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Get this Platform, and Let your Clients Cash their Winnings

all the coins you make while sitting idly
on your couch can be physically cashed
out into your local currency. It is entirely reasonable
to develop an interest in games because they help in buy time during those moments we are moving from a
place to another. For others, it is one
of those things that give them happiness
and satisfaction. Playing games with utmost dedication and seeing how much you have made is only tanked with the
realization that it cannot be physically spent.
That feeling is what brings some of us back to reality.

However, what if a custom
platform can allow these coins become legal tenders and convertible into
cryptocurrencies. Would it not make it a profound remuneration for gamers all
over the world as everyone can make purchases and deals online with their
winnings on the different games they enjoy.
Remember how competitively people chase high
scores and the bonus coins that comes with it.
Imagine if all that was available in
real-time and real currency.

Instead of having to make in-game purchases with physical currencies stored up in your credit cards. What if these coins are not only being used to purchase upgrades and in-app merchandises but also they can be transferred over to other games. With the inclusion of the cryptowallet in the “platform of platforms,” the coins won in the game apps that leverage on our technology provides the opportunity of converting those winnings into cryptocoins. Additionally, all these come with the advantage of being shielded from any form of inflation or loss of value. Before it is more challenging and competitive, you want to get in now and make your coins count.

Did they say Diminishing Returns are Inevitable, not
with our Custom Platform

you an app publisher or developer, or a
content creator, or an online business owner, and you are tired of the diminishing returns that are accrued from the traditional revenue
models? The mobile app developers constantly
struggle with tying down their end users as it is merely normal for users to
move from one app to another. It is even more challenging as developers need to
get in as much money as possible before the users switch ships. It can be
frustrating and unavoidable, but you need not look
any further. The “platform of platforms” gives you that unique chance to use
our innovation and add its special
features into your mobile applications and websites.
This is easily
achievable based on the infrastructure already built in place by our custom platform.

The Spending Power of our Platform

doesn’t stop at that but gets better; the infrastructure
also allows the inclusion of cryptocurrency services into the mobile apps,
which makes any app automatically become transformed into a revolutionary one.
The cryptocurrency gives every app and website the opportunity of spending the
legal tender and cryptocurrency of the application. The cryptocurrency gets to
be kept safely in the in-app crypto-account.

The Holy Grail of Digital Market Control

monetization of our platform allows online businesses
to gain more, financially, with the existence of the token bonuses
attached to our custom platform. Numerous online businesses have been seeking
to have such a revolutionary innovation, and it won’t
be long before the first set of clients start tripling their initial profits
with it. The special thing about our
custom platform is that it comes with a welcome kit that enables
advertisements, notifications, as well as advanced functionalities, to be built into your
applications even without any prior technical expertise. Take advantage of this
product that thousands of clients have already integrated.

The Time of Disputes are Over

you ever had disputes online, and you’ve had to go through the various protocol of getting customer care,
calls incessantly being made and the whole issue dragging for too long? Maybe you were even the developer who could not solve
a minor problem because the
infrastructure was not part of the app in the first place. Even with the
sincerest intentions, you may still have
experienced two users claiming different things happened and you are just lost and confused on what to do. Market
research has shown that our platform helps to deal with all these issues
seamlessly by using smart contracts provided from the beginning for content

Escrow Security System

The “platform of
platforms” has already put in place such a mechanism
that allows great P2P transactions to
take place. The best part is that online businesses can still enjoy these
benefits even if they do not have an existing marketplace. With such
monetization occurring with our platform, many may be worried about the
security and the integrity of the platform, but that has not only been considered but solved as well.

mobile users, as well as, the computer operatives are enabled to utilize this
innovation for any deals they are interested in, without worrying about trust
while trading with the tokens and cryptocoins. The whole setup is taken care of
by a tested and trusted secure system facilitated by a feature that uses hash
time-locked contracts (HTLCs) as an escrow system. Take your business to the next level by getting the most out of
this platform by opting for the stability system that protects both the parties
from any form of volatility that the market may be
subjected to, at any point.

Get Paid just for the Ads

Description: Cryptocurrency, Business, Finance, Money

When online brands create
advertisements and end users come across them, they skip them most of the time,
by doing this it limits the outreach of the adverts, and hence sales. However,
when end users realize that by watching these adverts, there is an instant
value attached, the probability that they watch
them soars, and eventually this will affect the sales that are intended to be made from these ads. Gaining rewards and payment as never been more realistic, our
custom platform can convert its revenue
to fuel the token portfolio.

token of our platform is a unique cryptocurrency that is essentially the superb way of connecting brands
that need advertisements, content creators, publishers of mobile applications,
and end users. Thus, allowing transactions to be carried out between all parties,
with a profitable consequence for all. There’s
hardly a better and compelling way to generate a steady revenue, as well as, a
buoyant profit on any other platform.