Measuring the Results of Your Campaign

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Influencer marketing has become a mainstay of online business, especially in its promotion. This sphere of online marketing has reached an extent it is possible to determine its Return on Investment (ROI). If you run a campaign with an influencer, you can access what your traffic is before and after your campaign. You can follow your marketing dollars by investing in a great reports  system.

There are a few elements that are specific to the evaluation of social media campaigns. Successful brands, such well known heating and air companies, have exploited the knowledge of knowing which post in particular resonated more with their target audience to develop more in getting results. Such messages and the timing, and other factors are considered before putting out future ad campaigns. These heating and air conditioning companies know that they can pay influencers who target homeowners to increase sales. This is not the only feature of an influencer’s promotion that brands measures to know if their campaign was successful, there are a few additional ones outlined below:

The Impression of the Campaign

The reach of social media promotion can be measured to know the extent to which the campaign reached. This will be able to present the number of people that were able to come across the post on any of the social media platforms. This is a vital factor to assess the range of brand promotion globally.

The Level of Engagement received by the Campaign

It is essential to know how many people reacted to the post, as this shows that one way or the other, post was engaging. If consumers are not drawn in, then how will they end up making a purchase, it is almost impossible. This is why you should measure the effectiveness of your campaign through how many likes or loves your posts received after your brand promotion by purchasing a report system.

If a post really has a great impact on someone, and such an individual considers that the information will be of advantage to others, they will be obliged to share it with other people. It is for this reason that the amount of shares about a campaign is equally critical in measuring the effectiveness of a brand campaign. Furthermore, the amount of shares adds to the level of publicity a promotion receives, and it is because of such reasons that analytics of the number of shares becomes vital.

Extra Visitors on the Website

If a new campaign is gaining waves and becoming successful, it has to generate new traffic. When this happens, it will cause new people to locate, watch, and visit the brand online. These extra visitors need to be accounted for in order to be able to get the real traffic accrued through the campaign. So influencers aim to bring a new population that will develop interest and acquires the goods and/or services of your home insurance company.

There are specific analytics that are employed in calculating the specific amount of visitors and people that view a particular ad campaign based on the link provided by an influencer or directly on the influencer’s wall or channel. This gives a rounded evaluation process to see how much publicity your influencer gives your brand. Usually, influencers put in their best to get brand the required publicity, but some of them may not engage their followers effectively, making the campaign bump. It is due to reasons like this that thorough evaluation is required to separate the committed influencers from those that are not dedicated. You want your lawn care and weed control advertising dollars to be spent as wisely as possible.

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The Number of Sales Made During the Campaign

A successful campaign is like a mega intervention that inspires consumers to make tweaks in their spending culture. Therefore, if it turns out to be a successful intervention, then the spending culture of the audience, the campaign reached should change. In order to measure how successful the brand promotion campaign was, then the amount of people whose response to the product materialized into a financial commitment can be assessed.

If a brand records more sales and exposure, it leads to a profitable year for the company. Therefore, this is about the most important part of a campaign. If one can get the figures for the sales and successful orders, business owners can see if the campaign was worth the investment. This is one part of the evaluation process that seems to be practical and straightforward. This is because the profits and sales are right under your nose.

However, what will show that the sales being made are directed from the influencer’s campaign can be tracked through some analytics tool. This will judge the number of orders that were done using the customized referral link of your influencer. Also, some customers may have heard about the product from your influencer but didn’t order the product using the provided link. It is for this reason that our custom platform has chosen to tie the connections between consumers who view the influencer’s post and those that made purchases eventually without using their referral link.

A comparative analysis of the sales made from your influencer marketing campaign and the cost of working with your influencer should also be put into consideration. If it’s not a profitable margin, then no matter the amount of sales, it was a failed venture. Therefore, ensure that you carry out this assessment to determine that the number of sales made from a particular campaign was actually profitable.

If all these seem to work out, you should encourage and appreciate your influencer. The modern world has made paid services, one that doesn’t need gratitude, but it is still necessary. If it doesn’t go your way, things could go awry awful, both parties may have disagreements that becomes a worrisome dispute and eventually a lawsuit. Therefore, use the above evaluation processes in determining the success of your campaign and take appropriate actions, be it a positive or negative result. The reach of your campaign is vital, not forgetting the specific post and message that drew more attention and traffic, which resulted in sales. The amount of exposure and engagement received by the messages posted are crucial, the numbers of videos recorded as it has been discovered to resonate more with the majority of social media users. All these help in valuing your influencer’s campaign.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Instagram the Future of Influencing Marketing

How to get paid as an influencer

Instagram has been acclaimed to be the most successful social media platform in the past year. The innovative social media platform has been able to reach a total of more than 1 Billion users globally. Some people believe that influencer marketing has not been as successful as proclaimed. According to a study involving about 800 agencies, it showed that influencer marketing had had a positive impact on the world of marketing and business as a whole. For example, if you are selling Angel Fire NM real estate, it would be wise to have an influencer speak for you while they are in the beautiful town  and can advertise for Angel Fire Real Estate. Influencers create an engaging commercial that rings with their followers.

It is undeniable that Facebook still has the largest amount of subscribers using the social media platform, especially since older adults are now setting up accounts on the platform. However, the fastest growing social media platform has been Instagram. From 2017 to 2019, the platform with lesser than a million users has grown to more than a billion in just 2 years. Millions of stories and pictures are updated on this platform daily to make it extremely engaging. It is the best-kept secret and code for pictures posted on Instagram to be almost always of very high quality. This makes it captivating and beautiful to draw anybody in and keep them interested in being on the social media platform.

