Squirrel Marketing Episode 8 – Thanksgiving Thoughts

Join marketing guru William “Bill” Bronson and successful sports podcaster Jeffrey Cooperstein as they dive deep into the world of marketing and chase squirrels in all directions.

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All right welcome back to squirrel marketing this is bill bronson marketing guru with jeffrey cooperstein sports podcast legend what’s up what’s up it’s thanksgiving time that’s what’s up it is it’s it’s that time of the year it’s the holiday spirit i hope everyone’s having a good holiday so far uh i hope you’re not listening to this on thanksgiving because if so that means your your family dinner got a little out of hand and you’re trying to find some escape but we appreciate you anyways yeah turkey day is coming hopefully you’re not listening to this while you should be with family but if you are you’re part of our family so we love you we love you so let’s talk about thanksgiving real quick.

What do you think what do i think what do i think uh thanksgiving’s awesome i love i mean it’s always been a big part of our family because i love football so and there’s there’s football all morning day and night on thanksgiving which is awesome um and yeah i mean getting to spend time with family obviously it’s different this year because of because of covid and you know some some older people in the family you know don’t feel comfortable gathering and i completely understand that but uh it’s still a good time to reflect and a time to be thankful you know it’s funny you mentioned that uh football is obviously what a lot of people watch on thanksgiving or if you’re a player play yeah but growing up i um i remember we would invite people over to throw the football on thanksgiving like you know after thanksgiving dinner i would invite my friends over and we’d just throw the football in the front yard and back then that’s the thing you would actually even invite people over to throw the football yeah we would do that too where like the kids in the neighborhood would all get around we’d go play football out in the field or something like that yeah absolutely i don’t see that happening these days.

They’re like hey uh get on fortnight i won’t i won’t uh i won’t get mad at the kids who want to go play fortnite on thanksgiving because i’m still a huge gamer myself so i can’t get mad at you if you want to go play some fortnite or some call of duty i just thought it was weird that you would actually call someone on a rotary phone leave a message with somebody on a pad next to that what’s a rotary phone to tell them to come throw the football you know and then they get the message later on did anybody call for me well check the pad and you look at the pad it was just next to the phone it’s the only one phone in the house and you find out that somebody called you hours ago asking you to come over and throw the football i don’t know if i could survive the the olden days oh my god there’s no siri or anything no i mean i i didn’t get a cell phone until sixth grade but i mean these kids now are having iphones when they’re seven so yeah sure anyway thanksgiving man it was always a big deal around my house my grandmother um went to chef school where well she was born in the late 1800s actually and um she was sent by her dad uh to italy and i think she went to uh she went to spain italy england jealous germany france as part of this cooking school tour and learned from chefs in these different countries how to make these different things straight from that’s awesome the horse’s mouth so to speak and um so she would always have some recipes that were just out of this world nothing anybody else had you know because she learned from different places and would incorporate those into our thanksgiving tradition so it was pretty cool no that is cool.

Yeah we uh we always went to my grandma’s house in in richardson and she always always cooked i mean she’s cooked basically every day of her life since he was like 16. she’s cooked breakfast lunch and dinner oh so yeah she’s one of those or she can cook everything and anything she makes is amazing uh so i’m definitely going to miss that this year a little bit but uh hopefully this next year we start getting some some of our life back and and we can start doing that kind of thing again yeah it’s sad this year um but you know there’s ways you can make the most of it there’s zoom um and and a cool thing zoom is doing i don’t know if you saw this they’re removing their 40 minute time limit on on zoom calls so you can you can be on one zoom call throughout the entire day for thanksgiving or whatever yeah that’s thanksgiving only yeah that’s awesome yeah there they seem to be a forward thinking company and they’re uh they’re they have some some empathy there and um it’s nice.

Squirrel here a little bit about zoom how crazy is it everyone in the world before covid started you used skype for video interviews and zoom wasn’t was really an afterthought and then as soon as kobit hits zoom is the one that takes over and starts this revolution that we’re seeing now well they they jumped in uh really quickly to to promote using their tool for for uh video conferencing instead of personal meetings yeah and i’m not sure how it happened but the media took it and they started calling it a zoom call isn’t that nuts i mean it doesn’t matter what you use i mean you could be using like i know here we use go to webinar we call it zoom call sometimes you know what’s funny um i i heard someone the other day said just do them what just zoom them are you serious that zoom is a verb now that’s incredible yes like golf that’s a don’t get me started on that i want golfing you’re not a golf guy i love golf but not golfing you don’t like to golf do you like to soccer yeah do you like to football okay now you got me thinking about that golf is a game yeah you play golf you don’t golf that’s funny because i’ve always like heard i love golfing oh i love soccering yeah you haven’t heard soccering i love footballing no i’ve never thought about that before no cricket i like to cricket or i like to play cricket yeah basketball let’s go basketballing let’s go golfing let’s go play golf yes you got me you got me thinking now that’s probably that’s funny i don’t know how it happened but that’s that’s definitely a squirrel so thanksgiving back to thanksgiving let’s stay on topic come on we’re trying we’re really pretty hard i’m trying i’ve got so many topics i want to squirrel off on.

