Do I Need an Influencer Agent to Make More Money

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Monetization is what drives innovation in our society as it provides sustenance and relevance. Monetization means getting a monetary reward for knowledge, goods, or service rendered. With influencers, it means exchanging their social media reach and influence for money. The influencing industry is worth billions of dollars, and it pays no matter the level of your influence.

Micro-influencers, by definition, are influencers whose reach is between 1,000 followers and 100,000 followers. Medium-sized brands prefer to work with micro-influencers as they are more affordable and have higher engagement rates than a macro influencer. Macro influencers and social media heavyweights and real-life celebrities, their followers vary between 100s of thousand and millions. They are expensive to engage, international brands like Coca-Cola and Nike need macro-influencers to be able to reach millions of target audience around the world.

For example, a tae kwon do near me had the good sense to hire our taekwondo influencer to use her online influence to help grow his business. He is on his way to opening his second school as a result of this smart decision.


Micro-Influencers vs. Macro Influencers

Both types of influencers are important in the influencing industry, there are pros and cons to both, and crucially most micro-influencers will grow to become macro-influencers with time, so you can regard micro influencing as a starting point to being a macro influencer.

Pros of Micro-Influencer


It costs 500 dollars or less to engage a micro-influencer for a post, in comparison, it takes between thousands of dollars to millions of dollars to engage the service of a macro influencer.

Increase in Sales

Even though working with macro-influencers means wider reach, the problem is followers don’t trust celebrities to use every product they market, research conducted revealed followers are likely to believe the feedbacks of micro-influencers as they are more likely to use whatever brand they promote. Therefore, working with micro-influencers is more likely to drive sales.


Many followers know their micro-influencer since they started their social media account, some even know them in real life, and they can relate with them, vouch for them and know the kind of products they like, this kind of closeness is unlikely with superstars who are admired from a distance. This closeness with followers makes micro-influencers more authentic and accessible by followers.


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


High Communication Rate

Fewer followers in comparison to macro-influencers ensure they build a connection with them, it means increased communication, which in turns gives followers a sense of belonging and feeling of connection.

Multiple Influencers

Since their reach is limited, brands can decide to employ multiple micro-influencers to improve their reach. You can engage multiple micro-influencers instead of a single macro influencer, it can give the brands about the same reach of macro-influencers while paying less.

Cons of Micro Influencing

There are not too many disadvantages of micro influencing, the major that is is their reach, micro-influencers are not suitable for brands hoping to reach millions of users around the globe.



Pros of Macro Influencing

Bigger Reach

The obvious reason why brands engage macro-influencers is their wide coverage, if your target audience is millions and scattered around the world, you will definitely need macro influencer.

Low Risk of Fake Followers

Celebrities, whether real-life or social media, attract followers because of the fame and influence they are less likely to use fake followers to boost their number of followers.

High Level of Professionalism

The services of macro-influencers are quite expensive to engage, one of the reasons for their high charges is their level of professionalism. They pay attention to details of the promotion and run their promotions exactly the way the brands want it.



Cons of Macro Influencer


Only big brands can afford to engage the services of macro-influencers because of their high charges.

Hard to Execute

It is sometimes complicated to employ the services of, and they might have reservations about promoting a brand because of their loyalty to another brand or because they are not convinced with products themselves.

Third-Party/Agency Involvement

Most macro-influencers engage the services of agencies which makes contract negotiations a little complicated.

Ways of Monetization Available to Influencers

There are many ways of making money online for influencers, and some involve selling products while some don’t. Monetization options include:

 Selling your Products

A common way to monetize your social media influence is by selling your products to your followers, this is particularly useful for micro-influencers who have fewer but more loyal followers than macro-influencers.

Affiliate Marketing

Alternatively, influencers can market the products or services of a third party in exchange for a reward. Rewards for affiliate marketing vary, it could be commission on every product purchased, a barter for service or an outright fee for the service.

Brand Ambassador

Influencers can make money by representing brands over a while. It comes with handsome financial reward agreed on contractual terms, certain details about the contract like duration and clauses are stipulated too. Influencer responsibilities may include posts, videos, appearances on billboards, and events.

Sponsored Post

Often influencers make post strictly tailored and paid for by brands. They are usually paid per post and are always indicated as ‘sponsored post’.

License your Contents

Micro-influencers have to explore every monetization opportunity to stay relevant in the game, one of such is licensing your contents for use by other media in exchange for money.


Crowdfund your Project

Micro influencer’s followers are usually more loyal and closer to the influencer, they are more likely to be willing to fund the next project of their favorite influencer. Many influencers have used this opportunity to fund their dream projects and improve their standing in the industry.

Do I Need an Influencer Agent to Make More Money?

