Greasemonkey to help manage your google analytics account

 Because Google has designed their algorithm to make as much money as possible per hour the detail insights that once were available or now gone. 

 Grease monkey in similar analytics tight platforms have popped up to try to duplicate or emulate the missing link to the true big data that advertisers and businesses want from Google but they are not willing to share because their algorithm drives their profit which is driven by not only demand but supply and shade of spam that goes undetected because of the multi IP address very sophisticated networks of bots out their designed to drive up Cost per click, increased traffic, manipulate markets, make a competitor spend through their money faster, and all the other ways that are much more prevalent today Dan in the early days back when paper click converted very well and there was a true value being offered

How to determine click fraud in what tools to use do you figure out if you’re getting paper click fraud

Because of how to determine click fraud and what tools to use do you figure out if you’re getting paper click fraud

Because of the open market place that the search engine‘s have where they share a percent of the clicks from Affiliates and random sites two people who have access to very sophisticated technology that would allow for both great traffic on a website that gets consumers and users but the Darkside of it is those same sites can have bots Hitting those sites with malicious intent or the intent of Rod and the only way to really take a deep dive is to look into your actual server logs and start tracking IP’s and addresses and looking for outliers or multiples that don’t make sense and then tracking them back to their source and if you do this you may find a bot farm at the end of it… says Business developememt consultant. 

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