Influencer Marketing Trends that Impacts Businesses Positively

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

The marketplace has been through changes that require prompt and smart adaptation. This will see that businesses stay afloat and remain competitive. Influencer marketing has become more prominent these days and has transcended the sphere where only it merely a celebrity endorsement. Many people who are in particular niches have been able to accrue enough followers to drive traffic for potential clients and for themselves.

Research has shown that more four-fifth of the population of consumers will make a purchase based on the testimonies of trusted people. This is what influencers have become to most people. The fact that they are knowledgeable on the topic of interest makes them expert at recommending related products.

This is why several people have chosen to become influencers, but certain things set influencers apart from each other. These things are not secrets but are obvious things you can see, but you need to put more into them if you are to become an outstanding influencer. Below are three vital trends in influencing marketing that pushes business brands higher among their competition.

 Creative Videos that are Engaging and Relevant

Short videos have become the new way to drive traffic as it removes the stress of reading content. Also, you can see the full description of instructions without any ambiguity as it is carried out and recorded visually. If you want to be an influencer that engages the audience, then you must use videos often. As much as some people are still keen on reading and even enjoy it at that, videos provide those people with unique information as well. Even if you are talented at writing, you still have to find creative ways to produce videos to engage with your followers.

When inquiring about the buying culture of university students, it was discovered that more than 80% would rather watch video content than written content. This is where YouTube has been of great value to influencers and brands in racking in more followers. The amount of traffic a video is capable of getting is more relevant in terms of the speed of doing it rather than the numbers.


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Obviously, YouTube isn’t the only video showcasing platform on social media, putting out visual resources for people to watch. Instagram has live stories, and as of late, they have also launched Instagram TV (IGTV), which is basically a channel for top Instagram influencers to stream longer substance to their huge followings. It won’t be complete if a mention of Snapchat and Facebook are likewise not mentioned as feasible alternatives for promoting video content online.

There are challenges such as the lack of influence over when or where advertisements appear while watching these videos. Since it’s an interesting way to stay competitive in the world of influencing marketing, influencers have been able to combat such issues through promotions of their items in the video content. This ensures that the brand is promoted as much as possible.

Expanded Transparency

Uncovering connections have caused a noteworthy interruption in the business since the FTC conveyed letters in April 2017, authoritatively cautioning brands and influencers to all the more obviously unveil their working connections. With the administration establishing a preventative pace and alluding to a conceivable crackdown, real brands and showcasing stages are placing in the additional push to unveil paid associations and sponsorships.

Discovering approaches to share associations and supported posts that aren’t off-putting to the crowd will help keep buyer trust high and keep Uncle Sam off your back. Influencers are now compelled to add relevant hashtags and tag other people, especially in cases of sponsored posts. It is paramount to regularly monitor that as an influencer you’re not violating the rules set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


Engage your Followers with Useful Content Rather than focusing on just Ads

People are wary of the customary way of promoting brands through magazines, radio, TV, and announcements. This is why influencer marketing has taken over tremendously. However, as an influencer, one has to be as engaging as relevant. One way to go is to take the approach that gets you enough hits by keeping your followers interested in your content. The two things that have the most effect are consistency and being authentic with your ideas, ensuring that however similar they are to other influencers, they are unique. If your followers are able to trust that your content is yours and original, that will build trust. If this is affected, you stand a chance of losing your loyal followers, and that doesn’t have a good impact on your credibility and revenue.

A study carried out recently, 70% of millennials who are YouTube subscribers stated they relate more to YouTube content makers than conventional big names. For these people, more than 50% of them will prefer to purchase products and services based on the advice of their favorite video maker over film and TV characters. If you are a business owner, you can envision the sort of effect that could have on your advertising plan for the next decade. As those young people enter their adulthood, get jobs, and become the new population with the buying power. This is why you have to get digital and reach out to them on the platforms they visit frequently, which is social media.


Influencers need to know the current trend in the marketplace to be topnotch. Using videos is paramount while being extremely transparent. As an influencer, you have to be able to give proper and relevant credit. Combining those two things has to be done in an engaging way to keep your followers coming back again and again. While doing all that you have to remain consistent so that your integrity is maintained. Influencer marketing has now become a big deal with the marketing world.  There are technology parks springing up to house many brands who will help each other rise up on social media. People are better at making purchases based on trusted opinions. This is why many people enter the business of influencing. However, you need to stand out to be able to enjoy the benefits of being a successful and wealthy influencer.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?