Squirrel Marketing Episode 1 – Marketing Defined

Join marketing guru William “Bill” Bronson and successful sports podcaster, Jeffrey Cooperstein, as they dive deep into the world of marketing and chase squirrels in all directions.

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I know one of the main topics that you and i wanted to talk about was what does marketing mean because i think people have a misconception as to what marketing actually means, like when you’re going to apply for a job or you see it you see a job title and it says marketing specialist or it says marketing director and i think people just have a different perception of what marketing means versus what it actually means. Yeah absolutely they do it’s a big pet peeve of mine so a lot of times people just throw the word marketing out there to sound cool like you go through the job boards and find a marketing job usually it’s a marketing manager or marketing manager in training or all kinds of these things and they don’t actually mean marketing at all a lot of these are misleading so what they mean is sales they’re saying marketing but they mean sales and that’s one of the big misconceptions people have had for years is the the marketing sales are somehow synonymous and they’re not so marketing just to define it is everything that happens up to the point where you’re talking with a client basically marketing is the groundwork for the sale it draws the person to uh to the the ball field where you right play the game so uh so when you when you talk about attracting that people to uh to your store or to call you or whatever it takes to get them either on a phone or in person with you that’s marketing and that’s why i say that marketing is for life it is it’s everything about life if you’re promoting yourself your marketing uh you know if you’re trying to get a job everything that happens up to the point where you’re sitting down in an interview you’re marketing yourself to get that interview yeah you know so uh business is the same way and you know when i was growing up as a kid my dad used to uh he really liked i had a lot of respect for al banker and uh al baker was a flamboyant uh master marketer master marketer and he did it with race cars so he got in this hobby with his son to do something with his son but also help promote the business and they sold property and casually insurance and and so they sold car insurance and so he had these formula one race cars and they would work on them and they had uh some garage bays right there at the agency and people could drive yeah people in the the bay doors were um plexiglass or whatever so you could see there you could see the cars and um i mean those are expensive cars now oh yeah yeah and they’re tiny they’re a lot smaller than you think they might be but um but anyway so they would pull them out uh every now and then and and people would crowd around them to see them and then and it was just a lot of fun they had a great time with it and um and he’s a he’s a personality larger than life you know so my dad used to tell me about how he he promotes himself and does a great job of it and he said well you can’t be in a clock you could be the you can be the best at your job you can be the best in your industry but if you’re in a closet and nobody sees you they’re never gonna know yeah it wouldn’t matter no you have you have to get yourself out there you know one way or another whether it’s right with cars or some form of advertising i know you know the big thing right now is is social media and that’s how everyone’s really trying to get their word out there because it’s you know essentially free and and all you have to do is press a couple buttons hit post and you’re out there to the world yeah and that that actually goes down into a big big rabbit hole um of a squirrel’s death squirrel yeah on what not to do on social media uh you can be so annoying that you’ll make all your friends defriend you oh yeah i’ve had to do it but but yeah maybe we’ll talk about that at some point but uh but yeah so you have to promote yourself you gotta you gotta um uh you know what my dad used to say uh teach your own horn you have to publicize that you did something that’s the whole uh thing behind press releases yeah so your company did something cool why is anybody gonna know about it well you gotta tell people about to tell people that’s the press release and so the press release is the notification that you did something and it gets it out to the public it publicizes what you did so and that’s part of marketing um awareness is a big part of marketing brand awareness but yeah sales is not part of marketing it’s it’s just not and i i’ll argue with anybody who thinks it is you know i know when i was when i was looking for my first you know jobs out of college and i saw all those marketing and training kind of things and i you know i applied and interviewed for a couple of them and then you know the second you go into the interview they tell you what it really is and it’s it’s not marketing yeah yeah you’re going to be going door to door with a clipboard and you’re going to be promoting uh solar panels or uh you know tv cable i know one of my friends actually fell for the the scam unfortunately so he was hired on as a marketing specialist and he was selling car wax at a gas station yeah so the cans of this special formula stuff that and they’ll walk up to your car and spray it on your dirty ass car yeah and then they’ll just proceed to rub it in there and and then say oh it doesn’t hurt your paint i almost punched a guy away he walked up to my dirty car my dirty brand new car it was a um it was a mitsubishi montero black it was it was metallic black beautiful beautiful that was my mercedes man that was awesome that sounds like a nice car i’m not i don’t want a huge car guys 2002 and it was 41 000 so it was it was up there it was a nice vehicle for me especially we never had anything that nice and so we get back from colorado and it’s all dirty with road dirt and i pull into the gas station and this guy walks over sprays something on the side of my brand new vehicle and proceeds to rub the dirt and because that’ll make the dirt stay in there right well um i i don’t know about cars so i’m speaking for many things but i know what i think and i know what he said so but you know what i think is that anytime you rub dirt on paint um it’s going to scratch the paint yeah and what he said was no it miraculously jumps under the dirt between the dirt and your paint and your paint and it won’t hurt it um and i don’t see how the physics would yeah that doesn’t quite add up to me it may mask the scratches that you just put in my paint but you put scratches in my paint right and you i he started tripping over himself backing up backing away from me i’m sorry sir sorry sir and then he dropped his can and the uh the top popped off the top of the train and it started spewing