10 Characteristics of a High-Quality Blog Post

A blog is a platform where people share their opinion, ideas, and also tell stories. The stories may be accompanied by pictures and sometimes videos. It is a place within the online universe where individuals may put up their thoughts and share with millions of people. There are various types of blogs. However, some of the popular ones are about finance and development, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, food and sports and so on. Blogging is the internet’s way of indulging opinionated writers and also for curious readers who would like to learn about something new or expand their knowledge base on a topic. Blogs, when written by professional journalists, have the power to influence business and even political decisions.

This is why it’s crucial always to endeavor to put out a high-quality blog post, because it’s open to everyone that has internet access, and you’d never know who’d be reading it. Everyone likes it when their blog post is read and shared by a lot of people. However, this requires doing something that others are not doing, and mostly it’s writing a high-quality blog post. This piece would highlight some of the important characteristics of a high-quality blog post.

Steps And Examples Of How To Create A High-Quality Blog Post

Below are some of the steps you could follow to creating a high-quality blog post:

  1. Why are you doing this, and what are you trying to achieve: It’s important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing?

 What’s the intent behind the blog post. It’s always important to know your endpoint. Knowing your objective and endpoint is the first thing you should figure out, as this would help you get the best results. You should ask yourself the following questions when considering creating a blog:

  • Are you an information resource on a niche topic?
  • Are you knowledgeable enough to be a thought leader or authority in your space?
  • Is the purpose of your blog to trend or break the news or cutting-edge design and technique?

Answering and understanding these questions would help you understand the identity of the blog as a whole, and you should also ask the following questions when considering writing an article:

  • Is the purpose of your blog post to grow readers?
  • Are you trying to increase your subscribers?
  • Is the article for shares or links?
  • Is it a news jack a trend for a quick win?
  • Do you want to earn some credibility and longevity from an evergreen article?
  • Who Is Your Target Audience and What Do They Want To Read?

It’s important to know your audience. Knowing what your audience wants to read, and not what you think they want to read is vital. You have to define your personas, know what your target audience is interested in, and also what their problems are so that you can write on the solutions. This method of writing is sure to attract a lot of traffic to your blog, and also connect with your audience. As an illustration, corporate blogs tend to write about happenings in their company, and also what they’ve been up to. However, this type of information doesn’t concern the audience.

Your target audience does not care much about what charities you donated to, or about the new machinery the company just acquired. People care about themselves, and how you can improve and make their lives better and easier. This is what you should be focused on. It also helps to know your audience and consistently give them the information they might need. As an illustration, if your target audience is athletes and bodybuilders, then you have to consistently put out contents that include various types of exercises, food supplement, and techniques consistently. This is the only way you can retain and grow your subscribers.

  • You Should Only Write Or Talk About What You’re Qualified To Talk About

One mistake a lot of bloggers make is talking about what they have little or no knowledge of. As an example, I wouldn’t pay attention if an accountant is telling me about the best ways of treating a health condition. This is because I’m aware that the accountant has limited knowledge of medicine, and would most likely falter in his/her suggestions. This is why it’s important to identify your niche and focus on it. After identifying your niche, you should go all in to be the expert in that field.

  • Carry Out Researches With The Standard Of A Journalist

Journalists are known for their ability to gather information from anywhere possible, to produce great content. You should develop this type of skill, and apply it when creating contents for your blog. Any high-quality article must be written in a journalist approach as standard. The implication of this is that your articles should be backed up with evidence. You should also add statistics and studies to support the topic.

  • Create original content and also find a fresh approach: One of the best ways of driving traffic and creating high-quality blogs is by being original. Herd content is the stuff that you see replicated across websites in the same niche. The lazy research carried out in creating these contents is obvious. Even in situations where you can’t but a copy, there are still ways of being distinct.
  • Be information and provide answers to questions: Your content has to be informative, and provide answers to the many questions your target audience might have.
  • The length of your article: There have been a lot of debates on how long an article should be. However, it appears a lot of people settle for 2000 words, as it has been shown that they’re more shared. However, you should only write that long if you have something valuable to say.
  • Speak in the right tone of voice for your audience
  • Make your post appealing to the eyes, and easy to read.
  •  Ensure your content is up to date: You should endeavor to update your articles, as you get new information. This is the only way for your content to be evergreen.


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