Influencer Marketing Focused Agencies

One of the things that gave it the level of prominence that it possesses is the rising popularity it has acquired among young people, who are active younger and active social media networkers. This has shown business owners the immense marketplace available to them, and because marketers have discovered this as well, it has led to an increase in their interest. This has made several influencer marketing agencies spring up and increased tremendously, almost doubling the initial numbers in the past year.

The Return on Investment (ROI) that has been accrued by investors in influencer marketing has been valued to be as much as 500% to 1000%. Although, not everyone makes such staggering profit as about 25% of brands that uses influencers do not make returns as nothing positive happens to their brand, whether in terms of traffic generation or sales. Such brands may have made the mistake of choosing influencers with a lot of followers but who do not necessarily share the same target audience as their brand. This can severely affect the perception of the brand campaign giving it less importance as it is being projected to the wrong people.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

The Growth of Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing business has risen from an amazing $1.7 Billion market to as incredible as $6.5 Billion markets. The market is getting better at an incredible rate and gradually becoming the future of digital marketing. The trajectory that influencer marketing is following shows that it will successfully be a disruptive tool in the world of marketing. Every business needs an online presence to remain competitive and hence the need for digital marketing. If any brand, say World Fencing Academy, is thinking of marketing their brand on the internet, the reasonable thing is to use an influencer since they almost constantly housing target audiences of specific niches. Perhaps you are interested in starting your own sidestream business in your niche. Today you either need to be on a platform, or own your own platform.

It has been discovered that the major sector of business that has taken to influencing marketing is the B2B ones. This was shown with a lesser number of B2C marketing that has been on done on social media. With the immense population lurking on the internet, reaching a target audience globally over a short period has been facilitated.

The Engagement Power of Instagram

Statistics have shown that the level of engagement of followers on social media platforms reduces drastically, the higher the number of followers. Nano-influencers have been shown to enjoy an engagement as high as 7.2%, while micro-influencers enjoy 1.1% on Instagram. This shows that the higher the followers, the lower the percentage of engagement.

Let’s discuss what these stats look like in real numbers. Nano-influencers have about a maximum of 1000 followers, 7.2% represents 72 people, while macro-influencers have a minimum of 100,000 followers, and 1.1% represents 1,100 people. As much as the percentage looks smaller, the eventual target audience population that is exposed to the promotion is still much more with the macro-influencers compared to that of the nano-influencers.

These are some of the factors connected to working with different types of influencers. Each of them has unique strengths that benefit business owners in their brand’s promotion. These people are able to collaborate with business brands to achieve the required publicity with the required engagement ending up in traffic generation.

A recent survey concluded that many people are subscribing to the power of influencing marketing as it makes life easier. The digital age has further brought the market to our phones. With the inception of AliExpress and other online retail brands now make it easy to go from a post straight to the product, and within seconds, the product is ordered and delivered in a matter of hours.

Most people considering going into influencer marketing should be doing more on Instagram as it is showing more dominance in comparison to other social media platforms. The number of new influencers are increasing daily, and the amount of influencer campaigns have increased up to almost 80% with the closest ones like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter hovering around 20% to 40%.

The biggest challenge experienced faced by brands looking to do influencer campaigns is being able to get influencers themselves. However, such problems have been solved with the numerous influencer agencies available. The good thing is that these influencers are mostly on Instagram, even if they have other accounts on other social media channels. Therefore, if you’re a business owner or in charge of your brand’s digital marketing, you should get an influencer marketing agency if it is posing a serious problem in recruiting the most appropriate influencer.

Since Instagram has been shown to be the best social media platform for influencer marketers, then you want to make it your playing ground as an influencer. Also, if you are a brand representative or business owner, you want it to be your recruiting ground, in order to level the playing ground.


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Choosing the Best Influencer for your Brand or Campaign

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

How do you get the perfect influencer marketing to spread your campaign globally? There are 3 key ways to go about this, but the major thing that differentiates all the 3 is the financial responsibility that comes with each of these ways. The following ways are explored to understand the intricacies of how to get influencers.

The Organic Method

This is the oldest method of getting influencers, and it is quite crude and simple. All you are doing is searching for influencers on your own. You try to negotiate the best price that suits you and the influencer in airing the campaign. This could either go well, and you have an influencer that is willing to work with you, and it doesn’t work out then you’ll keep trying to you finally get an influencer that works with you. Therefore, the organic method requires you as either the brand owner or brand representative to search, select, manage, and analyze the success of the campaign. There are vital things you need to do in order to make this effective.

  • Time: You have to be able to devote enough time online searching for influencers, you may be lucky that your first set of search provides the perfect fit, but if that doesn’t work keep looking till you find.
  • Alignment: You also need to spend adequate time identifying the niche such influencers occupy and are expert at doing. Also, you want to understand their take on the category they’re representing and be sure it aligns with the values, quality, and purpose of the brand you’re seeking to promote.
  • Research: This whole process requires you research by reading articles like this in pointing you in the right direction in choosing the best influencers. It’s better you spend time and resources in getting the right influencer fit for your brand and campaign, than starting a campaign and regretting going with a wrong influencer. There are many sides to influencers, and they are human and prone to errors and challenges as well. However, when you study the way they go about their business, you’ll be able to confirm if they’re people you want to work with or not.
  • Target Market: Everything you are working on must be directed to this point. The level of impact that a particular influencer has had on your target market is key to the success of your campaign. The time you need to invest, the alignment of your ideas, the additional research you may have to carry out to make the right decision all has to be channeled to your target market.

