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Important Update! One of our newest YouTube influencers has great advice for you on how you can move forward with confidence as you grow your sphere of influence and bounce back from the set backs life throws at all of us. This great video will spur you on to become the best version of yourself. This will enable you to share your passion and find success in the world of YouTube influencer marketing.

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Marketing trends have been altered in the past few years. The marketing industry has been disrupted with the internet, especially social media. Since the bulk of people now interact on social media, things have quite changed. Even giant media houses now have an online presence where people can easily view their news and stories on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This has further affected interactions with video calling being more mainstream than a privilege or luxury.


The advent of smartphones with quality megapixels have also upgraded the quality of photography and videography. This has empowered several influencers in putting out quality posts that are both attractive and engaging. YouTube is one social media app that focuses on providing video posts that enable everybody to enjoy and get educated on topics that are either entertaining or academic.There have been several talks of Instagram being the perfect fit for social media marketing, but YouTube is a unique influencer marketing tool. YouTube video creators have risen in influence over the years, and not everybody can be on a cable network like the Kardashians or the Braxtons. Most people that were interested in such ventures started out on YouTube Vlogging. Teenagers have been observed in focused a study to be more receptive to their peer’s conviction on issues. The study showed that 30% of youths would rather buy a thing because their friend said so rather than buy that thing based on an advert.

Why Should YouTube Be Used for Influencer Marketing?

A population, the size of a China, is always logged on YouTube daily. The video-based social platform boasts of arguably every superb character or celebrity from the real world. This is not to say we’re living in a virtual world already, but we are getting there gradually, seemingly everything can be done via the internet. So many social media platform offers the opportunity of seamless communication as far as video calling, mapping, and messaging.

 YouTube is a platform that offers detailed insight into any product or service that a brand may want to share with the world. Gone are the days when only a privileged few are allowed to watch, internet connectivity is almost free and available everywhere. Also, the platform allows interaction between people, just like any social media platform.

Since developers have used Adblockers and the FTC have tightened their regulations on advertisements, brands have been forced to find creative ways of ads. This is where YouTube comes in, as nothing compares to YouTube in sharing details of the brand’s solutions to the world visually for as long as intended.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

What Makes an Influencer Ideal for Brand Promotion?

 Whether you are a business owner looking to work with an influencer, or you are an influencer who wants to be a topnotch and highly sorted person, there a few things to look out for in order to achieve your aim. The fact that so many people now boasts of several thousand and millions of influencer makes it difficult to sort out which is better and appropriate for ad campaigns. However complex it can be, it is very simple to a trained eye.

  • The first thing that an influencer gives to any business owner running a campaign is the target audience.
  • Afterward, it is crucial that such social media personalities do have tremendous influence over the followers in order to drive traffic and sales.
  • Furthermore, it is inadvisable to work with a social media influencer that is new to the terrain of influencer marketing.
  • Social media personalities that are conversant with engaging their followings in a similar tone the brand will love to communicate is key to a campaign.
  • The next thing to consider is the level of engagement, such as social media personalities have with their followers.
  • Also, the frequency of the interaction between the influencer and the people following the channel.
  • If the above seems complicated, just assess the level of comments, shares, and reactions to the post of the social media personality.
  • The final cherry on the cake that makes a social media influencer stand out from the rest is the demographics. The genders of the followings, their interest, their location, their ages, and possibly religious affiliations.

All the above are crucial to ensure that the vision of a brand aligns with the interest and dynamics of the potential influencer. It is when all these have been assessed adequately that there can be a fruitful relationship and arrangement between the two parties. This may sound burdensome at the start, but you have to look at the followings of influencers as potential customers. If one cannot do that as a business owner of a company, then what is the point of contracting an influencer with such followings?

This article will probably not be complete without mentioning PewDiePie. He is one of the foremost YouTube influencers with millions of views. What he offers brands like gaming apps is a host of the relevant audience watching his videos continually. This allows the brands to reach out to these potential customers, and PewDiePie helps them captivate their attention and sales in turn.


The marketing industry has gradually accepted influencer marketing as a progressive way of marketing. It has not thrown away other forms of marketing, but it is evident that this digital form of marketing is inevitable. The platform for such a marketing style is not only available but also global, and this makes it effective in reaching the ends of the world. This is why influencers are now considered celebrities. The fact that whatever they do in the corner of their homes or community is now broadcasted globally with a click makes them as important as celebrities whose movies, books, or music are experienced globally.

