Make your business side rank higher on Google for under $300

Over 50,000 web pages and websites are launched a brand new every day creating a huge demand on Google to meet there need of indexing in the world so if you launch a website that load slow or utilizes a lot of resources Google is going to limit how much resources they put into your site in so slow are loading sites will have less pages crawled then faster loading sites because the utilization of resources is very important to Google so a $300 dedicated server on a monthly basis could double or triple your traffic if you are operating on one of those six dollar or $20 shared servers

 Don’t skimp on hardware get the fastest hardware you can bye and optimize your site to load pages as quickly as possible by simply making sure you compress all of your images and making sure you are using some sort of cashing service or even a content delivery network that is designed for speed but many businesses can actually see double or triple their traffic in 90 days just buy switching to a dedicated server. 

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