Successful brands are keen at making sure influencers already has made an impact on your target audience before going into a contract with them. Influencers are engaged to use their already existing influence in a particular audience. So without all the above factors done with the target market in mind, one may jeopardize the success of the campaign brand promotion. If you find it stressful to do all this, you can free tools that make your jobs easier like the following:

  • LinkedIn
  • MozBar
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Tap into the Platform of Influencer Marketing

There are several ways to ease business owners in getting in touch and working with the right influencers. It is a fact that it can be a challenge to search for the best influencer to work with, but such problems have been solved already with the inception and introduction of influencer marketing platforms. Our platform of platforms is a leading player in this marketplace of influencer hub.

Many platforms provide brands with tools to flag off their campaigns with capable influencers. The top influencer platform caters to the needs of both brand owners and influencers, providing them with much more than a place of meeting and business contracting. The following are the other things that both parties stand to benefit from being a part of an influencer platform:

  • Contract Arrangement
  • Dispute Settlement
  • Influencer Content Development
  • Influencer Growth
  • Influencer Marketplace
  • Influencer Scouting
  • Management of Brand Promotion
  • Relationship Management
  • Third-Party Analytics

It is because of the above advantages that several startups and successful businesses have turned to customized platforms housing many influencers to choosing their perfect business partners for successful campaigns. You should be looking at joining an influencer platform either as a business owner or an influencer because it is an excellent marketplace. These platforms offer you choices and tabs to click from to narrow down the type of influencer that best your brand and its promotion campaign. Additionally, for an added charge or a first-timer bonus influencer platforms can even create an ad based on your preference and then interested influencers bid to work with you. Consider  the micro influencer and nanno influencer an important part of your marketing strategy.

You only need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy the benefits offered on such platforms. The monthly charges will end up helping you save time and money compared to not being under an influencer platform as a social media celebrity. Also, as a brand owner, you need them to save you time and get you up close to the finest influencers in your field.

Contract the Campaign to Influencer Agencies

It is one thing to search for influencers organically, and another to even have to subscribe to an influencer platform. If you find it difficult to do both and prefer the hands-off approach, then influencer agencies are made for you. Any influencer agent you pick will go through the hassle of finding the perfect influencer for your brand and build the necessary relationship to keep your vision aligned. Also, you won’t have to do more than notifying them of your campaign goals, and they will bring you updates and give you the benefit of having a campaign you want without stress.

It can be terrible to run a brand campaign using an influencer after all the hype about this modern marketing trend and fail. This is why familiarizing with the above methods of getting influencers is important. Whether you use the organic way, influencer platforms, or influencer agencies, just make sure you clarify your goal from the onset as it is your campaign and you don’t want your vision lost to stress or chaos.  Generate reports to follow the success of your marketing dollars.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Do you know that you don’t have to articulate to people how amazing you are when you could utilize an individual to do it for you? As you take this step towards expressing yourself, it could produce a thousand times more impact than it would if you had done it yourself. The best way to reach your audience is through disruptive marketing.

Disruptive Marketing 

Disruptive marketing is what all smart business owners are doing these days. By disrupting the feed of your audience while they are scrolling through their favorite influencers, you are engaging in smart marketing to your targeted customers.

Influencer Marketing

Business organizations and institutions have made bloggers their major methods of branding and promoting their products. This is because these bloggers influence the target audience of the institution that they engage with on a daily basis. This way, they are able to influence their target market properly as bloggers get the target prospects to consume the products of the business organization. You will want to include micro influencers and nanno influencers in your strategy. They often have an audience more engaged in their niche.

Take a look at the survey that was conducted by A Nielsen, it was discovered that 90% of individuals trust the recommendation of their peers while only 30% of people trust adverts. This makes it obvious that lots have changed with regards to the purchasing behavior of so many people. The diversity that the internet has brought to the modern age has changed the whole purchasing systems and methods of advertising tremendously.

Social media has apparently replaced TV’s and billboards as numerous social media platforms have massively attracted so many people from different countries and cultures. It is our reality in this age that social media is the new world where anything and everything could be exchanged and acquired. The introduction of Social media has brought about a new and effective method of brand promotion, which is called influencer marketing, and we are going to be focusing on Instagram influencer marketing.

When we check out how productive Instagram Influencer marketing can be, it may just be considered as a superb and unique ticket that could connect your financial institution to a pond of prospects and consumers. This is quite possible if you can follow and maintain the appropriate strategies required. Establishing how important and lucrative Instagram influencer marketing is, business organizations are encouraged to explore all the strategies required for social media marketing on Instagram. You will want to set up reports so that you can follow the pay off of your marketing dollars.

This is because financial institutions have witnessed their rise of the sales of their products overnight. It is pretty remarkable to experience the power of Instagram influencer marketing. This is due to the fact that the Instagram influencers have built a massive audience that is ready to consume any brand that the influencers recommend to them. It is also the reason why institutions need to implore the help of an influencer agent to promote their brands.

