Twitter Revolutionizing Digital Marketing through Influencers

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Twitter is traditionally one of the pioneers of the social media industry and has  done well to still remain competitive until now. Just like Sci-fi movies where artificial intelligence evolves right under the noses of the characters in the movie without their notice, social media influencer marketing has evolved into a disruptive model in the world. Even Twitter has contributed to its evolution. Celebrities have always been available to be used as brand ambassadors,to help people like you grow your business, and they seem to benefit more in some instances. However, the new niche for influencers has seen a new form of celebrities who actually benefit brands as much as the brands profit them. This is because they are more inclined to promote the brand because of their connection to the products and their followers.


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Celebrities are known to snub fans because of their comfort or safety at times, but influencers are more in control. Influencers and celebrities alike that post on social media can control the comments of their followers. However, that is not the key strength of influencers on social media. What makes them stand out from traditional celebrities is that these people are normal people who are not necessarily used to being in the spotlights. They are ordinary people who are passionate about particular things, like gaming, fashion, food, fitness, sports, discount travel, and so on.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


These people tweets, post videos, and post pictures that connect with people and generate a level of reaction, and gradually their followers increase till they consistently reach thousands and millions of people. Therefore, whenever they are contracted to a brand, they are keener to relate more to the product and promote it better because brand promotion is all they do. Before an influencer becomes relevant to social media, such people must have invested time in honing their skills and developing significant skills that make people trust and follow them.

How does Twitter help people become such great influencers? What are the benefits of doing a brand promotion on Twitter, whether as an influencer or a business owner? What are the stats that make this social media platform relevant?


Statistics of the Influencing Marketing Potential of Twitter

The Number of Twitter Users: Twitter has been several things since its inception and being able to drive traffic to its platform through creative and catchy tweets is one of those unique things. It is capable of retaining about 20% of internet users daily with its interesting trending conversations. This is a lot of people considering the amount of people constantly on the internet is virtually everybody. These days the prevalence of several phone brands has given people the opportunity of browsing without owning luxurious brands like iPhones.

Gender Demographics: It has been discovered that the demographics in terms of gender difference is slightly unbalanced on Twitter. This is not new as it is also not equal to other social media platforms as well. Men have been noticed to be more involved in discussions on Twitter, and also male users have more accounts than females. This means that brands that want to focus on a male audience need to consider having a strong presence on Twitter and involve influencers that are established on Twitter. This is more likely to produce a more resounding result compared to other social media platforms.

Age Demographics: About 20% of baby boomers are on Twitters actively tweeting and reacting to conversations. Almost 50% of the people on Twitter are millennials, and this is true of all the social media. This is because the majority of these social media influencers were created during the growing years of the millennials making the millennials very fond of them. The remaining age demographics between the ages of 35 and 54 occupied about 30% of the user demographics.

Earnings: People have wondered if there were influencers who make money on Twitter, and the answer is a resounding and affirmative Yes. An average of a quarter of the people on Twitter are influencers making about $75000 every year. This is quite a lot when you consider that this is only shared between only a quarter of the entire global users. This money is made from the global exposure that their tweets get, which is made from a potential market of about 500 million people monthly. When a survey of the amount of tweets going out of Twitter was, it was averaged a staggering 6000 tweets every second.

Top Traffic Generation Tips for Twitter: It can never be overemphasized to use hashtags for influencer marketing campaigns, it is crucial to maximization of the reach of the campaign. Also, be a part of chat sessions on Twitter. Trends are the toppings here, and you want to jump on every relevant trend that is being talked about. Make sure you tweet at favorable times that will give your post the best exposure possible, and you can also pay for tweets periodically to boost the reach of your tweets.


Twitter has been very progressive and has been a fast-paced social media platform just like its logo, Larry the Bird or Twitter Bird. The “bluebird” platform has seen many changes and improvement for over ten years of its existence. This has made it extremely dynamic yet true to its original vision of connecting people and spreading stories like the song of a bird.

Twitter has indeed changed the way advertising and communication works, and it is doing so at a fast rate. Influencer marketers have taken full advantage of the opportunities lurking around the corners of this unique social media platform. Twitter has given brands a unique opportunity of connecting with a fresh market waiting to be won over. Whether you are an influencer or a brand, this is a good place to start, time your posts, and post frequently and you’ll be sure to reach some people. If you want to direct your campaign to a specific audience, you can either use an expert influencer or make use of paid promotional tweets that will reach a larger audience.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?