How to Establish Yourself as an Influencer

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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Brands are embracing the importance  of promoting themselves with the help of influencer marketing. There are many steps to establishing yourself as an influencer. In the beginning, you may need to donate your content to a good cause in order to grow your own power as an influencer. As a marketer, becoming an influencer comes with multiple benefits as it has the capacity to expand the brand awareness of your business organization. Influencer marketing can project your proficiency and also attract more consumers to your brand. When people need to know about your organization, make a purchase of any of your product, they will connect to you for guidance as your choice for them would be the best because you know your onions. The opportunity that comes with becoming an influencer is enormous, which shows you that becoming a successful influencer can help you make more money. You can also market yourself and make money as an influencer. In order to make money in advertising as an influencer, it is crucial that you become a leader in your field. That way you can  establish yourself as a standard in marketing and brand promotion. Our team of experts has developed a platform of platforms that you can use to establish yourself as a successful influencer. The innovative platform has been able to make use of different skills in order to help numerous individuals, including the best online vocal coach, a self defense coach, and a fencing academy coach , and a writer of children’s books to become successful influencers.

Make a Video of Yourself

The custom platform has been able to present to individuals how creating a video of themselves can help them kick start their career towards becoming a successful influencer. The use of videos comes in handy and gives your audience a clearer view of your personality and your faceless business. This is an excellent way to connect to your target audience as quickly as possible and grow your YouTube channel to make more money. Here you have the opportunity to express yourself and also communicate to their interest. In situations like this, for example, you could treat topics on your video that your audience knows nothing about or is really of their interest. If you are a therapist, you can go ahead to talk about challenges that individuals face in relationships and suggest tips by which they could follow to avoid these challenges.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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These topics treated on a consistent and daily basis would help attract your target audience as they would be interested in solving one or two issues in their relationships. This would get them to begin to trust you as they begin to see your suggestions working for them. In other words, your influence begins to grow, and more people begin to follow you. Instead of you worrying about getting a video crew to implement this phase, all you need is your smartphone and a YouTube account as you begin to grow your YouTube channel to make more money. This part of influencer marketing becomes vital when you know how much YouTuber’s get paid for advertising. Your followers care more about the quality of the content you project than the quality of the video. It is also advisable to keep your video short because if you talk long, you could talk wrong and besides your audience don’t want to watch extended contents. This way, you focus on growing your YouTube channel and make more money.

Produce a Blog for Your Company

The platform of platforms has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it has the capacity to teach you how to market yourself and make money as an influencer. This is because you would learn how to produce a blog for your company. It is necessary for you to always put in mind the goal of a successful influencer, which is attracting a large audience and driving them towards a brand. So, your ability to be able to produce a company blog would attract prospects to your webpage. This will give your audience access to your brand as they explore your brand offers and share your brand with their friends. In this light, you are expected to be up to speed with running your company blog, such as, updating the blog twice every week as it carries topics that are related to your company. Try not to promote your brand often as it can get boring but spice up your contents from time to time so that you can keep your audience excited about visiting your blog. This helps you to continue making money in advertising as an influencer.

Locate the Leading Blogs in your Industry

In the business of blogging and brand promotion, you are not expected to remain an island of content as content cannot be created in vacuums. You need to be more strategic in spreading the message of your content, which is why you need to locate the leading blogs that exist in your industry and post your contents on them. You need to take your time to study the various blogs that you need to appear on as you prepare relevant contents to post on those blogs. This is another way you can make money in advertising as an influencer. It is evident now that influencer marketing is on the rise as it has to do with posting informative, engaging, and appealing contents to your audience. In your search for a target audience, you need to identify the popular posts of some blogs which you would achieve by installing social media buttons so that you can see which post is mostly shared. You should also add a comment box for consumers to give their opinions.