What is Instagram influencer marketing? What also are the benefits of Instagram influencer marketing? In this article, we are going to be answering these questions and giving further insights on Instagram influencers.

 Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that helps business brands to connect with their target audience. This is an honest way of promoting your business brands as the institution builds genuine relationships with the Instagram influencer who can help maximize their influence as they sell their products for them. This way, becoming an Instagram influencer can help you make more money.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Benefits of Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencer marketing is a very beneficial social media marking strategy, and here are different advantages that financial institutions tend to derive by implementing this strategy.

Promoting Latest Brands

Business organizations that are able to implement Instagram influencer marketing have acquired a better opportunity of promoting their newest brand in the global market the modern way. In contrast to the direct method of selling, which comes with traditional marketing, the Instagram influencer marketing system gives financial institution the opportunity to attract and obtain new customers. This happens as a result of the influence the influencers have on their target audience.

This means as an influencer, you can make money advertising for organizations and institutions as Instagram is the best platform to promote a career in influencer marketing. You also need to consider the massive audience that the Instagram platform provides. For example, the Instagram platform, with a recorded of a million active users on a daily basis makes Instagram influencer marketing the best strategy to explore.

Increased Number of Traffic Channeled to the Brand

Still, on the benefits of the Instagram influencer marketing, based on the projection of KISSmetrics, 70% of active Instagram users have been able to check out various business brands and products on the platform. This signifies that whatever business organization that is able to promote their brand on the platform would have a large chunk of prospects to check their product out and the go-ahead to get the products. This way you would also learn how to make money on YouTube



 Learn to Market yourself and Make Money as an Influencer

On the other hand, the benefits of Instagram influencer marketing also goes as far as encouraging individuals to become influencers too. When we look at the amount of fortune a famous Instagram influencer such as Rachel Brathen, it has made this line of career a very lucrative one. She is said to charge financial institution as much as $25,000 dollars per brand promotion post on Instagram.

There are also so many influencers that produce a productive and successful living from becoming an Instagram marketing influencer. This endears people to consider marketing themselves in order to make more money as an influencer and promote an influencer marketing career.

Create Distinctive Content

Another benefit of Instagram influencer marketing is the unique creative content it offers. This is where financial institutions go in search of new contents to advertise their brands as they look for advertising agencies, which could be a long and demanding process. Instead of the marketing agency, an expert Instagram influencer agent would be a better option. When you choose an expert Instagram influencer, they would place your adverts on their page. Also, they’ll create contents that are natural, which would be well placed on their social media page. They would also bring fresh and new ideas to the marketing campaign of the institution.

All the business organization needs to do is to set up a brand promotion task, and the Instagram marketing influencer designs high-quality content that meets with the goals of the organization. There are numerous ways at which business organizations can take advantage of the Instagram influencer marketing strategies. People also have to put much focus on developing their Instagram influencer marketing skills. This would help them make money in advertising as an Instagram influencer.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Social Media Influencers and Money-Making Trends in 2019

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

There are many considerations to be made before delving into the promotion of brands on social channels. Influencing marketing has several benefits, one of which is the fact that all social media channels can easily be connected to every other one with a single click. This is why social media is one of the best platforms for brand broadcasting and reaching the global audience. However, it is crucial to know the current trends in such a market as influencer marketing to become successful. Below are 5 key trends in 2019 that will rule this coming decade for influencers.

Long-term Relationships with Influencers

It is not unusual to use an influencer, and once the contract for the brand promotion campaign is over, so does the relationship. Business brands lookout for influencers online or even contact influencer agencies to assist in getting the perfect influencer for their brand or product at the time. The process of getting specific influencer getting repeated over time. This puts brands in the danger of losing influencers as they may be snatched up or booked by other business owners. This is why it is crucial to maintain a strong relationship, particularly a long-term one.

What business owners that have cultivated the habit of working with influencers on a long-term discovered, is how dedicated those influencers become over time. Obviously, when an influencer is paid to be a part of a campaign, they give it their utmost dedication. However, after repeatedly working with the same brand for a while, the influencer starts to become emotionally attached to the brand and the products. This will be perceived by the followers giving the conviction and belief a boost. This is the reason long-term relationships with influencers have become one of the most progressive trends in 2019, and there’s absolutely reason to continue this practice for many more years to come.

Engaging Videos

This is a trend that has been of great significance since disruptive marketing has risen to prominence. As much as browsing was a problem in the past, which is why streaming videos was a problem with regards to marketing, but that has changed now. The bandwidth on cheap phones has given the opportunity for people to watch their favorite social media celebrity globally. Successful influencers have shown that posting interesting videos is vital to the progress of any campaign, even if it is a personal one for the influencer. Videos make it easy to connect to millennials who are almost always online.

What may take several papers or words to describe can be quickly shot and viewed live on social media. Additionally, with the advent of new smartphones with high-grade megapixel cameras, anyone can shoot videos and post within seconds. Therefore, if you are looking to become an influencer, you don’t have to worry, you can simply start with short but engaging videos.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Migration of Many Influencers to Instagram

After the first few social media platforms have thrived for a while, Facebook became the most prominent, making Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, one of the richest men on the planet. Things have much changed since the past few years, first with the Cambridge Analytica scandal amongst other things. Millennials are the majority of the people online, and they are getting married and getting jobs, giving them the spending power in the population. This is why business owners have targeted them as potential consumers of goods and services.

