The Platform of Platforms and its Unique Features

we think typically of business organizations and financial institutions competing
over products and services, we consider that aspect where organizations charge
to build a better mousetrap. Now in the networked age of today, there is an
increased competition over platforms. This rapid advancement has brought
various business organizations and financial institutions to the reality of building
better platforms which will help them have a decided advantage over the
competition at a global level.

When constructing a platform, what
comes to mind? A platform is a system
that helps you up and on which others can
stand in of which same can be said in
business. In the scope of building digital platforms, business organizations
and financial institutions can connect their
business and institutions easily with others, produce products and
services and create value. This creation of platforms in organizations and
institutions gives them the ability to connect and play as it is a defining
feature of Platform Thinking. Let’s put
into consideration the smartphone market, we
can confirm the fact that the former phones and digital devices are a shadow of
their former selves in our world of
today. This technologies are obsolete and lag in this competitive, ever-evolving industry.

Business organizations and
financial institutions must be inspired enough to develop the ability to create
a successful platform that will determine their ultimate success in the
competitive global market. Platform thinking, when used by the organization, goes beyond the technology sector
because product retailers are rapidly moving from selling products through the distribution channel to engagement platforms in
which values are co-created. Online retailing is the order of the day in our
markets today like Amazon, and they are
leading the way, and now traditional
retailers are following suit.

Platform for the Next Level

lot of renowned business organizations, financial institutions, and corporate giants are now massively shifting
from products to platforms. That’s why we
have been able to create a custom platform of platforms with the concept of platform thinking to enable
organizations, and financial institutions
connect and level up in the global market. Our custom platform of platforms consists of three different transformative
technologies that have driven the rise of
platforms which has greatly benefited business
organizations and financial institutions. The custom platform of platforms
consists of social, cloud and mobile technologies.

In our innovative custom platform, Social
networks connect organizations and
institutions together globally and
maintain their identity online. The cloud technology creates a global infrastructure
for production, giving anyone access to
create content and applications for an audience globally. The mobile technology
allows multiple connections to this
global infrastructure anywhere, anytime. This
results in an accessible network of entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers who can develop businesses, create content, and purchase goods and

innovative platform of Platforms also depends on the power of network effects
as more users and consumers are attracted in which they become more valuable to
those users. In this light, the success of our innovative custom platform of
platforms strategy is determined by three major factors which are how easily
other organizations platforms can connect into our custom platform to transact
and share. Secondly how well our custom platform can help other business
organizations platform to attract participants who
are both consumers and producers. Thirdly, how well the innovative custom
platform fosters the exchange and co-creation of value.

Transforming Business Models

The innovative custom platform of
platforms is made up of three building blocks which enable other business organizations and institutions platform to be
successful and achieve their goals. The first building block is the toolbox which creates a connection by enabling other platforms to connect easily into the platform. This facility
in our custom platform enables interactions between participants. The second
building block is the magnet
that creates a pull that attracts users and consumers to the platform with social gravitation. In the case of transaction
platforms, to achieve critical mass both producers and consumers must be
present. Our custom platform has created an infrastructure that enables the design of incentives, reputation systems,
and pricing models. It also leverages social media to harness the effect of the
network for rapid growth. The custom
platform of platforms incorporates the
matchmaker to foster the flow of value by creating connections between
consumers and producers. Data is right at the
core of successful matchmaking, and this differentiates our custom
platforms from other platforms and business models. The facility of the matchmaker
in our custom platform, rich data’s of the participants,
are captured, and it leverages that data to facilitate connections between
producers and consumers. But not all platforms place the same emphasis as our
custom platform of platforms has done on all three building blocks.

We will see in the nearest future, so many business organizations and financial institutions edging
from products to platforms. We would see organizations and financial
institutions involved in the business of extermination worrying less about building
better mousetraps but building more on mouse catching platforms like our
innovative custom platform of platforms.

Our custom platform of platforms allows enterprises to set up a very powerful cloud-based,
industry-focused ecosystems for value innovation and exchange among
users and consumers. After experiencing the initial debut in the technology
sector, it is now beneficial to almost
all large organizations and industries,
including manufacturing, finances, public sector, telecom, transportation,
health care, and utilities. The
innovative custom platform of platforms is a very different animal from
traditional information technology (IT) projects. It often involves the whole
business organizations and financial institutions which require multiple business platforms to cohabit together and remain
in close alignment.

Communication of excellence and collaboration
is, therefore, an essential ingredient in
our innovative custom platform of platforms. It promotes a capacity of having a
shared understanding of the vision, strategy and end game of the custom platform
approach. It’s valued for all
organizations involved and a shared commitment to its success.

business organizations and financial institutions are faced today with the fundamental
question that underlines Platform Thinking which is our stronghold in the
innovative platform of platforms. So how do we enable others to create value? Also, building a better mousetrap still might
not have the world beat a path to your
door, but our exceptional custom platform
might just do the trick.

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