You need an Influencer Agent

You might also need to consider becoming an influencer marketing agent in the future as it comes with so many benefits. This is because some business owners might need an influencer agent as it could be quite challenging working with some influencers as a beginner. Here, they do the work of a broker as they help carry out all the activities from selecting the right influencers for their brands to managing them. It is also essential that you introduce an influencer marketing agreement for a proper and quality transaction. This are some of the ways that you could learn how becoming a successful influencer can help you make more money. Our custom platform would guide you through the whole process as it helps you become an influencer. You can now go ahead to master these skills as you can also learn how to make money on YouTube.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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The Basics of Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Social media has become intrinsic to everyone’s life, and nearly every adult has a presence on at least a social media platform. Instagram has active monthly users of over 1 billion, that represents 13% of the world’s population. This makes it the best platform for brands to promote their products and services. Brands make use of influencers to reach a wide range of audience, cutting across different geographical locations, age, and class. If you own a business, you may looking for a way to create a second income stream.


Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone with a strong presence on social media, they are loved and respected, and consequently influences people’s decision when selecting brands and services. Most of these influencers already achieved celebrity status as an athlete, entertainer, or any other field, and being on social media provides their loyal fans an opportunity to follow their idol closely.

However, many more achieved celebrity status just by making judicious use of social media presence, the reward is wealth huge enough to live a luxurious lifestyle akin to those superstars you adore.

Types of Influencers

It is hard to classify influencers with other parameters other than the number of followers. Using the amount of followers, influencers can be classified into the following categories:

Mega-influencers: These are world-famous people who have achieved celebrity status in their various fields. They command huge respect and Influence both in real life and online. Mega influencers have several million followers scattered all over the world. They could be athletes, world leaders, models, and entertainers. Examples are Lionel Messi of Barcelona football club, Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, Kendrick Lamar, an American rapper and so on.

Macro-influencers: This type of influencers have between 100,000 and a few million followers. Most macro-influencers achieve their fame with their social media presence. This is usually achieved by posting inspiring contents, comic contents, and blogging.

Micro-influencers: They have between 1000 and 100,000 followers, they usually specialize in a subject and usually make educative and informative posts on their chosen niche.

Nano-influencers: This type of Influencers have less than 1000 followers but have a strong presence in their local community. Local religious leaders, community chief, and local government head are examples of nano influencer.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

How Can I Become an Influencer?

The basic need for your influencer career is a digital device and a good internet connection. With your tools in place, the following can help you attain celebrity status on social media and become a successful influencer as a result:

Choose your Niche: As an upcoming influencer, and it is crucial to pick a field, you have huge knowledge about, where you can make insightful posts regularly.

Always Post Beautiful and Insightful Contents: Social media users have no idea about your personality, they will relate to your posts and learn about you through your posts. Being renowned for quality posts is what will get you to the top in the business.

Quality Photos: Instagram is the leading social media platform for influencers, posts on Instagram are usually pictures. Everyone posts pictures on Instagram, to become an influencer ensure your photos are of the highest quality possible.

Build Followers: What makes an influencer is the number of followers. Take your time to build real, loyal followers, acquiring fake followers can cost you your account in the future.

Be Creative: You want to be an influencer? Don’t be boring with your posts, even if you only post about a subject, be dynamic and creative with your contents. Apart from the number of followers, the main attribute brands look for in influencers is creativity.

Engage: By the time you become a micro-influencer, you will have less time to reply to comments on your posts due to your busy schedule. However, as an upcoming influencer, it is necessary to dedicate some time to like and reply comments on your posts. This will give your followers a sense of belonging and make them more loyal to you.

Giveaways: A certain way to acquire new followers and make existing followers loyal is by giving your fans giveaways, giveaways are usually given in exchange for shares, reposts, and likes, which increases your followers.

Use Hashtags: The most important tool on social media is hashtags, it takes your posts farther and increases SEO, the more hashtags, the better. It is advised to use up to 4 hashtags per post to improve reach.

Join a Network: Influencer network is a platform designed to bring influencers together, to share ideas and knowledge about influencing in a bid to improve and be more productive.

How Can I Make Money as an Influencer?

There are many ways to make money as an influencer, and I will share them with you.

Sell Products: The primary way of making money as an influencer is by selling your products to your followers, few of your followers will patronize you, and the numbers will definitely increase with good feedbacks with time.

Sponsored Posts: You can make a post about brands and their products, what you charge per post depends on the number of followers, mega influencers charge up to 1 million dollars, while micro-influencers charge few hundreds of dollars. It is typical of influencers to indicate that a post is sponsored.