However, older adults have become more accustomed to Facebook, making the millennials shift base. Millennials are now keen to frequent Instagram and YouTube more compared to Facebook due to the influx of their parents. Let’s just say that people have now moved to the more progressive social media platform like Instagram and YouTube. Since the larger population of the target audience are on these platforms, it is only reasonable for influencers who want to be successful to operate there as well.

Instagram is the New Influencer’s Hub

The users on Instagram has now reached over a billion, already making it an excellent marketplace for business to occur. The social media platform has even increased additional features to make it more suitable for influencers and the propagation of information. This seems to be an intentional decision from Facebook, its owner, to make it the new hub for influencers. This is a good tactic from the owner as the two social media platform has been able to compete and work together in connecting people globally.

YouTube is the other platform that has made influencers feel at home in reaching out to their followers. However, with the addition of IGTV to Instagram, there seems to be a shift in potential. The benefit that IGTV presents is the fact that people get to catch a glimpse of the material being broadcasted. The post naturally starts out as a short video on the IG, but if it is exciting and captivating enough, then people go ahead to watch the full video on IGTV. This means that short intro that won’t discourage the viewers is seen drawing them in to see the larger video, which they won’t have watch ordinarily based on the length.

Alignment of Ideas Rather than the Numbers of Followers

The new trend that successful brands have cultivated now is focusing on influencers that have aligned interest and ideas. These brands do not follow the traditional way of looking for influencers with the highest number of followers but they look out for those with similar interest and niche. This has given their campaign life and passion, which the followers connect to better and make purchases as a result. This is the reason that brands go for micro-influencers instead of mega-influencers or macro-influencers. These days there are campaigns that are even championed by nano-influencers as well, making a brand reach the specific audience that needs their products.

These trends are vital to being a topnotch influencer. Make your research and conquer the world of influencer marketing. There’s no excuse for you not to be one of the top 10 successful influencers in the world.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

The Future of Influencer Marketing

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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In recent years, the world of advertising has massively evolved as there has been a significant transformation, as witnessed in the global market. This has led the business sector, and target prospects start to pay attention to the increasing diversity because the marketing industry has recently evolved. The introduction of the internet has taken a lot of things into an advanced level as advertising and marketing is now one of the areas that have challenged the traditional methods of transactions.

In business, there are different departments that make up a business organization, as these departments determine the productivity and profitability of the institution. Areas such as awareness creation and brand promotion fall in the category of these departments in a financial institution. This is why business organizations have rigorously and massively adopted the digital methods of transacting business, most importantly promoting brands.

In our world today, business brands are no more what business owners tell us they are as business. Brands are now what prospect and consumers say they are. This is because the process of brand promotion has advanced from other various methods of marketing such as print media and TV advertising to social media platforms for the promotion. This is where the product of a brand
is connected to the correct target audience, and it’s able to attract a lot of interested prospects to consume it just at a click of a button.

Now that prospects expose their fellow prospects and consumer to various products, individuals have developed an idea where brands would be projected in the sight of the consuming audience for maintaining brand profitability. This is the idea that gave birth to influencer marketing. Although in the past, influencer marketing had not welcomed the amount of interest it has in recent times.

Its dramatic rise has now seen lots of individuals becoming social media
influencers. Business brands are looking to maximize the opportunity that
influencer marketing brings to the global market. According to the survey
conducted by Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising, it shows a relative downfall in TV, print media, and some other forms of digital adverts. This
has resulted in the fact that influencer marketing would obviously continue to maintain its importance in the global market as far as the marketing campaign
is concerned in the future.

So, if you desire to become an influencer, the future is very bright for you. It
is also crucial to know how becoming a successful influencer can help you make money. As stated above, it is clear that the future of influencer marketing
would experience tremendous transformation.

This i why our platform of platforms would enable you the opportunity as well as expose you to the different ways that influencer marketing would shape your future. Our custom platform designed by our team of experts will intimate you on how influencer marketing would evolve intoa strategy that is more sophisticated. This way you can be encouraged to market yourself and make money as an influencer.

Encouraging Micro-Influencers

Description: American, At Home, Beautiful, Blogger

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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One of the ways that influencer marketing would shape our future is through micro-influencers. The birth of micro-influencers has the capacity to promote business brands to a highly productive level explosively. This is due to the fact that micro-influencers are individuals who have got a reputation so good and highly relevant and have been able to develop a standard market niche.

They have serious
influence over small markets as they usually control not less than 100000
followers. This has made their voice very strong and respected by the audience
that they influence. This audience of theirs makes
purchase decisions with the help of their influencers as they are appealed to
by business owners.

Let’s take the fashion industry.
For example, they tried to connect their fashion campaigns to different influencers with different styles They gave the nanno influencers a link to upload the photos of their brands. This led to connecting to a larger number of
consumers in a range of demographics and sales promoted. This shows how vital it is for you to know how to make money in advertising as an influencer.

Prioritize Instagram Market

Our custom platform further shows how influencer marketing is shaping the future. Influencer marketing is now making Instagram the hottest market for brand promotion. Considering how hot a market Facebook has been for all forms of interactions socially, though it is still an influential platform, ipeopel are losing interest. This is as a result of the limiting possibility experienced
using the Facebook pages, causing business owners to consider other social media alternatives.