around in circles like one of those fireworks no yes and uh so i’m at this gas station there’s tons of people there there’s this kid like i’m sorry about it yeah and so and it just the can drops the top pops off and this can spewing around in circles i think it fell on a it fell on something and broke the yeah it’s about anyway it was it was comical and my wife was horrified because this whole commotion she thought i was kicking his ass and i was not fighting this guy i was in his face but then all this commotion was going on with this spray can going around in circles and people were congregating it was pretty funny um but um yeah he was a marketing specialist god yeah that’s the biggest fears that i just that’s what people just really need to know going into the workforce is that just just do your research on the jobs in the company and and all that because if you don’t and you know you end up accepting a job that you didn’t sign up for it yeah so you know so okay so let’s say you’re you’re young you’re in school or you’re just out of school and you uh you want to get into marketing that’s maybe what you went to school for even um don’t even go to the interview ask what are the duties yeah behind this job and if they won’t tell you then then that’s a red flag yeah then you won’t go absolutely um but here on our marketing team um you know we we uh we craft email campaigns we write posts we you know we help customize and produce flyers and banners and brochures and all those kinds of things and these are marketing materials mixed with some some formulation of campaigns that those materials can be used with by sales people i mean that’s that’s to help promote their business that’s really what a marketing team is there for is support to help the sales people with whatever you know they really need to make it successful yeah or companies when i consult with companies on a marketing basis it’s okay tell me what’s going on right now what is your experience right now and then we talk about what are your resources what are your capabilities what are your goals yeah you know not yet but we talked about what’s now first you know what are you good at what are you not good at um how are your sales so all that and then we start talking about well what do you need to happen that’s that’s next that’ll be goals i guess part of it and then we talk about what’s your vision for the future what do you envision happening what is your if you could close your eyes and dream the the perfect path for you or your company or your business what would that look like and so uh the first thing in marketing is to paint the picture not only of uh what needs to be but what is so we want to get from point a to point b we want to get from what is to what could be and in order to do that we use what’s called a swot analysis and we can get into that more deep but swat stands for strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats so on the internal side you look at strengths and weaknesses you look at what what you do well and what you’re going to do well and then you also look at your resources what resources do you have and what resources are you lacking and that can be knowledge it can be human resources it can be financial it can be equipment it can be all that so then you look at you know your vision and the biggest thing about marketing is uh to get the person involved the person like the sales person or the business owner uh as a business owner or a sales person you need to know what you want things to look like and be careful what you ask for because you might get it yeah you know no i i know a guy he really really wanted a steady stream of customers and i said is that really what you want do you want a steady stream of customers and we made it happen he had a steady stream of customers and hated life because he never had any free time and he was the expert so he couldn’t hire it away it was not something he could delegate and he never had any free time and he’s like i have too much business and so then we had to figure out what to do with that too much business huh too much that’s a thing well yeah and so there’s there’s lots of things we could have done differently we could have uh raised his prices which we ended up doing um we could have marketed to more exclusive uh segment of of the market and made it to where he made more money with less traffic but i think it was fun just to see the whole process work to bring in a steady stream of clients and i know it’s like it’s different for every company but how long would you say a marketing transition like that would take well that depends on the money i mean if you got money uh you can make it happen in short order right but anything lasting any lasting change it takes time to build it um and there’s really no shortcuts in life um there’s either buy it and it’s short-lived or build it and that lasts forever yeah and building it takes time so um with like for instance seo when you’re trying to get on the search engines and you’re trying to write content it takes time so you want web traffic there’s organic and there’s pay-per-click well pay-per-click there’s no lifespan on that it just it dies as soon as your bank account stops paying it you know um but organic it can take 18 months to just start seeing it yeah and what we did we were writing um an article a day on five websites every single day and it was optimized it was the whole thing and we’ll talk about seo at some point but it was 400 words it had a video it had all kinds of stuff and so it was optimized for search engines and we did that every day for every site for 18 months and we started to see an upward trend around 12 months and then sometime around 24 months we were getting 30 40 hits a day on a regular basis and when we had something happen that’s kind of stopped that flow of new content then we kept getting 30 or 40 hits a day from a long time after that so so it’s like um it’s like a diesel engine you get it started it’s just gonna run yeah yeah i mean that’s that’s really the key i guess not even just the marketing but to anything in life is that you know anything worth anything takes time to build yeah yeah definitely like even uh getting married you know if you put the if you put the work in i’m not there yet you put the work out you get to know somebody and you build a relationship with them it’s going to last longer than if you just met and said ooh you’re hot let’s get married and people do that and people do that all the time you know but um so yeah so marketing is uh everything that happens before the sales presentation happens so that’s for all you sales people out there you heard it from the guru himself that’s right all right well i think we’re done for our first episode here but uh you can find our podcast squirrel marketing on wherever you find your podcast we will be everywhere until next time.

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