Affiliate Marketing: You can also market and promote third party products and services on your social media page in exchange for a reward. Rewards vary from monetary reward to barter of goods and services.

Brand Ambassador: Brands with continuous, never-ending marketing campaigns make use of brand ambassadors who can always represent and promote the brand in the right way. Influencer responsibility as a brand ambassador includes making posts for the brands, appearing in adverts, billboards, and product launches.

Crowdfund your Project: Another way of making money for an influencer is by having your followers invest in your dreams, loyal followers will go to any extent to contribute to the career of their favorite influencer.



Join an Influencer Agency: Influencer agencies are agencies that connect brands to influencers. They are consulted by brands when selecting influencer for their next campaign, while influencers depend on them to get jobs. Micro and nano influencers must join an agency to improve their chances of getting jobs from brands.

Influencers set trends and Influence decision of their followers when selecting a product or brand. They are classified according to the number of followers. Celebrities and superstars make up mega influencers while nano influencers are those with less than 1000 followers and are particularly influential in their local community, macro and micro-influencers fall in between with thousands of followers.

There are many money-making opportunities available to influencers, including selling products, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, brand ambassador while joining an agency can improve your chances of getting lucrative jobs from brands.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Mega-Influencers on Social Media Platforms


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Influencer marketing is the concept of building a business brand promotion around an individual that has a celebrity personality and a following of over a hundred thousand and above. This marketing concept has gotten financial institutions all over the globe, competing with the help of social media platforms as it has paved the way for a massive evolution in the world of digital marketing.

The social media influencer marketplace is beginning to take shape as there is a projection that the influencer market is primed to be worth more than $10 billion in the year 2020. So, if you are considering a career as a successful influencer to make more money, you need to focus on the aspect of becoming a mega-influencer. This is as a result of the level of compensations that comes to those that are mega-influencers than other categories of influencers.

The influencer marketing trend is on the rise in the global market as most business organizations are now keying their business brands to their target audience via influencer marketing. This is evidently the new and most effective way for business brand promotion, and it makes it a lot easier for institutions to promote their products. Influencer marketing comes in different categories such as mega influencer, micro-influencer, and nano influencer but of all these categories of influencers, we are going to be talking about the effect of mega-influencers on social media platforms. So, who are mega-influencers?



Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Mega-Influencer Marketers

Mega-influencer is the social media influencers that are rated as the highest-ranked in the category of influencers. This is simply because they have a following of audience that is over a million and according to the founder and CEO of the HYPER Brands, Gil Eyal, stated that “mega-influencers are more famous than influential,” “They command an audience with various diversity with different topics of interest too.” Eyal also articulated that mega-influencers have a more distant relationship with individual members of their following.

Will Smith falls in the category of individuals that are mega-influencers. When we talk about other mega-influencers with their large audience, it is noticed that they are largely impacting at the highest rate in the marketing industry. This has resulted in most business brands across the web leveraging on the opportunities to partner with an individual that has invested time and effort to build a target audience that is so large.

This article would give you an understanding of the effect of mega-influencer marketing on the social media platform. It would also expose to you the different ways at which the game of influencer marketing is played.            

Provides Authenticity and Opinion

One of the effects of mega-influencer marketing is the fact that they bring opinion and authenticity to their audience. This is one of the reasons why multiple brands connect with mega-influencers as their followers respect their opinions about issues and life generally. Some people go as far as just checking on Instagram for ideas on what kind of look they need to put on to a cocktail party.

This means that lots of people have an individual that falls in their niche that they intend to watch or read. It, however, makes the audience look forward to what the mega-influencer was going to post next. These get the audience to stay connected to the mega-influencer as the influencers are working up their brand and also reaching out to their audience at the same time.

Some others take to their mega-influencer when they need to know about a particular thing. The audience tends to build trust and respect for their mega-influencer as they read and study about the experience of the influencer. In a nutshell, social media users require authenticity from business brands as it helps the sales process of the brand and also helps develop quality relationships.