Here, Instagram is more of a better alternative for
influencer marketing. Lots of influencers have made it a powerful platform
because of the way its algorithm is evolving, and the ways feed display changes rapidly and improve. So business owners areencouraged to work up to the standard of the social media platform if they intend to quickly connect their brands to a larger platform of the target audience.

This also goes to the individuals that intend to become influencers as they should focus on Instagram as their standard social media platform for building their influence.

Inventing Sophisticated Tools

Influencer marketing has also been
able to challenge lots of marketers in the global market considering the return
of investment (ROI) it has been able to produce since its inception and its
transformation. The growing transformation that the influencer marketing
strategy has brought to the global market would produce some sophisticated
tools for marketers and brand owners to utilize. These tools would vary from
analytic solutions for successful brand promotion to locating the right
influencers. The prediction for  2020 is that micro influencers are the future of marketing because their smaller audiences are super engaged in that niche.

So, with regards to the various transformation that influencer marketing has witnessed in recent times, it is very necessary for individuals to make becoming an influencer their focus. In this article, we have been able to show you with the help of our custom platform how prospective becoming an influencer would be in the nearest future. Learning to advertise as an influencer is projected as a top-notch business idea that you need to tap into as soon as possible. There are lots of people making so much money as an influencer in the global market. set up reports so that you can follow your marketing dollars.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

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The Strength of the New Disruptive Model in Marketing

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

If you are looking to increase your income by learning how to start an online business, learning how to disrupt social media feeds with your brand is imperative in today’s market.

Some say that word-of-mouth is key to promoting your business. Say you own a fencing gym and need more leads, your best advertisement would be recommendations from current students. This has been shown in many models, and marketers have tried to exploit that more than any other cohort. Some claims show that there is no bad publicity for any brand, what matters is that people get to know, see, or hear about a brand, and the rest is history. Even if the brand tends to have a bad name at the beginning, things may get better with professional rebranding, but the audience is already on ground to fuel the next phase of monetization. The reports are in, and influencer marketing is the new commercial for your brand.

Research has shown that people love a good story with a happy ending like a villain turned hero. So if there’s a brand with a bad reputation, even if it appears dead, if well planned and managed that may well be the reason why its perception changes for the better and becomes more recognized. There have been cases of celebrities with different scandals that have worked in their favor in the long run.

Influencer marketing has changed the way marketing is done, some may argue about its positive impact, but that will be a mistake. The world has gone digital, almost every facet of life is better because of artificial intelligence and computer techs. Millennials practically live on their gadgets, if you want to connect to a population that directly or indirectly controls spending, then you want to engage the crop of these people who are always online. You don’t want to get stuck in the past because you are good at it, you’ll only get phased out. Disruptive models have been a part of business periodically, and using social media influencers is the new marketing strategy that places your brand, products, and campaigns right in the face of people driving progress.

The Ease of Promoting Campaigns

The latter part of this decade has arguably been one that has seen the rise to prominence of influencers and influencer marketing. It crept gradually into the world of business with something so obvious and cliché as an influence. The only difference is that these influencers don’t have to be at renowned media station to engage their “fan base”, social media platforms have eradicated all that.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Now from the comfort of a couch, or cruising through the countryside, anyone with followers can put a brand or campaign out there, and it will generate traffic in a matter of seconds. In the past, you have to be into sports, movies, or rich to be popular and influence people’s perspective on products. However, that has changed now, as there are lots of things one can do to get famous. Well, it may be as subtle as engaging people local dishes or simply putting your weight loss strategy out there, as far as people who connect to that message resonate with your vibe, they will follow.

Directing your Campaigns to the Right People

Another strength of influencer marketing is how you are sure to get to the specific niche of people who not only want your products but have a pressing need and adoration for it. The level of affluence to becoming famous has gradually been scrapped since digitalization has brought everyone closer. People admire unique things, different is better, new things or old things being brought back in creative ways are now more appealing than just the usual old tricks.

This is not to say people still don’t love their movie stars, or their super athletes, it just shows that society has more people to follow in terms of mentoring and influencing. If someone who has been posting videos and tips on cooking wants to open a restaurant or publish a new book, getting 10% of their followers to pre-order is almost a certainty. It is such success stories that business brands lock into in order to get their campaign launched and broadcasted.

Passionate and Loyal Customers

 It would have been better to tag these people followers rather than customers. This is because there are people who use Under Amour just because Stephen Curry wears it. Studies have shown that less than 10% of millennials watch or believe in ads. However, if Lionel Messi is out on vacation and uses a sunscreen, more people are likely to buy it and use. A survey carried out on consumer’s habit showed that about 40% of the buyers ordered just because they saw their influencer using the products. People adore the influencers they follow, they can see their lives and work, if such influencers vouch for something or simply use it because it works, then their followers are keen to get such brands.

 Gifts and Rewards

Influencers are fond of giving out gifts and rewards in many forms. They can come out with a campaign and tell their followers to receive a discounted price for ordering with a coupon code available only by watching one of their videos. They can provide links that will automatically qualify their followers for a gift after ordering a particular product. The positive thing about this practice is how it keeps followers glued to such platforms in expectation of the next promotion. Therefore, when business owners employ the services of an influencer already in the habit of giving out rewards, such brands will benefit from the previous traffic generation fueled from previous campaigns of that influencer. This is similar to orthodox advertisements on giant media houses, but larger and more, without any monopoly whatsoever.

