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Content writing has been one of the ways that marketing has been done online. Brands have found ways to influence customer’s decision-making through the in-depth provision of information. This is even more impactful when individuals make searches on the search engines, and the content created already by brands turn up based on the optimization of their content, and proper use of keyword density. Attracting people looking specifically for particular products and services can further be achieved by creating quality contents on websites or blogs. There are many professionals capable of turning in several articles that will create a successful brand promotion.

The only challenge is that this is not the only aspect of digital marketing, and if not utilized with other marketing tactics, you will not get the best results of the marketing campaign. Obviously, content creation is essential, but you need to which architecture will drive optimal results. When businesses are starting their operations, it may be quite impossible to know the best approach to use and the best tools to bring the best result. However, using a platform like our custom platform is a way such worries are put to bed.

Content Mapping

Our platform keeps track of the customers who view your content, especially the ones looking for products and services you provide. The platform of platforms goes beyond and creates buyer personas, based on their interests. On a fundamental dimension, your online substance should be designed to meet the objectives and desires of your customers, as well as provide solutions to their challenges.

At that point, you’ll have to consider when they’re about to make decisions concerning procuring your goods and/or services. This is where content mapping comes in and provides a vital benefit. Content mapping tracks the point a potential buyer is in, as such a person is about to go for the product in connection to the nature of the content being published. Also, content mapping shows where they’re at on the road to making a purchase.

Content mapping helps to design content that may be either pictorial, articles, audio, or audiovisual in a way that they speak to audiences based on the qualities of the brand’s identity. It is based on the content mapping that the content creators are able to structure contents that will address potential buyers at the particular stage of their buyer’s lifecycle. The configuration that a particular content can take differs based on the lifecycle of your potential client. Below are different lifecycle of buyers and the contents that can be published based on those levels: 

Awareness Stage

Blog Posts

At this stage, blog posts are superb for generating traffic for your brand, especially when combined with the use of SEO with the proper keyword density used as well. These contents do not even need a proper website domain, and there are websites that have platforms for blog posts without you owning a domain yourself. Although, it is better to have your personal domain, as not having a company’s domain has its limitations. However, many platforms allow transactions to happen without you being the one that owns the primary domain. The platform of platforms eradicates such limitations and gives the opportunity for clients to discover your business. The blog posts will provide the necessary information on what the company or brand is all about. This will fuel the required and desired awareness that you want to create.


The strength of infographics is that you can share on them on several social media platforms. This gives your business the increment of odds in your favor by a geometric promotion that can be fueled through other people sharing your promotion. The better the quality of the infographic, the better it will go viral. The key is people believing that the content is talking about problem-solving, and they, in turn, will share with communities they think will benefit from such information.

Brief Recordings of Promotion or Campaign

The social media has changed the terrain of marketing. Social media platforms like SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have changed the way information is transferred. Whether they are video or audio messages, sharing these campaign formats are very easy, requiring not more than a few seconds. This makes it possible of brand awareness to be grown exponentially faster than it used to be in the past. Capturing new markets and winning the hearts of new customers can be driven by the way the current group of customers shares the videos or podcasts enthusiastically.

Contemplation Stage

Research Reports

It is easier to convince people if they believe that a product is genuine. When research results back the integrity of a product, it is likely that more customers will be won over. This is incredible for lead generation as media organizations can even publicize it. The real-time data found in these documents appeal more to potential clients because it helps them make up their mind, and clear any doubts still lurking in crevices of their minds. Research reports are results of studies and surveys that closely represent the market.


Just like a continuous backup for all the content already pushed out, webinars can be organized to explain in details to the potential market. The strength of a webinar lies in the fact that it is interactive. Webinars are powerful in helping customers make up their mind at the stage when they are still contemplating.

Decision Stage

Case Studies and Testimonials

There are very few ways to convince someone of parting with their money like having some case studies to see. It is pretty straightforward when they are available, and you have a customer that is interested already in making a purchase. The website can be a great way to post a case study and another way to provide individuals with ways to encouraged them clear their doubts, if any, and get a product is by reading testimonials. Whatever doubt is left at this stage will be obliterated by reading the testimonial of another convert. People can relate to someone who has been in their shoes, and this is why another customer’s testimonial will strike a chord in them. 

Content creation when properly harnessed can transform your business. More importantly, when used on a custom platform such as ours, it makes a lot of difference. Join the successful brands who are going to set the pace in the modern digital market.

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