Promote Brands Effectively

Mega-influencers are great at helping business owners to promote their business brands in the global market effectively. They have different marketing strategies for brand promotion because they are devoted to what they do on their social media platforms. The mega-influencers spend quality time to build multiple channels of the audience as it brings more style, flair, and personality.  

This has clearly shown the impact of the mega-influencers on the social media platform as all the efforts that have been dedicated to building a channel would bring better results. Mega-influencers also create advertisements that are projected to a large audience of people. This gives the business brand the edge to be seen by an incredible amount of people.

The beauty of mega-influencers is that they control a massive group of the target audience, and they are the best platform for any company that needs their business brand to be seen by millions of people. Mega-influencers give companies the largest amount of exposures as they are usually used to working with business brands on influencer outreach campaigns. This is why working with mega-influencers can be very expensive but also highly rewarding.

Though in the world of influencer marketing, the micro-influencer is seen to be gaining more profitability and productivity than the mega-influencers. This is as a result of the fact that micro-influencers have the capacity to relate and build a relationship with their audience individually. It is due to the fact that the micro-influencers control a lesser group of the audience than the mega-influencers, which gives them the opportunity to relate directly with them as their audience begins to develop loyalty.

However, mega-influencers have nothing to worry about as the business of influencer marketing has to do with quality content creation. This is because business organizations pay more attention to the quality of content that the mega-influencer can produce. Then when they are satisfied with the quality of content, they focus on the level of engaging followers that they produce. This means that a mega-influencer that is able to produce remarkable content and still consistently get their followers to react to their posts, comment, and share their post could still broker a partnership deal with any organization.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

How to Make Money as a Social Media Influencer?

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Here, our team of experts has designed a platform of platforms that would show social media influencers the various strategies that they could use to leverage their expertise and influence to make more money. Our custom platform can help social media influencers maximize multiple streams of income as they support business brands in their digital marketing process. This makes it evident that becoming a successful influencer can help you make more money.

  Sponsored Social Media Post

One of the strategies that can be utilized by social media influencers in the social media post approach. Although some business brands have long term partnerships with brand ambassadors employing a social media sponsored post can be a very productive method of creating brand awareness and exposure. Becoming a social media influencer can help you make more money as you begin to make use of sponsored social media posts.

Sponsored social media posts are about employing an influencer to produce contents that promote the business brand, such as creating a post or series of posts and sharing it with your followers. The sponsored social media post comes in different forms like unique imagery development, launching a new brand, promoting a new product, and creating making exposures among new target markets.

It’s important to know that when it comes to exchanging funds or payments of other forms with a business brand, you must put into consideration the guidelines and regulations that exist in most territories and countries. This is where you need an influencer marketing agreement to handle these areas which our innovative platform provides.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

 Promotion of e-Products

Our custom platform also provides another strategy, such as the promotion of digital products. Digital products enable influencers to create products that they can sell and distribute to their network of followers based on their knowledge, influence, and expertise in order to make more money. E-products are easy and cheap to produce as they happen to be one of the major ways that social media influencers make money.

When these e-products such as ebooks, workout programs, and travel guide are properly distributed online, they can rapidly measure up and record a large amount of sales. Another way social media influencers can benefit from digital products is by selling editorial and advertising spaces to business brands. It is about co-creating content with business brands or by being specifically commissioned to create content. This way you can make money in advertising as an influencer.


Podcasting is another wonderful way for social media influencers to make more money. It is a method for distributing contents and connecting with the various audiences on other platforms, comfortably sharing contents and making money massively from their public profile and influence. Podcasting is relatively cheap to produce with the right setup and equipment. This has led to social media influencers joining this trend as they start their own podcast. This way, you can market yourself to make more money as an influencer.

 Brand Ambassador

As we inquire for further channels at which an individual can make money in advertising as an influencer, we should put into consideration the power of brand ambassadors. Social media influencer has taken over the world of advertising as people are now working towards growing a career in the art. Becoming a brand ambassador is a sustainable way that a social media influencer can make more money.

