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Mobile Software Buying Trends for 2010

Our friends at ElasticPath forwarded their 2010 Consumer Software Buying Trends report to me the other day. Of note was some interesting variations from what I had always assumed about mobile software downloads, as well as a fair share of confirmations.

Some of its better findings were:


Adwords for Mobile Devices

Using your phone for only actual calls or texts is a thing of the past. With faster connections and better screens, the amount of people surfing the web on their mobile device is increasing every year. Because so many people are using their phones to go online, maybe its time to take a look at how you can incorporate mobile into your current Adwords campaigns.

Advertising specifically for mobile devices is still a relatively new area for many companies and most have yet to take advantage. While this might be the case today, it won't be for long. In the months and years to come the amount of advertisers is going to dramatically increase. It makes sense to start testing and refining your campaigns today.

Want to move forward with a mobile campaign? A few things to consider:


Gmail SMS verification: details, reasons and stuff to try

the future workplaces of gmail spammers

There was a time when life online was simple. You could have several email accounts with different names disconnected from one another and use one for your finances, one for work, one for personal email, one for letting all those "internet people" contact you, one for signing up to websites, and one just there so that you write obnoxious emails to people without them knowing who you are.

My god, I have too many email addresses.

Then, back in June of 2009, we reported that our favourite mail provider--gmail--asked us to input a mobile phone for sign up. A month later the web was a flood with messages and complaints. Many people who do not have cellphones were finding that their text-based medium of choice was now requiring them to have access to another text-based medium.

This week I want to take another look at what happened, why it happened, and what you can do about it.


The Mobile Web - Trends and Predictions

We're reaching critical mass

The mobile web is reaching a critical mass. The amount of mobile surfers is increasing dramatically, and we're set for an explosion. CNN's mobile site traffic has gone from 2.7 million page views a month, when it launched, to over 30 million. Neilsen reports that mobile growth has occurred 8x faster than PC internet growth. Smart phone adoptions rates are skyrocketing, and the iPhone appears to be leading the pack. We are starting to see long-term trends forming, and I think that in our thinking on "the mobile web" we are missing that the effects of mobile browsing is not going to be limited to cellphones.


iPhone 3.0: It aint no ce...

35 years after its implementation at PARC...

Yesterday Apple announced it. Yes, the thing you've all been waiting for. The greatest development in iPhone history. A change so monumental that it will fundamentally change how we use our iPhones and iPods forever.

Apple implemented copy and paste into the iPhone's OS.

Biz. Pop. Bang. Wow. Lets go party like its 1974!


iPhone Shortcomings: The iPhone ain't no cell phone

To hold it is to love it. To first behold it is was almost spiritual - certainly sensual. But the iPhone is not a Cell Phone, as the table will show.


Mobile Application Testing

Adobe has recently released their new Creative Suite CS3.

As a part of this release they have included an application called Device Central.

This application allows developers to test their content, including Flash Lite applications, on a broad range of mobile phones and electronic devices and should help increase the number of developers creating pertinent content for mobile devices.

Device Central will also be able to download updated device profiles on a regular basis so that developers can stay up to date with the devices they are developing their content for.

Mobile websites for real estate agents

At VKI Studios we are very excited about our upcoming attendance and sponsorship of the National Association of Realtors conference in New Orleans (NARdi Gras). What makes this even more exciting for us is the fact that we will be launching and demonstrating our new mobile web sites for realtors and real estate agents.

These new websites will be specifically created and formatted to be displayed on mobile devices such as, cell phones and smart phones, mobile PDAs, Blackberries,...

The benefit for realtors of having a mobile version of their website occurs when a potential buyer is sitting in front of one of your listings, and they want to learn more about it. All they will have to do is navigate to the realtor's website that is posted on their sign, and then they will be automatically directed to the mobile version of their website via a device detection script.

Once on the mobile site the potential buyer will find the realtors contact information, and information on all of the real estate agents listings. They will then navigate to the listing that they are interested in and then follow the link for full property details.

If they are interested in learning more they will be able to contact the agent immediately on their mobile phone.

These new sites will be created so that they are optimized for search engine compatibility, and so that they don't suffer from usability issues that plague most mobile websites.

To learn more about this new service call us today or come visit us during NARdi Gras at booth 2375.