Top 11 Healthcare Influencers on Twitter

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Influencer marketing is a massive industry that has included every sector, including the medical one. The healthcare industry has been the most rigid yet progressive in all areas. Not much has changed with Medicine, after all, human beings remain the same. However, medical technologies and pharmacology are evolving to deal with mutating microorganisms and make healthcare delivery better. Advertisement is not somewhat a challenge when it comes to the medical sphere, but healthcare influencers are well capable of helping with the increment of the reach of your product.

Healthcare influencers seem to bolster more confidence in their followers compared to other influencers. This is why brands are likely to enjoy the benefits of having the most relevant followers on social media. Let’s explore the top 11 healthcare influencers that businesses and business owners, such as 24 hour emergency plumbers, can do business with, to increase their reach on Twitter. If this were another list, we’d probably be talking of Ronaldo before anybody else. However, here we are in the medical world so there’ll be a different number one. You may be looking to increase your revenue with a side stream business.


  • Sanjay Gupta, MD

Sanjay is a neurosurgeon who is also a medial correspondence for CNN. He arguably has more followers on Twitter than everybody on this list combined. His followers are slightly above 2.4 million, and that makes him not just the Chief Medical Correspondent but the Kingpin of healthcare influencing. Being a neurosurgeon gives him a significant edge over others, but his followings have been built since 2008, but he barely has up to 5000 tweets. This is why brands have to be wary of his engagement with his followers.

  • Dave deBronkart

Dave is a unique individual with a unique experience. He fought cancer and survived. This has given the privilege to talk about his journey online while encouraging others that are currently facing the challenge. He is famously known as e-Patient Dave. He is one of the most renowned speakers on health with almost 40,000 followers. He has remained one of the best healthcare influencers in the past decade. Brands that work with Dave will be exposed to a target audience willing to trust his recommendations.

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  • Dr. Mike Sevilla, MD

Dr. Mike is a doctor that specialized in family medicine. He is also a primary healthcare advocate. He is one of the pioneer physicians to gain social media presence and popularity. He boasts of over 25,000 followers with over 50,000 tweets.

  • Yoni Freedhoff, MD

This is the man responsible for the book on diet titled “The Diet Fix” and also the co-founder of Bariatric Medical Group. He is an expert at helping people lose weight through unique methods. He has over 40,000 followers with almost 60,000 tweets. He is one of the best healthcare influencers out there and can easily expose brands to his followers, especially those connected to weight loss.

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  • Doug Ulman

Doug Ulman has almost a million followers on Twitter. He is a top influencer in the healthcare industry. He is one of those progressive influencers who delve into overlapping niches. He is the President and CEO of Peloton. Peloton is a bike tour that puts all its proceeds into cancer research. So Peloton has funded over 100 projects.

  • Barby Ingle

Barby is not synonymous to Barbie at all, almost the opposite. Barby has been combatting and suffering from regional pain syndrome for more than two decades. Barby has since garnered 18,000 followers, and she is the president of the International Pain Foundation. She has written several books and her background in social psychology gives her an edge in society. Barby is an ardent advocate in the health sector, making her a prime influencer for any healthcare brand.

Aproko Doctor

Dr. Bobby Chinonso Egemba is a Nigerian physician with about 62,000 followers. He has won several awards in the propagation of healthcare issues. He is also a health communication expert making him a force to reckon with when it comes to reaching out to people. The Nigerian doctor has followers all over Africa and the world at large.

  • Kevin Pho, MD

Kevin Pho is a medical doctor who has written several books and has also spoken in several seminars at different podiums. Kevin also contributes regularly to USA Today. He has over 150,000 followers on Twitter with about 50,000 tweets already on the social media platform. You can follow him to find the best allergist near me.

  • Dr. Ola Brown

Ola trained as a doctor outside her home country, Nigeria, and when she returned decided to fill a vacant niche in the healthcare sector of the country. She is the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria. This organization caters for the transportation of patients from remote places to get adequate healthcare. They are capable of flying patients in need of care outside the country or continent. Dr. Brown and her team are the first to establish such an enterprise in her country, making not only a pioneer in her niche but also an inspiration to others. This is why collaborating with her will produce a phenomenal result with her over 61,000 global followers.

  • Christina Farr

Christina has been around for quite some time now, and she has been a fervent health and tech reporter at CNBC. She has 46,000 followers to lay claim to being part of the top influencers in the healthcare sector. Christina is crucial to the propagation of disruptive medical techs in the sector, and people will listen because this is her forte.

  1. Louise Roe

Louise was popular for her posts on Psoriasis. She is an avid blogger and has well over 200,000 followers. She is an excellent healthcare influencer with accounts on major social media platforms. It is no surprise that she has a large following on other platforms apart from twitter as well.

There are more healthcare influencers out there, but these are some of the ones doing well in the sector already. The medical sector can be quite complicated with regards to ads, but brands can still find ways to reach out to potential clients. Influencer marketing may have brought a leeway with regards to healthcare marketing.

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