This method is very effective due to the structural nature of their ambassadorship, which has led to lots of business organizations employing the help of brand ambassadors to promote their business brands. The financial institutions that hire the service of a brand ambassador do so for long term relationships and pay them in advance. When the down payment is done, it is now the job of the influencer, which is the brand ambassador to publicize on social media his or her alliance with the product or the brand of the organization.

Therefore, the brand ambassador becomes the ultimate and overall expert that handles the brand promotion of the business organization in the global market. It is also important for influencers to note that before a financial institution would hire the service of a brand ambassador, the ambassador must be a good fit for the brand by aligning properly with the brand and its target market. So, if you agree to become a brand ambassador, you can turn out to be massive superstars and influencers. You can also be a micro-influencer which is based on the target of the company’s campaign and brand. There are lots of people making a living out of becoming a big-time brand ambassadors or micro-influencers.

Conducting Webinars

Webinars are also another way to becoming a successful social media influencer and also make more money. Webinars are conducted seminars to educate and expose the individuals to certain information, product, or brand on social media or the internet at large. This method of advertising is very cost-effective and if you are looking for an easy way to start your social media influencer career, setting up webinars happens to be an excellent way to start.

One of the reasons why webinars are a good way to start becoming a social media influencer is the fact that the seminars can be conducted live online or could be pre-recorded. This can be shared with all social media platforms, video platforms like YouTube, and web blogs. Webinars are not just cost-effective expenses and proceeds for social media influencer, but it is also useful and productive for content creators too.

Influencers can now make money from conduction webinars by putting a price on the content of the webinar they have produced for consumers to purchase. This is achieved by the influencer, as they work with a business brand to create a brand content for the webinar. This way you could also learn to make money on YouTube, which would lead you to know how much YouTubers get paid for advertising.

So, for you to start making money as a social media influencer, you can take note of these different ways of becoming a successful social media influencer. This could help you create extra income on the side as you go to work every day. It comes with its numerous compensations as it benefits other people and solves their brand promotional problems. This will also help you build multiple streams of income.

Create a Side Stream of Income 

You work so hard to do what you do. Consider creating a side stream of income to your core business. Add a software as a service business to your core business.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?



YouTube and the World of Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

YouTube has enjoyed the pleasure of being the world’s largest video streaming site on the internet. Many people have become influencer champions on this platform boasting of several million followers who loyally anticipate their videos and content. Additionally, it has also been a great way for people to find solutions to problems on the internet. Several search engines get such jobs done, but nothing beats the visual portrayal of answers. For instance, a DIY will be great from search engines, but nothing compares to having a visual depiction of the procedures. This is one of the reasons that YouTube has been of great popularity within its user-base of more than a Billion.

The Popularity of YouTube

YouTube has been of great advantage to sports brands in every area. Football highlights can be shown on TV but are frequently watched more on YouTube by fans of different clubs. Also, basketball, lawn tennis, volleyball, golf, and a lot of other sports videos are available for catching up and entertainment purposes on the video platform. This has brought billions of people to be glued to the platform. Studies have revealed that people get hooked on YouTube because of the diversity of the visual content present on the social media platform.



Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

YouTube as an Influencer Tool

The strength of YouTube as an influencer marketing hub is in the fact that about 15% of the world’s population is constantly streaming videos. If a brand can take advantage of that pool, then even if 0.1% of that number watches your campaign, then you have about 1.5 million still gets to see your brand promotion. If merely 1% of those people buy into your campaign and make orders as a result, that is 15,000 of orders, and with such monthly, even a startup will rise swiftly in the industry. This representation is a very bad scenario, and it still looks very good.

People now go on YouTube for hours listening to their favorite songs, watching trailers of upcoming blockbuster movies, following their favorite Vlogs while these influencers travel the world with cheap trips and discount vacations. Followers are smitten by the many other interesting contents on YouTube. This is why it is essential to make content attractive and creative on YouTube because if the first few seconds are a letdown, it only takes a click for people to move on. This is why brands don’t take the risk of putting their brand out there in the spotlight without experience, and they affiliate with an established influencer.

These influencers are used to getting people’s attention, and they already have lots of followers that are keen on their content. Therefore, if an influencer puts a new content about a brand out there on their channel, people will readily watch them because of the pedigree of the influencer. Also, if the product is peculiar to the niche of the influencer, it becomes almost automatic for people to connect to such brands.

