digital Marketing is More than a Great Content

If you are interested in publicizing your book for instance, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of marketing and monitoring its publicity. You only need to use our custom platform and watch the progress of your campaign, based on the books you sell. Usually, you may have to write extra sets of blog posts. Those blog posts will now be used in generating leads for your book, which by now, you would have to be converted to an ebook.  Then you will have to worry about managing the social media accounts of the book, as they are essential in promoting the book.

You can see there’s much more to just creating engaging content and believing that once you get a Google ranking that is excellent, you are done, it is only one aspect of the process. Even the blog posts would have to be advertised on paid and organic channels to put them out there. In other cases, some others will also create ads that will be sent via email to send to those who are interested in getting a copy of the ebook. The ads will contain extra information on your ebook. You can see that there are many more things to digital marketing than just a good article or high-ranking blog post. It is for reasons like this that companies and individuals succeeding in getting their products and services out there choose our custom platform.

Common Digital Marketing Strategies

There are tactics employed by the leaders of the digital marketing sector when making a campaign viral and profitable. There are a few steps that have to be taken without which you may not be as successful. However, you only need to leverage on our platform of platforms, and your worries are obliterated.

It is one thing to know the steps, and another to the associated channels.

•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This strategy targets the rankings of the search engines, and the goal is to be one of the highest-ranking sites. The channels that use this strategy are blogs, websites, and infographics

•    Content Marketing: This has to do with promoting one’s content, and traffic drive, the channels connected to content marketing are similar to that of the SEO. In addition to those involved with SEO, there are ebooks and whitepapers.

•    Social Media Marketing: The power of connecting to the population of people on social media is becoming key in making businesses profitable. The channels are arguably more popular and familiar. You have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat.

•    Pay-Per-Click (PPC): This is probably one of the oldest methods of digital marketing. You pay a fixed amount every time anyone clicks your campaign. The channel that is perhaps synonymous to this strategy is Google Adwords, but there are new players in the market such as Paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

•    Affiliate Marketing: This mode of online advertisement has been popular for a while as well. People hosts websites and advertise other people’s products as an affiliate, and they get a commission from it. The channels for doing this can be through affiliate links on websites, hosting video ads on sites, YouTube channels, or social media accounts.

Other noteworthy strategies are as follows:

•    Native Advertising

•    Marketing Automation

•    Email Marketing

•    Online PR

•    Inbound Marketing

Our custom platform was formed from a thorough knowledge of digital marketing. Hence, the need to develop a platform that will organize all these features and deliver them to businesses to grow. Reach out to us now, and leverage on an innovation like no other. Get the Platform of Platforms.

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