Best MBA private equity summer internships

Best MBA private equity summer internships-Will be for those who are smart enough to go into the internship as a leader in big data and technology with the goal of actually making an impression and or even moving the needle for the private equity firm that you internship with.

 If you are one of 1000  NBA candidates looking for a summer internship the best way to set yourself apart is to actually provide value to the private equity firm that you hope to work with. Most private equity firm’s do not understand a big Daddo nor do they have big data scientist and the technology to leverage in their offices so if you show up with technology that would actually allow for the firm to make better decisions, add value to potential clients, validate real-time data against Supply and demand it to create real valuation multiples based on fact you will be a shining star and probably write your own ticket

MBA big data internship tools

We have a tool kit that we offer to all venture-capital and private equity firm’s that has the potential to save and or create billions of dollars leveraging technology, big data, forecasting and a proprietary algorithm That we offered to NBA candidates looking for internships for free

It’s pretty simple math… You Leverage our technology that typically cost $60,000 a year as a sophomore is a service to impress the firm that you are working with for the summer and they will most likely buy it from us… Making you look like a hero and giving us a new customer

If that firm does not buy it and you do not stay, you will move onto two or three or four other firms throughout your profession taking our tools with you and we hope that you will leverage them to look like a rockstar and at the firms by our technology

Paid NBA private equity internship opportunity

If you leverage our technology and it lands you a position and us a customer all you owe us is a one sheet on how it worked so we can share it with others. In exchange for that one sheet we will write you a check for $2500….. pretty simple math 

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