YouTube Stats in Real-time

Uploads: In order to fully grasp the potential of this social media platform, let’s have a look at the data that backs up the potential benefit it represents. One of the key stats is the frequency and quantity of videos being posted regularly on the platform. A minimum of about 300 hours of video gets to be posted daily on the channels of several brands, influencers, and organizations on YouTube. This has always been slightly higher in subsequent months.

Global Search Engine Ratings: YouTube, as stated earlier, is just behind Google in the list of search engines when it comes to the amount of data they possess in response to people’s questions. There are quite a number of search engines that are getting more popular and popular annually, but none compares to Google and YouTube in terms of the quality and extent of resources they have accrued over the years.

Top Visited Site Ratings: YouTube is in the top-three ratings of the most visited site online. Since the internet has become more accessible globally, and affordable smartphones have also been increasingly produced to people all over the world, many now have easy access to many platforms and sites online. This has made YouTube very popular despite the fact, and the contents are extremely clean and mature. YouTube only comes after Google and Facebook in terms of the frequency of usage by people worldwide. This is another reason why it is excellent for brand promotion by business owners and influencers.

Another vital value that YouTube offers advertisement on its platform is the existing level of engagement of the social media platform. An average of 1 Billion hours of video and audio are consumed by people every day. Some people exploit such advantage by still posting their audio content with pictures showing instead of the typical videos. This platform encourages several forms of visual media, from lyrical videos to cartoons in the past. Therefore, if you see someone laughing at a video, there’s a likely chance, two out of every 10 people are watching a YouTube video. Choreographers are prone to watching out for specific YouTube channels to learn new dancing moves to showcase on different stages. This benefits brands looking for brand promotion on a magnificent level.

Digital marketing has evolved from just something being discussed to a mainstream phenomenon. Influencer marketing has become one of the disruptive models of digital marketing and has given rise to a new set of celebrities. Some of these people are prone to using social media platforms to reach people and retain them as loyal followers. YouTube has remained competitive in terms of providing influencers with the tools and avenue to maintain their popularity and engagement.

There are times when people’s sleeping cycle are distorted just because they are watching YouTube videos, while there are also moments people’s problems have been solved watching some other videos on the platform. YouTube is popular for many reasons and widely used for so many reasons, and being an influencer tool is one of its fantastic traits. The statistics of the number of people who are constantly watching and listening to its visual content is tremendous for brands to exploit in their competitive sectors.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?





How to get Paid as a Social Media Influencer

how to get paid as a social media influencer, how to make money as a social media influencer

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How to actually get PAID as a social media influencer!

We’ve all scrolled through Instagram or binge watched YouTube from time to time (every few seconds) and thought to ourselves, wow, their lives look AMAZING! Who doesn’t want to be their own boss, travel around the world, and post Instagrams about detox teas and their açai bowls for a living?? Okay, okay, so that’s not the only type of influencer that makes money on social media, and of course we all know that Instagram does not equal real life. Content creators of all kinds, however, make their actual livings by posting on social media everyday. Even roofers, real estate realty agents trying to sell homes, insurance companies, home insurance, HVAC, plumbers, weed control, lawn care, you get the picture, are trying to become better at their online presences. That said, even for large influencers, landing sponsorships is not a walk in the park. Getting paid to be an influencer is not all that easy. Or is it??

No matter if you are a tiny micro influencer right now, or you’ve already hit the millions, these steps will help you achieve the next level of making money through your social media influence. Because it’s on the internet, so it must be true! (No really though, it’s true.) Side note, if you want to find out how to get from micro to mega status and get paid, check out ZIIGG. But first, you’ll want to know how to be making money in the meantime, no matter your following.

How to get paid to be a social media influencer

I am here to teach you how to ACTUALLY get paid to be a social media influencer, like, today. If you want to create content on your personal platforms, land sponsorships, advertising gigs, and make the most out of your influence financially, read on!

VALUE your own brand!!

