Footprint Marketing and Advertising for smart phones

Foot Print technology along with quuik technology will allow for pinpoint accuracy based on the “footprint” of a property, store, event center or other BRICK AND MORTAR!

Make the most our of your marketing budget with Quuik Footprint Technology. We can deliver advertising based on:

  • Building Footprint
  • Parking Lot Footprint
  • Event Center Footprint
  • Parking Garage Footprint

We also have “NATIONAL FOOTPRINT TECHNOLOGY” that will allow to pick a national brand, national retail chain, national business. So we can advertising when people walk onto a McDonalds parking, and then a different ad when the consumer walks through the door into the building footprint.

Weather Trigger by Footprint

You can also focus on weather triggers, in an area and trigger marketing for the day of the trigger plus 30,60,90 days from the trigger event in a FOOTPRINT!

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