Multiple site strategy for long-term success

Many companies have a hard time keeping up with one site in order to compete in their competitive landscape online for all the keywords they want to rent for but once they start ranking on the first page the very first question most of them ask is how do I get the competition off the first page and the answer is you should’ve started site number two, three, four back when you started your first sight in order to give yourself a competitive advantage and win in multiple spots on Google because what will happen is if you have one site that happens to have multiple pages for the same keyword those will usually wrap up into the first page and Google wall display other websites and properties for customer experience so if you want to dominate multiple spots It is smart to start a multi site strategy

Be where of this is not for the faint at heart because making one site successful is hard but because it takes so long and timing and the age of a site is so important for the algorithm once you arrive you will wish you started the other sites years prior so it’s a very strategic move but you have to be willing to do the work

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