PDF optimization for ranking and authority

 PDF creation like everything else on the web can have a positive or negative impact on your traffic and search Injun position 

 Well written PDFs that have keyword ridge content that garner links back to those PDFs directly will actually help the PDF rank in the search engine‘s allowing for great engage a ball content for consumers to use and find your brand or messaging but the key is to put a link inside the PDF not only to use the call to action opportunity back to your main goal but it also counts as an authoritative link back to the page you’re trying to get to rank for that particular keyboard because most PDFs will actually get shared in those shared PDFs then have links from them to you which will drive your authority over time so a well optimized PDF strategy could be a game changer for those businesses that have PDF Rich businesses like title companies, real estate companies, insurance companies in any business that uses lots of PDFs

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