Influencer agencies are agencies whose service are employed by both brands and influencers to connect the two parties and to some extent regulate their activities. Most brands rely on agencies to provide the most suitable recommendation for them when engaging and influencer. Influencers rely on agencies for engagement, and it’s particularly useful for micro-influencers who are still struggling for engagements

Influencer industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that is expected to grow to trillions in a few years. The market is big enough for both micro-influencers and macro-influencers to thrive. Big international brands are attracted to macro-influencers as they provide huge followership to target. Micro-influencers are useful with medium-scaled brands with a limited budget.

Monetization opportunities available include selling products, affiliate marketing, brand ambassador, and content licensing. Engaging the services of influencer agencies can improve the rate of engagements for micro-influencers. Imagine engaging several micro-influencers for your small startup. It can never hurt to obtain the services of a high performing SEO company to help you expand your brand and increase your reach.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Innovative Ways to Win Over Influencers for your Brand

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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There is no doubt that the world has evolved into a digital sphere where everything can be done on the internet. You can use the internet to promote your fundraiser needs for your business or non profit. This is why social media has become a vital mode of communication among people and enterprises. This has not only changed the way business is conducted, it has also created a marketplace for brands to be marketed. It is this unique marketplace that has also given rise to a set of brand promotion, giving the power of influencing to the hands of people with plenty of followers. This sort of privilege used to reside with the celebrities before, but that has changed. Anyone with something engaging on the web can attract followers from anywhere. So an insurance business could grow by paying an influencer to represent them on social media. It has become the new commercial.

However, because the dynamics of working with celebrities who may have managers, is different from that of social media influencers, there’s a necessity to understand ways to work with them to maximize the opportunity they present. Data has revealed that a successful relationship with influencers can yield 30% extra sales. It is due to such advantages that people now take influencers and influencer marketing more seriously. This is the reason this article will outline ways to team up with influencers and achieve huge results.

Put Out Only Genuine Products

The traditional celebrities are used to being paid for influencing people to buy things. This may either be a genuine product or one that is not as good as advertised. However, these celebrities may not suffer as a result, especially when they are doing well at what they’re doing, whether it is entertainment or sports.

This is totally different for social media influencers as they stand the risk of losing credibility and followers as a result. This is why influencers are keen on making sure any product they are representing is genuine and worth it.

This leads us to a key way to collaborate with influencers, make sure your product is as good as promised. This will not only give you credibility but also lead to a lasting relationship. The benefit of working with an influencer on a long-term.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Ensure your Vision and Brand aligns with that of the Influencer

It’s better to work with an influencer that is already on a path that aligns with your brand. This can be disastrous for your campaign as you’ll be pitching your product and services to the wrong audience. So in order to work seamlessly with an influencer, make sure the influencer is relevant to your product and not just someone with millions of followers.

Don’t be carried away by a mega-influencer with 10 million followers, when there’s a macro-influencer with a target audience that will be excited about your brand. Also, no matter the number of followers an influencer has, the people following such influencers also boasts of their followers no matter how small. Such followers will of more benefit to your brand when there’s positive feedback from consuming the products or services of your brand.

Pay Them in their Own Coin

You might be amazed to know social media influencers give out a lot of gifts to their followings. This has kept lots of people on social media platforms to remain loyal to many of the influencers. This is arguably one of the reasons some of them has risen to prominence. So why not do the same thing to them. Imagine giving influencers you are either about to work with or already working with, a free sample of your brand, either as a product or service. We are only human, they will get excited about your brand and promote its utmost enthusiasm.

In as much as you are both expected to have an agreed payment either in cash or kind, it is still a fantastic thing to give them a little extra to mesmerize them into your organization. According to a study, people’s psychology has been shown to change positively when given a gift. History has it that gifts have settled great disputes that posed great difficulty in being resolved. Therefore, when you use the same strategy that influencers use in showing their love for their followers, they’ll respond faster because they understand that you value them above all others.

Request for Authentic Reviews

Most business owners crave reviews from customers, so why look to influencers to get reviews? Also, it may appear to be more of a reason to collaborate with an influencer rather than a way to work with them. However, when you understand these influencers are equally customers who consume products and are merely giving other people feedback on their experience, it starts to make sense.

Asking for genuine reviews from an influencer shows them that you are for real and increases their desire to work with you. Influencers often harbor doubts about brands they’re representing, especially when it is for the first time. However, when they sense the belief you have in your product in your request of real reviews, from the start they are confident to put in their best in such campaign.

Sponsor your Influencer’s Reward Promo

As earlier discussed, influencers have learned that giving gifts to people almost always wins loyal followers or better put loyal consumers of your products or services. If an influencer is given products or services to give out as rewards or gifts to their followers, this will fortify your working relationship. Imagine yourself as an influencer in contract to promote a brand, and empowered to give people gifs as a promotion strategy? It will make you enthusiastic about promoting such brand as it increases your chance of increasing your follower’s base.

