Social Media Influencers and Money-Making Trends in 2019

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

There are many considerations to be made before delving into the promotion of brands on social channels. Influencing marketing has several benefits, one of which is the fact that all social media channels can easily be connected to every other one with a single click. This is why social media is one of the best platforms for brand broadcasting and reaching the global audience. However, it is crucial to know the current trends in such a market as influencer marketing to become successful. Below are 5 key trends in 2019 that will rule this coming decade for influencers.

Long-term Relationships with Influencers

It is not unusual to use an influencer, and once the contract for the brand promotion campaign is over, so does the relationship. Business brands lookout for influencers online or even contact influencer agencies to assist in getting the perfect influencer for their brand or product at the time. The process of getting specific influencer getting repeated over time. This puts brands in the danger of losing influencers as they may be snatched up or booked by other business owners. This is why it is crucial to maintain a strong relationship, particularly a long-term one.

What business owners that have cultivated the habit of working with influencers on a long-term discovered, is how dedicated those influencers become over time. Obviously, when an influencer is paid to be a part of a campaign, they give it their utmost dedication. However, after repeatedly working with the same brand for a while, the influencer starts to become emotionally attached to the brand and the products. This will be perceived by the followers giving the conviction and belief a boost. This is the reason long-term relationships with influencers have become one of the most progressive trends in 2019, and there’s absolutely reason to continue this practice for many more years to come.

Engaging Videos

This is a trend that has been of great significance since disruptive marketing has risen to prominence. As much as browsing was a problem in the past, which is why streaming videos was a problem with regards to marketing, but that has changed now. The bandwidth on cheap phones has given the opportunity for people to watch their favorite social media celebrity globally. Successful influencers have shown that posting interesting videos is vital to the progress of any campaign, even if it is a personal one for the influencer. Videos make it easy to connect to millennials who are almost always online.

What may take several papers or words to describe can be quickly shot and viewed live on social media. Additionally, with the advent of new smartphones with high-grade megapixel cameras, anyone can shoot videos and post within seconds. Therefore, if you are looking to become an influencer, you don’t have to worry, you can simply start with short but engaging videos.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Migration of Many Influencers to Instagram

After the first few social media platforms have thrived for a while, Facebook became the most prominent, making Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, one of the richest men on the planet. Things have much changed since the past few years, first with the Cambridge Analytica scandal amongst other things. Millennials are the majority of the people online, and they are getting married and getting jobs, giving them the spending power in the population. This is why business owners have targeted them as potential consumers of goods and services.

However, older adults have become more accustomed to Facebook, making the millennials shift base. Millennials are now keen to frequent Instagram and YouTube more compared to Facebook due to the influx of their parents. Let’s just say that people have now moved to the more progressive social media platform like Instagram and YouTube. Since the larger population of the target audience are on these platforms, it is only reasonable for influencers who want to be successful to operate there as well.

Instagram is the New Influencer’s Hub

The users on Instagram has now reached over a billion, already making it an excellent marketplace for business to occur. The social media platform has even increased additional features to make it more suitable for influencers and the propagation of information. This seems to be an intentional decision from Facebook, its owner, to make it the new hub for influencers. This is a good tactic from the owner as the two social media platform has been able to compete and work together in connecting people globally.

YouTube is the other platform that has made influencers feel at home in reaching out to their followers. However, with the addition of IGTV to Instagram, there seems to be a shift in potential. The benefit that IGTV presents is the fact that people get to catch a glimpse of the material being broadcasted. The post naturally starts out as a short video on the IG, but if it is exciting and captivating enough, then people go ahead to watch the full video on IGTV. This means that short intro that won’t discourage the viewers is seen drawing them in to see the larger video, which they won’t have watch ordinarily based on the length.

Alignment of Ideas Rather than the Numbers of Followers

The new trend that successful brands have cultivated now is focusing on influencers that have aligned interest and ideas. These brands do not follow the traditional way of looking for influencers with the highest number of followers but they look out for those with similar interest and niche. This has given their campaign life and passion, which the followers connect to better and make purchases as a result. This is the reason that brands go for micro-influencers instead of mega-influencers or macro-influencers. These days there are campaigns that are even championed by nano-influencers as well, making a brand reach the specific audience that needs their products.

These trends are vital to being a topnotch influencer. Make your research and conquer the world of influencer marketing. There’s no excuse for you not to be one of the top 10 successful influencers in the world.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?