You are no longer just a person posting #ootds (or art, vlogs, tutorials, gaming streams, photography, beauty hacks, cars, fitness videos, or whatever it is you do). You are a BRAND! Treat yourself the way you would treat a business. Make decisions for your brand based on what will help you grow, and what will actually turn a profit. If a company like Monavie reaches out to you and asks you to promote their product, don’t do it just in hopes for a repost or shoutout! Sure, if you have 1000 followers or less, maybe don’t expect to get big bucks for sharing a brand, but make it worthwhile for yourself where your channel/account is at right now! Maybe that is a shoutout on their social media, or a free product, or an affiliate code. Larger influencers, this goes for you too! I’m not saying you should be all bossy and demanding, but interact with business as if you’re on an equal playing field. Learn how to talk business, and don’t devalue your brand!

For example, let’s say you have researched the market and you understand the value of your content in your niche. Company A comes to you and asks to work with you on a video or post. They agree to pay you X amount which is fair according to the market. You accept, and yay! You make money. This happens again with Company B and Company C. THEN Company D comes along, and they are very pushy and throw all this big business verbiage around and convince you to do a post for them at half of the price of your other three deals. Stop right there!! If you give them a discounted rate with no other value added to your brand (like they’re not going to help you grow significantly or give you a promising way to make way more money on the back end blah blah whatever it may be), you are devaluing your brand! Either negotiate a better offer for yourself, or go out and find more companies like A, B, and C who are willing to pay what you’re worth. Don’t expect too much, but definitely do not undervalue yourself and all of your hard work!

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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Make Your Work Count

If you want to earn real money by posting your content online, you need to make sure the content you are putting out has some depth to it. Your channel is your business opportunity! Spend time creating your own personal style for what you do. Don’t just slap something up to fill space— stop and make sure it ticks these three boxes first! You want it to be engaging, providing value to the viewer, and of course, marketable. What do your followers like to see from you? On Instagram, do people engage more when you post a photo, or do you get more interaction with a video? For YouTube, do your fans like your tutorials, or do they react more to vlogs? Then, take into account what your non-followers like best! Which type of content gets you the most engagement from people who don’t follow or subscribe to you? What kind grows your following most? Dig into your analytics and do more of what works for you, so you don’t spin your wheels creating content that will not serve you the best! Remember, you want to work SMARTER, not harder. 😉

If you want to earn real money by posting your content online, you need to make sure the content you are putting out has some depth to it. Your channel is your business opportunity! Spend time creating your own personal style for what you do. Don’t just slap something up to fill space— stop and make sure it ticks these three boxes first! You want it to be engaging, providing value to the viewer, and of course, marketable. What do your followers like to see from you? On Instagram, do people engage more when you post a photo, or do you get more interaction with a video? For YouTube, do your fans like your tutorials, like how to build a great acai berry bowl, or do they react more to vlogs? Then, take into account what your non-followers like best! Which type of content gets you the most engagement from people who don’t follow or subscribe to you? What kind grows your following most? Dig into your analytics and do more of what works for you, so you don’t spin your wheels creating content that will not serve you the best! Remember, you want to work SMARTER, not harder. 😉

Make your content eye-catching!

Figure out your aesthetic, and make your photos, thumbnails, backgrounds, and lighting beautiful to look at. Now, let’s talk about providing value! If you’re constantly posting the same type of thing over and over, odds are you may plateau eventually, and it will be harder for you to make money long term. Make lists of things you know about, are an expert in, or have valuable ideas regarding. Now tackle at least one item on that list every time you upload content! Keep yourself inspired, and when that doesn’t work, at least disciplined about adding real value to your posts. You will create such a stronger brand for yourself with easily identifiable perimeters that will help you land paid gigs! Speaking of…

Make yourself marketable!!

Brands are looking to do one thing: sell their product. If you can help them do that, then bada bing, you can get paid! There’s really no magic to it. Sometimes, it’s easy for us little social media people to think, omg, that brand is huge and all-knowing and I am honored to be in their presence (probably just me ok), but really, they need us just as much as we need them! I could write pages on end about why influencer marketing is the way of the future, and how it makes so much sense for businesses to invest in this way, and let’s be honest I probably will so stay tuned!! In the meantime, all you need to know is that if you can provide value to them (aka sell their stuff) then they will pay you. You are now a TV channel selling spots in commercial breaks. It’s no secret that companies all over the world spend millions and millions on marketing every year, so just become part of the system! It’s easier said than done, but here are a couple of ways that you can make sure you are marketable for other brands!

