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Facebook Privacy Loophole - Who's looking at your pictures?

Here's how it works: When you post pics, only people who are your friends can see them.  However, if I am friends with "Jane" and Jane comments on "Sam's" picture, this comment (and Sam's picture) get posted for ME to see.  And I've never met Sam in my life.  Not only that, but I can click on the picture and see the whole album of all Sam's pictures.  Just the one album though.  So, poor Sam is getting his pictures looked at by every single person who is Jane's friends.  And, the same goes for anyone else who comments on his picture. 

Imagine that, all your friends friends can look through your entire album every time that friend comments on a picture. So until Facebook closes this privacy loophole you might want to protect your friends privacy, by not commenting on pictures. Imagine what parents, coworkers, and others think when they see pictures of you that you don't want them to see!

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Who cares, this is how it is on myspace unless you make your albums private.
# Posted By Ricky | 9/4/08 10:52 AM
WRONG! How old is this article? how about setting the security option of "ONLY MY FRIENDS" and not "FRIENDS OF FRIENDS"?? this website is a waste of space, bandwidth and time.
# Posted By Cide | 9/4/08 10:55 AM
How many people know they have to change their default privacy settings. I bet 99% of people get caught in this loophole. Thanks
# Posted By Shannon | 9/4/08 11:07 AM
cide is a nob.
# Posted By Rob | 9/4/08 2:10 PM
Or... you just don't post private stuff on the web... :S
# Posted By keke | 9/9/08 10:17 AM
Very true about being able to view thier photos...howerver, can we really have privacy on 'facebook' and myspace??
# Posted By digiwebbs | 10/10/08 4:33 PM
Who cares....If you don't want people to see then don't put the photos on Facebook...
# Posted By Anita | 11/2/08 2:23 AM
The fact of the matter is that it's not your own photos that are the problem, If I upload an album I can set it so only my friends can see it.

However If someone tags me in a photo I have no control of who can see that photo whilst I am tagged as being in the photo. I can untag myself but by this point people who I don't want to see the photo may have already seen it and depending on the circumstances involved this could have major consequences. i.e. getting the sack.
# Posted By Jonny | 11/5/08 9:48 AM
Cide is right. You can set it so this isn't a problem.
# Posted By B | 11/8/08 11:52 PM
there is also a security setting on facebook that lets you choose who can and who can't see tagged pictures of yourself...........
# Posted By jc | 11/28/08 5:57 AM
cide IS a nob!
# Posted By b | 12/2/08 6:40 PM
The best way to lock people out of looking at your specific albums is this way:
1) Make a friends list of people that u want to limit
2) Go to your photo album page
3) Click on Album Privacy
4) You should see a drop down list of "Who can see this?" - now open the list and click CUSTOMIZE
5) At the bottom of the "Edit Photo Album Privacy" window you should see "Except These People"
6) Add the friends list of Limited Friends that you made in step 1 to the "Except These People" list
Now everyone except those in your limited list can see the pics!

# Posted By Andrew Martin | 12/12/08 2:29 PM
Cide is not a knob.

if u don't know the privacy settings... then don't post pictures
# Posted By smart cookie | 12/15/08 1:24 PM
The real danger in these kind of sites is that they give users, young ones especially, a false sense of anonimity.

.. and what I've been hearing from a lot of people: I don't want my business contacts on my FaceBook. Personal friends and business friends are two different things entirely, and I think most people have two different faces they show in the different profiles. Unless FaceBook can come up with some smart way to have separate social networks (with separate profiles) under the same login, I don't think LinkedIn has too much to worry about.

I happened to visit a group where a picture of someone was posted. Another member wrote, "Isn't that [Name Omitted]?" The author responded, "Yes. He doesn't know, but I don't think he'll mind." It was perfectly innocuous in this case, but Name Omitted might prefer not to have a photo posted in a network that is accessible to millions of people.

# Posted By Facebook Unmasked | 12/29/08 2:37 AM
I don't know if that's true because I was tagged in a pic and when my friend logged in he couldn't see any of them. Even if the album is private and I am in the photo, how come my friends can't see it?
# Posted By Tia | 3/4/09 4:21 AM
Maybe you've set the photo so that friends cant see it?
# Posted By Evey | 3/4/09 11:28 AM
I just had someone comment on a picture in a gallery that has the security set to "Only Friends" and she is not a friend. Sh e has been tagged in the picture by someone that we are both friends with so I imagine that is who she has got access. So I would agree there is a loophole as essentially someone I am not friends with is looking at photos that I have specifically listed as friends only!
# Posted By Bob | 3/12/09 2:12 AM
If someone tags you in a picture & their settings are settings are set to "only friends" then only their friends & your mutual friends can see the pictures. If you go into your settings --> privacy settings-->profile & select a mutual friends name and then view your photos that will show you what they can see on your page.
# Posted By Dee | 8/23/09 8:10 PM
Check out Facebook's biggest privacy loopholes: http://bit.ly/cx4cuB.
# Posted By Dipti | 5/26/10 1:07 PM
wrong. people who aren't supposed to be allowed to see the picture won't even see the post that says "... has commented on ...'s picture"
# Posted By samira | 6/2/10 2:14 PM
A friend tagged me in a photo and I commented on it. Now although my settings for "My Photos" is set to "Me Only", all my friends see my comment AND the photo in their news feed. Can I prevent this without deleting the comment?
# Posted By Ken | 9/20/10 9:57 PM
Was it your own photo (uploaded by you, listed in your albums)? If not, then there are limits to your control over that photo. However you can try the following (you may have already done this):
- Go to the account drop down (top right) and select "privacy settings"
- Click "customize settings"
- In the drop down for "photos and videos I'm tagged in" select "custom" and "edit", then select "make visible to these people" and only select the people who you want it to be visible to.

The thing is, you don't appear to be able to edit who can see comments, so by commenting you *may* have created a link back that everyone can see. I'm not really sure, to be honest. If this is the case then it's certainly a privacy issue, albeit a minor one.

You can also "untag" yourself in the photo, so that it wont show up in searches for you.
# Posted By KentC | 9/21/10 12:07 PM
You still can't change it so that when someone comments on your photo and it says "so-and-so commented on so-and-so's photo", their friends can't click on it and see every one of your photos. It's insane how this still hasn't been fixed.
# Posted By carlita | 2/14/11 8:43 PM