How much do YouTubers Get Paid for Advertising?

Research has shown that 87% of the adverts placed online by business brands are using influencers. A large percentage of these influencers make use of YouTube as their channel because of its popularity and reach. Over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day, and this traffic translates to multi-millions being made daily on YouTube. Dedicated YouTubers start from scratch and build their enviable fanbase in months or a few years, you only need to get started. So how much do YouTubers get paid for advertising? Many brands, like Monavie, will pay influencers to include an ad when making a video. You might even want to buy Monavie Active to use as a part of your healthy living. You might want to become part of a team that will help you ear money while you build your online presence. Looking and feeling great will add life to your video presence.

There are billions of users and thousands of niches to choose from to build your brand around to create your income. There are fascinating YouTube channels about chefs and food, makeup and skin care, martial arts and nutrition, lifestyle and comedy. many businesses, such as plumbers, heating and air conditioning, real estate, lawn care, and insurance are making YouTube videos to increase their customer base.

You have to know where you fit in and where you can most attract an audience with your skills and knowledge. Making YouTube videos is an everyday thing, so exploit interest that’s your natural habitat.

Do I Go About It?

Now that you have decided what your channel will be about, the next thing is to create a YouTube

You can do that in these easy steps

  1. Sign
    in to YouTube
  2. Click
    on the gear icon to get into your
    account’s YouTube settings
  3. Click
    create a new account Channel
  4. Choose
    between a business channel or personal channel
  5. Add your business name

Once you have created your channel, you can start
adding your videos, and the next thing is to start making money. Simple

do I Make Money on YouTube?

There are many
ways to turn your YouTube videos to money.
Let me take you through them below:

To start earning money from YouTube
ads, you need to monetize your account, monetizing your account means giving consent to YouTube to
place their ads in your videos and while
also acknowledging there is no copyright
issue. YouTube then pays you a percentage
of traffic generated for the advert from your
videos. It’s a token, but having thousands or millions of viewers can make it add up to the hefty sum.

your Video Elsewhere:
is just one of many platforms you can
promote your videos, promoting on other
platforms will give you a wider and deeper reach. You can achieve this by creating links that connect your social media accounts as well as your website or blog with the video.

This is a way of selling products
to your viewers without having any
products. Third party products and brands are
promoted while you get a commission in exchange. The commission could be
a percentage of traffic generated or
exchange for goods or services. There are a lot
of ways of marketing for affiliates, the
more skillful you are, the better for your business. Most Common ways are as follows:

  1. Without Saying a Word About It  

You can market a brand
without making mention of the brand but by positioning
the brand in a conspicuous way in the video.It could be by rocking an outfit by a fashion brand or drinking a
beverage you are promoting without making reference to it while you do so.

  • Feedback

A lot of subscribers will
instantly purchase a product because an influencer they really like is giving positive
feedback on the product. This is borne
out of trust and believe in the quality and taste of you as an influencer.

  • Product

way of promoting a product is by making a video of you unboxing the products and revealing features that will attract
subscribers in the process.

  • News

on your type of channel, creating a piece of news about the new brand could be
the best way to reach your audience, this
is specific to bloggers who make their
living by circulating the latest news and gossips.

This partnership gives YouTubers
access to extra support and features like copyright match tools, creator
support team, and monetization features. YouTube
partnership comes with basic requirements.

  1. Have
    a linked Adsense account to get your money
  2. Reside
    in a country where YouTube partnership is available
  3. Have
    more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months
  4. Have
    1,000 subscribers

your Contents:
Another way of generating income on
YouTube is by licensing your contents.Contents are made available for Media
such as TV, radio or  social media
accounts in exchange for money.

your Projects:
your videos are captivating, and your
subscribers are entertained, they will do
anything to keep you in the game and even
take you to the next level.

Subscribers are willing
to donate to your next project and ensure
you achieve your next project without even funding it yourself. Transparency on how the money is spent is, however, crucial to keep their trust and followership.
You are likely to get your subscribers to fund more projects if they
believe you are transparent in how you spent their money.

with brands:
Working with big brands and
companies is where big money is, the more
the brands you work with, the more money you rake in.There
are a number of ways of working with
brands like:

  1. Brand Ambassador:
    Being a brand ambassador ties you to a
    brand on a contract to promote and represent the brand over the length spelled out in the contract.These contracts are lucrative and could be worth up to millions in dollars.
  2. Sponsored Post: You
    can also dedicate a post or few posts to promote a brand, unlike the
    ambassadorial role, money is paid to the YouTuber per post made.

Can I Attract More Brands?

There are no
limits to the number of brands you can work it,
it’s all about making yourself
appealing and irresistible to brands. The following tips will help you attract more

  • Creativity: Whatever
    your niche is, there are many influencers
    available to promote brands, a major
    thing that can set you apart is
    creativity.Ability to put a wow factor in
    your advertising can put above your competitors.
  • Join a Network: Influencer
    networks connect influencers with brands.Joining
    a network will get you more work as long
    as you keep up your excellent work.
  • Get an Agent: Companies
    rely on agencies at times to make influencer decisions, signing up with an
    agency will improve your chances of
    getting more jobs.

There are a lot of ways of making money as a YouTuber, and it’s not about choosing which one you want
to exploit. You have to exploit them all, and the
wealthiest YouTubers maximize all the
opportunities. These opportunities include promoting YouTube ads, YouTube
partnerships, product sales, as well as affiliating with brands.

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