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New Greasemonkey script to help you manage your Google Analytics account's profiles!

If you have multiple profiles setup for your google analytics account, then you may have noticed that when you choose a new profile to view you are sent to the main dashboard for the selected profile. This can become really cumbersome as now you have to navigate all the way back down the report you want in the new profile.

Well now, with this simple Greasemonkey script, when you select a new profile to view you will see the same report you were just on, but it will be for the new profile which you selected. Also, if you wish to compare reports from two profiles, there is an option to view the new profile in a separate tab.

Before installing the Greasemonkey script:

After installing the Greasemonkey script:

Instructions on installing the script:

  1. Make sure you have Greasemonkey installed on Firefox.
  2. Click on this install link for cleanerGAProfileSwitching v1.1.0.
  3. You're all done, now log-in to your Google Analytics account and check it out.


  • Bugs: If you notice a bug, or have an idea on how we can improve this, then please let us know in the comments section below.
  • Userscripts: This is the Userscripts.org page.


  • Version 1.0 - Click here to install v1.0
  • Version 1.1.0 - Click here to install v1.1.0
    • Updates
      1. Back button fix (Thank André Scholten for the comment here).
      2. Easier profile switching is now available to you profile settings page (Thank Brian Katz here at VKI Studios).
      3. Settings Remebered (Thank you Jeremy Aube at ROI Revolution for this suggestion):
        • Segment Key Selected
        • Date Range Selected
        • Number of Rows Viewed
        • Graph By Mode
        • Tab Selected
        • View Selected

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I can't think of how many times I've done this manually. I'll probably forget I even have this installed before long; it's that intuitive. Thanks for coming out with this!
# Posted By Jeremy Aube | 7/10/08 5:37 AM
Nice! I get annoyed any time I can't open something in a new tab, so this is great.
# Posted By Jonathan Weber | 7/10/08 11:45 AM
I'm glad you find this Greasemonkey script useful, I hope you like the update =]

You two already know about this I'm sure, but if anyone else finds this script handy, then consider using http://www.lunametrics.com/blog/2008/06/12/automat... from LunaMetrics in tandem with the script above.
# Posted By Erik V | 7/28/08 7:50 PM
Very useful script! Thanks for that!
I wish this worked switching GA accounts as well!
# Posted By Roman Appeltauer | 1/31/09 7:38 AM
I cannot get this script to work to save my life! I have multiple greasemonkey scripts running - could one of them be affecting this profile switching script?

Analytics Scripts I have installed:
Social Media Metrics Plugin
show 50 results in profile list
Analytics Downloader
# Posted By Sandra | 2/5/09 1:39 AM
Hey Sandra,

First of all, if you are viewing your Google Analytics data from Google Adwords, then this script does not work, I will address this eventually.

Otherwise the script should work, I just tried it. It is possible that other userscripts you have installed are conflicting with this script, to find out which one(s) are causing a conflict, I would disable every script except this one, then verify it works, then enable the other scripts you have installed one by one until you find the conflict.

If you find another script that is conflicting with this one, then please let us know.
# Posted By Erik Vold | 2/10/09 1:33 PM
I cannot get this to work. The tick box to "open in a new tab" appears, but none of the settings stick except the report type. Dates reset to the last month and advanced segments choices are cleared. Sometimes I even get a date mix-up e.g. I select 11th Feb to 12th Feb, change profiles, and the date range is now Nov 2nd to Dec 2nd (months and days reversed). The frustrating thing is that I used to have this working fine, either through this script or the Better GA extension and i don't know what has changed. FF3, XP.
# Posted By Steve | 3/31/09 2:15 AM
It seems to be working for me, the segment stuff isn't remembered at the moment, but the date range is, so that should work.

If you have other userscripts installed, please try disabling them and trying mine again to verify that it is giving you these issues on its own, or not.
# Posted By Erik Vold | 3/31/09 1:13 PM
I'm glad I found your script. I had to reboot Firefox so I have been reminded of how important your script is to my measurement of Analytics. Thank you!
# Posted By mark | 5/12/09 7:57 PM
I can't this to work! I'll switch profiles and get brought back to the Overview Dashboard. I'm running FF, HELP!
# Posted By Adam | 2/3/11 12:59 PM