YouTube influencer marketing has become a prominent way of marketing. It has been able to show that it can rival giant media channels and it has even won over those giant TV channels by winning them over. Most TV stations now have their personalized YouTube channels. This has shown that YouTube is a capable social media hub for people all over the world to interact and conduct business. The amount of music posted monthly on YouTube draws in constant traffic to the platform providing brands a pool of potential customers to win over to themselves.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

6 Ways that You Will Rule with Influencing Marketing in 2020

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

This decade is almost at its end with the next year the last year in the decade. Every decade ushers in a new trend. Influencers and business owners have worked together to create a vibrant marketplace. However, there are so many influencers entering the market, making the need to stand out more necessary. It is crucial to end this decade well to begin the new one with enough energy and confidence.

Influencers are quickly learning that they have to outstanding to be relevant in such an industry. This industry has grown rapidly to about $6.5 Billion in the past five years. This is to show that more growth is anticipated. There are latecomers to the show that will still be very successful at digital influencer marketing more than the already known ones. It is quite interesting that social media has created its own celebrities as the internet is encouraging the development of digital currencies as well.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

When one considers that online purchases and deals are globally digital, the ease of conducting transactions between influencers and the brands being represented becomes more realistic. Diversification of income generation is the order of the day, and many professionals have a side job, which is their ‘hustle’ as it is termed in the urban slang. Therefore, if you are an influencer already, you want to remain competitive. If you are just venturing into the world of social media influencing, you want to start on the right foot with a sound strategy.

Do you know that more than 50% of business owners are seeking not only to improve their digital presence but to invest in social media influencers and campaigns to boost their online traffic? Can you imagine that market research has predicted that by the end of next year, the influencer market would have seen a dramatic rise of up to 65% increase, making it a $10 Billion market? These are a few of the many things that will change not only the world but also the world of influencer marketing. This why being relevant and employing the following 10 tips are crucial to be successful.

The Engagement Power of the Influencer

This is a vital aspect of influencer marketing’s quality. There are lots of celebs with lots of followers who are only looking out for their next post. Although, some others take it a step further. What they do is to interact with their followers giving them a sense of worth and loyalty that can’t be bought. An influencer may have an average of half a million followers and be capable of running a successful campaign compared to celebrities with as many as 10 million followers. This is because the micro-influencer can engage his followers through consistent and meaningful interactions. If you are a brand looking to succeed in this market, or an influencer striving to soar, you have to take this aspect seriously for any successful influencer marketing campaign.

The Connection in Diversity

There are subtle differences between the niches every influencer occupy. As much as one may be an influencer in the medical world and not interested in cooking at all, you may become more successful by connecting the two. Imagine an influencer that brings cooking and medicine together, and this will create a network between these two diverse yet similar groups. Such a rare combination brings about more publicity to such an influencer, as both lovers of food and health will follow such an individual. This provides ample benefit to the brands that will run campaigns with such influencers. This is one of the future trends that will increase traffic and clients in influencer marketing this coming year.

Long-term Relationship between Social Media Influencers and Brands

Social media influencers benefit a lot from running a brand promotion. Some have more traffic and followers as a result, and besides the expected charges that come with the contract, they are also capable of making more in terms of sales commission. However, the brand may stand to lose more if they keep changing influencers with each campaign. This is why business owners and company representatives have devised that the new approach to this sort of marketing is the old trick of maintaining long-term relationships. When an influencer is kept for a while, they start to feel connected to the brand. This not only transmits into their passion in promoting the brand but in higher revenue generation.

 Federal Regulations on Social Media Ads

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been stricter with business transactions online, mainly influencer marketing deals. Influencers are now obliged to indicate whether their connection with a brand benefits them financially or not. This is crucial as it adds to the integrity of influencers giving authentic testimonials or those that are paid to critic or give an appraisal of the product being promoted. This also gives an insight into the level of commitment a company shows in bringing their products to the public.

CGI Influencers

We are at a point when gaming apps are becoming ways youth interact with themselves. Several billions of dollars have gone into the gaming market. The influencer marketing world is gently tilting into that direction. You may wonder why? People are beginning to create avatars that will serve as influencers, and they’re getting successful at it. Few of these CGI influencers have landed deals with renowned brands. An example is Lil Miquela, that has a contract with Prada and Calvin Klein. There are a few others like that, and the benefit they offer is the freedom in dictating how the brand is promoted.

The future may be slightly frightening, maybe because it is uncertain or just because our dreams come alive. However, one thing remains the fact that only those who evolve will benefit from the luxuries it comes along with the future. If you want to do better than the current version of you and become exceedingly successful, start preparing for the next decade as this one comes to an end next year.

Creating a Side Stream of Income for Your Business

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Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?