Blockchain Digital Marketing

The ability to capture an audience has always been the major priority for digital marketers, and they have always sorted for various new means to enthrall our clientele in ways they have never been seen before. Some business organizations put guys without shirts and big muscles on horses while others create blogs with superb writing and engaging content. Digital marketers are constantly fighting tooth and nail to get an edge. In the nearest future, the future of the internet will be vastly different than it is right now as blockchain starts to accept wider adoption among both consumers, business organizations and dream of a genuinely decentralized internet may someday become a reality.

us of the state of blockchain today, there were many
uncertainties about how viable shopping online would be which has been a
subject of contemplation in the field of e-commerce. The facilitation of the
growth of affiliated marketing organizations and also the digital marketing
industry since its inception has been achieved massive
success. Experts of blockchain based startups have now realized the potential
of blockchain technology to disrupt the marketplace positively, and it will also offer innovative solutions to the marketplace. We now experience
various schema communities creating markup certificates for blockchain
platform. Currently, the blockchain iteration
has created new platforms for the digital marketing industry such as marketing
the launch of a new initial coin offerings
(ICOs) and incorporating blockchain technologies into existing webpage

Advancing Digital Marketing

For the view of digital marketing and digital advancement
globally, blockchain technology is the
edge. While we know that blockchain is the best technology that makes
cryptocurrencies tick, experts and innovators from banking to the banana
industry are expanding massively on its vast potential. We have been told a lot about the large scale applications
of blockchain technology such as transparency, security and speed and this
benefits lauded by many business organizations and financial institutions
making blockchain technology stick onto its name making bank flash on the
recent boom and also enhancing more practical applications.

In conjunction with marketing, one
question comes to mind. Is blockchain tech
capable of transforming the way we think about marketing? By taking
advantage of the secure and transparent nature of blockchain, digital marketing
industries may never be as it was because of
the vast ideas and concepts. The
blockchain technology can be realistically
utilized to help digital marketers attain a customer base in a way that’s never been achieved before.

Now let’s focus more on the productive effect that the blockchain technology
will have on business organizations and financial institutions through digital
marketing as a whole which goes from content creation all the way to adverting.
Despite the confusion surrounding this technology, it’s believed that the new blockchain applications will upturn the
most obvious problems that exist in the digital marketing industry today which
may take a while. There is a misconception globally as to people’s perspective
toward the blockchain technology. People associate the blockchain technology
with buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the surface level, but this brilliant idea is much more than that.

Digital marketers, organizations
and institutions need to recognize the latest trends and understand how
blockchain technology works. It is in the best interest of digital marketers
and organizations to start learning and educating themselves on the potential
impact the blockchain technology would have on business organizations and
financial institutions. It is vital for
digital marketers and organizations to understand the concept of blockchain technology, even though they are not
hoping to incorporate Cryptocurrency because it’s
changing the digital marketing industry

Blockchain and Keeping

The blockchain tech is similar to an
open record system or a shared ledger. Blockchain
technology provides a platform that keeps all records which are used to keep
track of different transactions and for reference purposes. As we all know that
there are multiple uses for organizations and institutions file records. This
blockchain technology gives business organizations, financial institutes and cooperate giants the edge in
securing records, bookkeeping and above
all a soft landing for auditing to prevent corporate fraud and corruption.

valued benefit of blockchain is the level at which all transactions and
processes well documented and verified. For
instance, a customer could get a “behind-the-scenes”
look of a retailer’s supply chain and discover precisely
the process in which the product was made.
The transparency allows the consumer to discover whether a company is
trustworthy about their claims or not. Cryptocurrency
comes flashing in mind first when people hear the word blockchain, but blockchain technology is also used to keep
track records and data such as voting records, medical information, financial
records, and home records. Each blockchain transaction is segmented by blocks. Hence
the name and these blocks get verified by other users in the system.

Blockchain SMEs

blockchain technology also eliminates digital
marketing middleman. The digital marketing industry now utilizes “middlemen” that
takes control of the territory between advertisers and consumers. Taking the
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), for example,
and Google Display Network as a case
study. Organizations and financial institutions must have their websites
displaying Google banners ads instead of originally
finding other advertisers because Google is a source of trust. Google also
handles the transaction process so that organizations and institutions are paid
fairly for clicks generated on the
advertising ads.

this case, Google is majorly the middleman between the advertiser and the
business organization which makes them take a cut of the profits. However, imagine SEM through the blockchain.
Business organizations and financial institutions would not have to go through
all that complex process because each organization and financial institution
would already be validated and verified. The advertiser would know that they’re paying for genuine clicks, and the business organizations and financial
institutions can trust that the amount they’re
being paid is fair.  This means that it’s
all down to a decrease in extra costs and an increase in your profit margin.

the introduction of blockchain technology builds trust and transparency
with business organizations and financial institutions. One of the
problems that many business organizations and financial institutions, particularly large
one’s experience is consumer trust. Business organizations and financial
institutions gain trust through transparency, which blockchain marketing can
provide in a way that other tactics can’t.
The blockchain digital marketing technology is an
innovative and creative platform of platforms by our team of experts and professionals with all the benefits and
opportunities stated clearly above to
improve the marketing processes, security authenticity, and transparency between business organizations, financial
institutions, and consumers.

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