Local Business marketing gets an upgrade

Business marketing gets an upgrade with


Marketing co-ops have been successful for years the top local now brings a new flair to a rising tide lifts all boats mentality in a local and community marketing where members of a group or a tribe can actually leverage the technology to quickly deploy co-op marketing and away never been done before… We’re excited to work with top local and expect great things from the CEO who we met with this morning at a coffee shop in Southlake Texas.

The founder has been working on this for years knowing that small and local businesses if they work together can leverage their marketing dollars to exceed their overall opportunities together versus trying to do it all by themselves… This is a great example of working smarter not harder

Because they are a Texas-based company you’ll see that many of the markets are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but as the program picks up steam you will quickly see business and industry, Chamber of Commerce, small groups, nonprofits pick up this technology and use this tool in ways that probably even the founder can’t imagine… We’re excited to see where this goes but we know that working together is always better if you want to beat the big machine that gets 5 billion search is a day… Let’s take advantage of it together and welcome top local to the team

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