The world of marketing has been changed through the disruptive model of influencing marketing. Brands are now keen on exploiting the benefits that this form of marketing has to offer their businesses. It is way easier to execute and can be fun too, and it’s perfect in engaging the fun-loving millennials. Furthermore, influencer marketing ensures your message gets to those that are looking for the solutions your brand promises to them. Once you can land the perfect influencer, getting the perfect campaign to launch your brand is the next step, and once that is settled, you only need to wait for your brand to soar.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Business Brand Promotion using Influencers

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Business organizations have been focused on building brands to remain competitive in the global market. Business organizations have sought relevance for their business brands through social media influencers. It’s wonderful to connect to a wide range of potential prospects through influencers. When a brand, like One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Fort Worth, needs a campaign in the past, business organization pay for advertising organizations to get their business brands out there on TV’s, billboards, and prints.


These methods of promoting business brands have been utilized by organizations and institutions for centuries past, and it has been the major and acceptable method of promoting business brands. In as much as some organizations are still making use of this traditional method of promoting brands, it is seen that business owners still experience some challenges in the way they go about brand promotion.

People are looking for a means to connect to brands in a meaningful way that provides a solution to their problems. When they can connect with such brands, they tend to remain loyal to these brands. It is because of this idea that business owners have utilized social media influencers in reaching out to people. It is quite easier to achieve because every product solves a problem, and it only needs to get to the right audience.

The core strength of influencing marketing is that it offers a community of people with similar interest. Therefore, when a product is introduced to such people in that community, the likelihood of sticking to such a product by the majority of them is quite high. One of the most challenging aspects of marketing is the part where business organizations would get target prospects or the global audience at large to purchase their business brands, and this problem is what influencer marketing solves perfectly.

Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


The World of Influencers

There has been a drastic turn of events in the business sector and the entire global market. In order to fully grasp the world of influencing marketing, having a little understanding of the influencers is necessary. This leads to the four key categories of influencers stated below:

Nano-influencers: These influencers are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to influencing. These are influencers with followers lesser than 1000. However, this may be people with utmost credibility in their community, meaning people will trust if they see they are aligned with a brand. The fact that they don’t have a lot of followers may even be pivotal in launching such campaigns.

This is because people readily support loved ones, and when they get the idea that one of them is now seemingly rubbing shoulders with the big leagues, the support multiplies. You can imagine someone with less than 1000 followers who has loyal friends looking to associate with a successful friend, eager to share the posts of their friend. So they may be a nano-influencer, but they may actually have the power of a micro-influencer.

Micro-influencers: One of the key factors that influencers use to edge celebrities aside is authenticity. People now understand most celebrity’s endorsements come with benefits for the celebrities even if the product is not authentic. However, the difference between celebrities and influencers is that celebrities may be filmed to use the products without actually using them, while the influencers won’t do that. In fact, influencers will use the product or service, document the progress, and only promote such products if they work and are authentic.

Micro-influencers are influencers with a followership of about 1000 followers to 100,000 followers. This is the range that micro-influencers boast of, but they can exceed this range if they become exceedingly successful. Most business owners have noticed that launching campaigns through micro-influencers is quite effective, the percentage of reach and traffic is very efficient compared to other influencers. The reason is that the majority of the followers with micro-influence are keen on the primary niche that such personalities represent.

Macro-influencers: So much for the talk about how successful micro-influencers, the fact is that most micro-influencers become macro-influencers and their success with it. Such people must have diversified in their niche and upgraded what they do in some ways becoming better for it. These set of influencers have between 100,000 to 1 Million followers, and their reach gives them the ability to get a brand popular within a short period.

The level of traffic that such people command is also as a result of the fact they also have other micro and macro influencers on their following. This gives whatever brand they are associated with a significant boost that powers whatever campaign they are looking to broadcast. Sales will skyrocket with such influencers in a short period. The level of loyalty with regards to authenticity now depends on the particular influencer, as it depends on such people’s personality.

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The State of Influencer Marketing In 2019

SideStreamBanner2Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?

Social media is now accepted globally and has become an integral part of everyone’s life, this has given a golden opportunity for users with rich, engaging contents to accumulate loyal followers and earn a livelihood doing so. Social media users with such quality posts and huge fan base are known as influencers and brands have realized with time they are the best suited for their marketing campaigns.

Unlike other traditional media, social media is not bound by restrictions such as geographical location and target audience worry. The social media is accessible by all regardless of their age, class, and location. The ever-growing nature of the business indicates companies are investing more in influencer marketing as well as making way for aspiring influencers. Many businesses are looking for a side stream income to increase their revenue.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

We will all probably agree that influencer marketing is on a steady rise, but figures and statistics might help us appreciate the acceptance and the recent boom that has hit the business.

Market Size: The most important yardstick to measure business growth is the market size. The influencer marketing business was estimated to be 1.6 billion in 2016, and it rose to almost double at 3 billion in 2017, a further 50% increase by 2018 to rise to 4.6 billion. The figure presently stands at 6.5 billion, which is a 400% increase from 2016.

Internet Searches: Another vital metric to measure growth and popularity is the amount of search engine searches. Increase in search is directly proportional to the increase in consciousness and acceptability. The phrase influencer marketing was searched 4000 times in 2015, 6400 times in 2016, 21,000 in 2017, and 60000 in 2018, representing a 1500% increase within 3 years.


Are you looking to get paid as an influencer?


