Google analytics alternative

Google analytics alternative Offers tools that you wish Google would give you but they keep to themselves or only offer at the enterprise level.

A private network offering analytics for your website to help you make wise business decisions including where to spend your advertising budget, is your paper click working, are your competitor spying on you, are you wasting money outside of your region or territory in your paper click efforts and so on

The right data has been able to save our customers tens of thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. The digital market space is amazing but it’s more competitive than ever and now with bots and competitors trying to waste your budget or Affiliates trying to make click revenue off you you need To know your reality.

A recent study of over 17,000 clicks yielded less than 2000 that or actually relevant and targeted to the client with an average cost per click upwards of seven dollars. This advertisers budget has dropped significantly as well as yielded new clients and business prospects

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