Try these few tips for creatively creating an excellent working relationship with your influencer. They are equally people you’ll love to win over as they have honed their skills in promoting themselves or their brand. This skill becomes vital in your brand promotion. If your brand involves athletic gear, you could hire emmyohmy to promote your gear. Ensure your products are genuine and give a little out to them as free samples and watch the magic that follows. If you are a music business, hire theprosinger and watch your brand grow. However, do all these only when you have certified that your vision and niche is the same or similar at least.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Online Advertisement and Instagram Influencers

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Advertisement of social media is mainly going beyond your typical following and tapping into the larger marketplace on the platform yet untapped. This has been facilitated by people who will serve as a connection to an already defined target audience. These people can either have an already formed interest about similar brands to yours or may just be assessed to benefit from your product. This saves you the stress of searching for the audience yourself, so all you need to do is to locate that one person that will usher in the several others that will buy into your vision and brand.

What stops you from being an influencer yourself? What makes you an influencer? How many followers do you need to become an influencer? How much does an influencer get paid?

It is not a difficult thing to become an influencer, and you only need to open an account and release post periodically. The only thing is that if you want to be unique and outstanding, then a few things must be done to achieve a similar level of success, other successful influencers have achieved.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Be Creative with your IG Stories


Some of the most frequently used tools are the stories, and several people constantly watch them. A study showed that 80% of Instagram users watch Instagram stories. Therefore, it is crucial for anybody with the intention of becoming an influencer to share stories frequently. This is a major way of traffic generation as it only takes a click and it can be watched briskly.

Make Use of Highlights and IGTV

Highlighting these stories even makes it more organized for your followers to watch and follow. This organization groups specific types of stories peculiar to particular events permanently on your profile for people to watch them even if they missed anyone at the time they were posted originally. It further encourages people to watch as they have an idea of what to expect from your stories. Additionally, IGTV is a way of traffic generation. It is more like an extended version of stories, and it is fast replacing long duration videos, making it compete with the likes of YouTube.

Always Post Beautiful Pictures with Highest Possible Quality

One crucial thing to Instagram is quality pictures, as those that are not so good are less engaging. What people enjoy on Instagram are the high qualities photos that get one attention and emits a feeling. This is also another excellent way of driving traffic to your page, making you more popular and relevant on Instagram. You can take beautiful photos while you travel the world using our cheap vacations and discount trips!

Identifying your Niche is Critical

Furthermore, make your niche clear in your mind and find the best way to identify with that area. Your Instagram account should reflect your niche, and so should your posts. This enables people that begins to get captivated with your post to stay with your channel and anticipate more. Because of the population on Instagram, one needs to clarify and confirm the niche from which one will be operating.

Instagram and Statistics and Demographics

So many things are quite instrumental to Instagram is a top social media platform. It is a massive marketplace for people to market their product and get people not only to buy but to remain loyal customers. The population of millennials on Instagram is a lot. Millennials occupy as high as 60% of the population of people on Instagram in connection to age demographics. These people are aged between 18 and 29 not even as old as 35, which some other sources still consider as the older bracket of millennials.

The spending culture and hobbies of millennials as a generation fits into the strength of Instagram. Psychologists were brought in to design casino games for people to be addicted and hooked on them, giving the owners more money. This is the same things that were done for Instagram, the only difference was that it was made user-friendly and interesting enough for people to remain interacting with other people.

Even if they’re seeing each other’s pictures for the first time, there’s a likelihood of enjoying relevant posts of strangers and following them. This is to say that, the way millennials have grown to interact is through social media and having a platform like Instagram that gives the chance of doing it almost seamlessly makes a big difference. Now if millennials find people that get them, they are more susceptible to be open to being presented relevant products with the mindset of entering their card details for purchase.

Another factor that influencers can offer to business owners and brands is the chance of tapping into a marketplace that one-third of its users earn close to $50,000 in a year. This shows that these people are mainly careful with spending but will willingly do it when given a good reason. Also, the gender gap on a social media platform like Instagram is slightly different from Instagram. On Instagram, it is almost balanced, but females are way ahead of the 50 percentile mark with 58%.

The fact that about 40% of both genders are represented on Instagram is excellent for business. However, the crucial thing to be exploited by brands is that extra 8% of women that are constantly losing to do a wellness program, lose weight, dress well, buy makeup accessories, watch their favorite celebrity, grow their business, and meet new people. These extra numbers show that women are more ready to go the extra mile if they find the right brand or influencer, while men may be more interested in trending conversations on Twitter.

Influencer marketing has come to stay, and it has changed the scope of advertisement. This has worked in favor of dynamic brands giving them an edge over those that are rigid. Influencers have carved a niche of business and career for themselves as a result of this opening in the business sector. This is why many people now work on becoming an influencer by driving traffic to their channels and accounts. However, this needs a little level of understanding such as the age demographics and gender demographics present on such an exciting social media platform.


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?