But so thanksgiving what’s your favorite uh what was your favorite food at thanksgiving besides turkey uh i’m always i’m a huge mac and cheese guy love mac and cheese love mac and cheese uh that that stuff that’s always got to be my favorite uh is either mac and cheese or this uh my grandma makes this incredible jello mold that is so good it’s not like jello well it is like jello but it’s a different consistency and she puts marshmallows in it and stuff like it is the best thing that’s my favorite jello i wish you could i i can’t even describe it so good but there was a movie with like a 20 year old jello mold in it one time it’s kind of like cheap uh it’s kind of like fruitcake you know some people love fruitcake yeah i’m not a fruitcake guy yeah yeah uh so your favorite thing was mac and cheese you know capital grill has lobster mac and cheese they make it with five cheeses yes and they put it in the oven in a cast iron skillet i i know very well because i found out from that very mac and cheese that i am allergic to shellfish oh okay from that very mac and cheese that is the very mac and cheese yeah that made me like mac and cheese but only that one yeah oh yeah that’s the only del frisco’s does a very good lobster mac and cheese actually man Capitol Grill is amazing my daughter and i started going as a tradition every year and we would get all dressed up and go there oh that’s cool and um i had to had to figure out how to slip her a martini because she wasn’t old enough that’s awesome but you know she’s now she’s old enough but last year we had this slipper one that’s funny i ordered two i’m like i’m thirsty they were looking at me the whole time they were looking yeah i’m like what are you gonna do i slid it over to her isn’t it legal in texas it is legal if you’re with your parents yeah it is right yeah but they they have a rule that you can’t whatever and i don’t like i don’t like rules seriously i can tell but so um so yeah so mac and cheese my favorite thing in the whole world and it’s weird because as soon as i voice these favorite things i have people stopped making them like i told my wife i love this um hand milled wheat bread she made and it was amazing i mean amazing she stopped making it just because you liked it no i don’t know why it’s just it’s the best even when i was a kid bad omen my dad would make this spaghetti sauce it was amazing it had ground meat in it and all this so good and i told him how much i loved it well so then he started putting big chunks of zucchini in it and it got chunkier and chunkier and to the point where i’m like i don’t really like this anymore yeah i gotta quit telling people i like stuff it’s not gonna work out well but man pecan pie i’m not a fan i am not a sweet tooth person at all and the only thing that i look forward to at thanksgiving really is pecan pie i i’m not a sweet potato pie pumpkin pie pecan pie person i’m i’m i’m more of a fruit sort of pie i’m an apple cherry blueberry you like cobwebs lemon love cobbler yeah but uh i you know i don’t know what the difference is between cobbler and pie not much yeah there it’s just a different name it’s a different name well pecan pies there couldn’t be a cobbler well that might be interesting but no like peach pie apple pie yeah pretty close to apple cobbler yeah that that’s that’s my favorite kind of pie for sure well okay no not true my stepmom’s dad makes this chocolate french silk pie you’ve never lived until you’ve tried this thing is it like chocolate mousse kind of sort of yeah it’s like chocolate mousse uh you put a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it it is it’s like it’s so weird because it’s like sweet and salty at the exact same time i like the salted caramel kind of sort of yeah yeah it’s i mean it is just to die for yeah my wife makes this uh heath bar crunch pie it’s amazing it’s got the chocolate filling yeah i’m not really a sweet tooth person though like i said i typically i like i like salty crunchy things which kind of makes me a carb addict me too that’s yeah that’s my downfall right there absolutely i i kind of wish i had a sweet tooth because and this is a weird uh misnomer out there is that uh that that you gain weight by eating sweets well maybe but the thing about uh sugary sweets is that the uh the insulin response is really fast so it spikes your insulin level and then it goes back down again unless you’re insulin resistant or whatever but when you’re addicted to salty treats and sweet not sweets but like breads and chips and pasta that’s literally me and all that um those are more sustaining carbs um so when they raise insulin level uh it doesn’t spike real fast but it goes up it goes up and sort of stays up and they’ve proven that insulin is the problem that causes weight gain period it’s not calories necessarily it’s the insulin response because if you uh if you take a normally a normal weight mouse they did these tests but and you give them insulin they’re going to gain weight period so the deal is keep your insulin levels low and and increase your insulin response so sweets quick and then they’re gone and if i look at like my brother for instance not a weight problem at all loves ice cream but not a big carb person so he’s like meat and vegetables fish vegetables whatever then he has a bowl of ice cream that’s that’s it it doesn’t affect him at all yeah because it’s gone quickly um but yeah so that was kind of a squirrel wouldn’t it not quite i wonder if they serve squirrel anywhere oh i guarantee they do there’s a lot of weird stuff you can find on the internet i’m sure some monkey brains and squirrels and yeah that kind of stuff well people used to hunt squirrel my dad said that he used to use his 22 when he was a kid and this would have been probably in the 1940s there were some woods out behind his house and he would go shoot squirrels and cook them and they’d rabbits rabbits and squirrels it’s funny because my