Social Media Marketing Services for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, SEO have proved effective on websites. This tool can also be made use on social media marketing services, regardless of what you want to market. The SEO techniques you used on your website can easily be transferred over to your social media marketing. However, the only thing that varies is the content itself, and the application of your SEO techniques. This piece would focus on some of the benefits of using search engine optimization and some of the SEO techniques that could improve your social media marketing services.

  1. You should be consistent in posting content: One of the ways of boosting your social media marketing services is by posting consistently. However, this goes beyond posting anything but posting high-quality contents. As an illustration, PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTube posters ever. He achieved this feat by posting a video of himself daily for many years. Although his posts were not of the highest quality, he sold his channel with his personality alone. This was enough for him to garner millions of followers, and to earn him millions of dollars in affiliative revenue. The point is that if you’re not capable of posting materials that are engaging, then you should choose the option of releasing high-quality materials infrequently. The high quality of your content would be enough to last your followers till the next time you post. An example of an individual that followed this format is David Wannstedt. He usually takes his time before posting videos, sometimes, this process may take a month, but his videos are always of high quality, and earns him a lot of views.  
  • Social media relies rather heavily on keywords: One of the first SEO technique you should consider applying is to transfer over from your on-page website SEO is your use of keywords. Social media search engines typically promote post based on how rapid they become popular. However, the search engines also need your help to find your posts.

This is why it’s important to pick the best keywords and add them to your post. This could be added to your article, product description and so on, so Google knows what to look for. You can write as many keywords as you can add, as there is no limit to the amount you can add. As an illustration, individuals looking for articles on dating may not always type in “ Top ten ways to impress a lady on the first date” and so on. They may just type things like “pick up lines,” “dating advice” and so on. You must remember that social media engines are search engines too, and they work the same way.

  • Be educational, interesting and offer insider information: According to studies, people enjoy interesting, educational contents. It has been shown that educational content has a high level of engagement, while funny posts get a lot of views and traffic and so on. Some of the things that make posts on social media more interesting include the use of memes with puns about your niche, being up to date with current slang, movies and incorporating them into your posts would improve your following.
  • Make use of high-quality images: It has been shown that social media posts without images would be less successful than posts with images. This is because images draw people’s attention. However, you should be careful to ensure that the image you’d be using relates to the text on your post, especially when your aim is to drive people to buy your products or visit your website. People may even click the link without bothering even to read the text, based on just the image you out up. You should be careful not to set up their expectations that are inconsistent with your landing page.
  • Push your brand principles when linking back to your website: You shouldn’t forget that your social media pages and posts may appear on google search engine results. This is why it’s important to push your brand principles on both your social media page and also on your website. Search engines such as Google would consider this and rank you higher up the Google search engine results.
  • You should stay up to date with current social media and Google SEO rules: Google, the most popular search engine used to issue rule changes frequently, but this has stopped. The search engine has become more challenging to manipulate recently. It’s important to keep yourself updated, with the current SEO rules for both Google and social media. Spamming popular keywords used to give posts significant boosts on social media, but this isn’t as effective anymore.
  • Learn how to speak Spider: As mentioned earlier, you should apply the same SEO techniques you used with your website, on your social media post. You could interlink your social media posts with each other. As an illustration, a post you shared on Facebook, should also be automatically shared on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and so on. If you don’t know how to do this, then you can watch lessons on Youtube, or read articles to get the hang of it. It’s always best to add a keyword to the name and alt text of your images on your website. You should also add relevant keywords to your image title when uploading. This would make the images appear on Google images search engine. Below is an acronym that could come in handy:





I=Inbound links



  • Copy AdWords ads to create an effective title and description tags: You should make use of Google Adwords, as they are effective in mining usable keywords and titles. You may use them for free and also discover good keywords for your websites.
  • Copy your SEO techniques over to your social media campaigns: You should transfer the SEO techniques you use on your page, to your social media marketing services. Apply these techniques, and focus on making your social media posts more popular.   


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