Keep Your Content Clean!!

One, keep your content clean. If you don’t want to limit yourself when it comes to landing brand deals, you’ll need to stick to family friendly content. A lot of people (and brands) have learned this the hard way, so if you can just keep it PG from the beginning, you’ll have a lot more money-making opportunities floating your way!

Give yourself a clear identity

Two, give yourself a clear identity that helps you stick out from the rest! The more memorable you are, the more brands will take notice of you in the sea of other influencers. Be creative, and be consistent! And, maybe most importantly, don’t be afraid to exclude people! Ouch, that sounds harsh, but hear me out. I don’t mean literally excluding anyone, but don’t try to cater to every single type of person on your channel/account. Make content for one niche, and whoever is into that specific type of thing will stick around! In doing so, you will create a target audience, which is VERY marketable to brands. Think about this: if you’re watching a fitness guru talk about health and fitness, and suddenly they are promoting car batteries, are you likely to take their advice on that and go buy that brand? Probs not. If they start gushing about the protein powder they love, or boost a brand like Monavie Acai berry juice, and oh yeah here’s a coupon for their followers? You will be influenced!! Waaaaay more people will convert to buying that protein powder, because their favorite awesome muscly fitness person told them to! Hone in on your one audience, and you will become extremely valuable to brands in the same space.

Make content that leaves room for advertising!

Three, make content that leaves room for advertising! We all know it’s kind of annoying when you’re watching a YouTube video and suddenly there is an abrupt change of pace where the artist has halted their regular content to talk about some product entirely unrelated to their video, and then awkwardly transition back. It definitely seems a little forced, and is less likely to cause viewers to go buy the product. If you can create your content with brand deals in mind (even when you don’t have them!) then companies can see opportunity with you. If you know you’re wanting to rep MonaVie Active, start making some content around the benefits of açai berry, or including more nutrition advice into your normal fitness videos to show them that their brand will fit in naturally with your content. Once you start landing sponsorships and brand deals, you can slide them right into the spots you’ve already naturally created, like a skincare product into your next morning routine video! Which brings me to my next point: HOW exactly do you get sponsored, land brand deals, and get that cash money flowing in?? THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.

HOW exactly do you get sponsored, land brand deals, and get that cash money flowing in??

Land the deals!!

LAND the deals!!! So now you know how to get everything set up to bless the companies with your extreme value, but how do you actually get connected, and if you currently get brand deals all the time, then how do you get the BEST deals? There are several ways to go about this, whether it’s randomly reaching out to companies via email, or even Instagram DMs. You could also just do your very best at the first two things, and hope that companies reach out to you. OR, you can go the smartest route and use influencer marketing companies like Ziigg to find, make, and negotiate deals for you! It’s pretty great, like having your own personal management team who happens to have big time connections with all kinds of brands just waiting to sponsor you. Ziigg is a great free tool for influencers of all size to scope for new brand deals,like Monavie, and to be pitched to companies that are very hard to connect with personally. There is a super cool instant offer tool that basically spits out all of the stats on your social media account, then automatically generates a personal, real money offer right there, based on your your actual influence. It’s so cool! There are a lot more features that are designed to help influencers grow and make money, but you can go mess with all of that yourself at and see what you think.

Alright, wherever you’re at right now, I think you’re now well on your way to either becoming a paid influencer, or to possibly doubling your current social media income. Why? Because you read my article and I’m a marketing genius guru, duh! Seriously, though, all cringe-y jokes aside, I hope that this has sparked some ideas to implement in your own space and sphere of influence, so you can milk the very most out of your hard work. Working in social media and content creation is not easy, don’t let the leaders of “boss babe tribes” fool you! A lot goes into creating your content, so remember to treat your channel or account like a real business, grow that following, make it marketable, and get that cash money. You’ve got this.

Happy posting!!


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