stepdad’s side of the family his parents owned a deer ranch where they would breed and you could hunt deer and all that i the last thing i would ever do is and i have nothing against it the last thing i would ever do is kill a wild animal and shoot it just because that would just creep me out i have nothing against it if you have to do it but i’m not gonna eat something that i know was just like it just like in the wild just a game gamey i hate that gamey taste it’s i don’t know everything was in the wild at one point i know no i’m not a big hunter either i had a kind of a traumatic experience as a boy uh with a deer and uh and it just it kind of marked me as a not an avid hunter i wouldn’t say i’ll go hunting once in a while um but i’m not just anticipating the kill yeah you know what i’m saying no i got you uh and certainly if i do i’m gonna i’m gonna use every bit of it that i can and i’m going to be more reverent about it than a lot of people yeah because i value it it’s it’s uh to me it’s part of creation so even if you’re not religious you believe in a universal uh law that that you should respect living things right but so um anyway so now you were talking about mac and cheese so was this like kraft mac and cheese out of the box or something special yeah it’s like you put bread crumbs on top of it four or five different kinds of cheeses in there go and throw it in the oven it bakes for a little bit the bread crumbs get all crispy on it so you’re talking about serious chefs serious stuff that i mean this is no joke okay that’s real mac yeah i’m not talking about the velveeta bowl i can heat up right here for lunch no yeah that stuff’s kind of neat i’m talking about these series that comes in a fi when i was a scout master you could buy that in a 5 gallon bucket really just a nasty mac and cheese oh boy the boys will eat it up oh i bet but then again the boys will eat ramen raw i i’ve had raw ramen before are you nuts yes it’s not even cooked i know i’ve i’ve i’ve tried it once in elementary school they’re like dude this is the thing you gotta eat raw ramen and then they open the the season packet and just pour it in their mouth yeah i won’t do that i’m not like like pixie does or whatever i’m not a heathen i won’t do that that’s crazy do you know what uh oh that that does kind of bring me to something what are they called uh emergency the little like vitamin c packets that you like the powder you can put in oh yeah yeah right so my friends and i started a tradition where we would go we we would go to seoul soccer games a lot and we would we started this tradition where before every game we would all get a pack of emergency rip open the pack take it all in the pack not in the water and take a sip of water those things if you take one of those you can jump through walls it’s amazing what you can do with emergency so it’s kind of like the uh what’s that little bottle of stuff five hour energy yeah yeah sort of but in powder form yeah and it’s a lot of vitamin c which is good for you so yeah and that’s kind of like the sour uh sweet and sour stuff there what do you call the sour sour sour patch kids sour sketch yeah yeah yeah that kind of thing yeah but that’s all sugar and this is good for you or kind of relatively two degrees that’s probably got a bunch of sugar right no i’m sure it has tons of sugar in it but yeah the b12 shots though um the the no sugar b12 shots yeah that’ll clear your head that’s some good stuff real quick yeah i should have taken one of those this weekend yeah i went down to the river um and hung out with some buddies from high school oh cool it was a lot of fun we cooked steaks and these were the biggest steaks i’ve ever seen in my life nice and they cost me more than anything i’ve ever bought like that in my life either too i mean this were nolan ryan two inch thick freaking t-bones bone-in t-bones the size of a plate each one of them and i thought what am i doing this is a lot of meat yeah but it was so amazing there was not a scrap left when when these guys got done with it i mean it was like piranhas on a cow that’s always the best feeling when everyone eats everything it took forever because we couldn’t get the the the store brand kroger brand charcoal couldn’t get to light and then so uh my buddy paul went and got his uh his propane torch and it ran out of fuel and then so we’re trying to do something here and it took forever but it was so worth it i think it took 45 minutes to cook those steaks yeah i bet and they were just like falling apart mouth-watering amazing we had we had some steaks last night it was pretty funny uh my stepdad was doing the grilling in the middle of it growing out of gas so you had to go run to lowe’s in the middle of it and start over yeah that’s happened to me before on a holiday when you can’t get any yeah yeah so i’ve got a pellet grill now nice so so yeah so what’s next we’re going to talk about anything else thanksgiving are we done that’s about all i got just wanted to reminisce on the good times some good food uh be thankful for your family make sure that they know that yeah definitely tell them i uh i can’t i don’t have the ability any longer to tell my mother or father um necessarily anyway uh my mother uh says dementia and um it’s a tough time right now absolutely um but my father’s gone now and so i don’t have that time and you guys you know you need to value your family you need to value people you care about and let them know spend some time with them get off your phone get off the tv go throw the football take a walk do things you wouldn’t normally do and uh kind of enhance that relationship because you never know when uh when it’s going to be over no question yeah always love your family awesome so we’re gonna see you next week and uh hope you have a great thanksgiving that’s all we’ve got have a good weekend for squirrel marketing see ya bye you

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