What to Consider for a Successful Influencer Marketing

About 80% of influencer marketing campaigns are successful while the failed campaigns are caused by inadequate planning and failure to set ideal key performance indicators (KPIs). The following should be considered for a successful influencer marketing campaign:

Get the Right Influencer: A major cause of a failed influencer marketing campaign is choosing the wrong influencer for your campaign. Getting an influencer in the wrong niche, an influencer with poor contents, and an influencer that doesn’t use your products are few of the reasons why an influencer might not be ideal for your campaign. Making use of influencer agencies in choosing your influencer can help you avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong influencer.

Creative Contents: When launching an influencer marketing campaign, it is essential to dedicate some time to creating engaging contents, and choosing a creative influencer may help with this.

Right Target Audience: The success and popularity of an influencer doesn’t make him ideal for the campaign. Age, location, and gender of influencers’ followers must be taken into consideration when choosing the influencer for your influencer marketing campaign.

Adequate Preparation: Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, to ensure a successful campaign, linking a URL to the campaign, selecting the right influencer and setting KPIs that will ensure good ROI are necessary.

Effective Terms of Agreement: After identifying your ideal influencer, the next step is setting terms of the agreement that will clearly spell out each party’s responsibilities as well as avoiding copyright issues.

What to Avoid When Choosing Influencer

Choosing the wrong influencer ruins an influencer marketing campaign, always avoid the following when choosing your influencer:

Fake Followers: The major headache for brands seeking influencer is engaging fake influencers, there are a few fake influencers with fake followers, fake likes, comments, and reposts, going through agencies can greatly reduce chances of dealing with fake influencers.

One-off Campaign: In order to improve influencer marketing campaign success, it is pertinent to try a continuous campaign that keeps your target audience engaged. Making use of brand ambassadors who are contracted to represent, promote, and market the brand summer, winter, spring, and fall, ensuring your audience are engaged continuously.

Avoid Very Expensive Influencers: Macro influencers with huge followers command a huge fee, kylie Jenner charges 1 million dollars per post while Cristiano Ronaldo charges 975,000 dollars for a single post. Only huge brands can afford the services of the macro influencer. Always stick to a budget and make judicious use of micro-influencers in your niche. Going beyond your budget to engage the services of a macro influencer may result in a failed campaign if the ROI doesn’t complement the investment.

What Makes an Influencer Marketing Campaign a Successful One?

Few metrics determine the success of an influencer marketing campaign, KPIs vary from brands to brands and campaign to campaign. The commonest KPIs are:

Brand Awareness: The essence of an influencer marketing campaign is to improve people’s consciousness about the brand, to measure the level of awareness, engagements like likes, clicks, comments, links, and shares are taken into consideration. This is particularly important for a newly launched product.

Improved Sales: It is natural to experience a surge in sales during and after a successful marketing campaign.

New Audiences: By the end of the campaign, brand awareness must have improved among the desired age bracket, gender, and location targets.

Lead Generation: Making instant sales is important, but so is having a list of potential customers and keeping in touch. During the influencer marketing campaign, names and emails can be generated through account setups, give away entries, and newsletters.

 What have we Learned about Influencer Marketing in 2019?

For followers of influencer marketing, there is nothing new to report about the industry, the industry is rapidly growing and could hit a trillion dollars in nearest future, and Instagram remains the leading platform for influencers. Cristiano Ronaldo remains the most popular user of the platform. The state of influencer marketing in 2019 can be summarized in these few steps:

  • 15% will spend up to 50% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing.
  • 65% of brands will increase their budget for an influencer marketing campaign.
  • Influencer agencies increased from 420 to 740.
  • Instagram is the most used platform for influencers, and 89% of Influencers use Instagram.
  • Marketing channel spent most on is Instagram at 69%, followed by YouTube at 11%, Twitter is least at 1%.
  • Snapchat is the least used at 3%.
  • The most common budget range for influencer marketing annually is 1000 – 10000 dollars.
  • The most used content format is Instagram post at 78%, followed by Instagram stories at 73%, twitch Livestream is least at 5%.

Social media has come to stay, and it is now an integral part of everyone’s life. Those who set trends and have huge followership are making it big on social media. These people are known as influencers, brands rely on influencers to reach more target audience, these types of marketing is rapidly replacing old ways of marketing of print media and billboards.

In the last year Influencer agencies almost doubled, the market grew more prominent with a potential to grow even bigger, by preparing adequately and going through the diligent process in selecting an influencer, brands can grow their brand bigger by reaching their target audience in different geographical locations.

Tips for a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign on Twitter


Are you looking to get paid as an Influencer?

There was a time when many had forgotten about Twitter. Facebook, at a time, had eclipsed the social media that was flying blue and very famous for its tweets. Until the recent dip in popularity brought about by the Analytica Scandal Twitter seemed to have lost its place among the other social media platform.

Donald Trump became more famous for his Tweets at a point and significantly made people look forward to the President’s view on Twitter. These and many more contributed to the resurgence of social media. However, it wasn’t that Twitter shut down or was no longer available, it was always there, in its own way competing with other social media channels.

It has stood the test of time and now extremely relevant and deemed safe for connecting with other people. The level of abuse faced on some other social media platforms with little to show in terms of discipline and sanctions contributed to people using Twitter more than the past few years.

Influencer Marketing on Twitter

The social media has birthed a unique marketplace giving social media personalities with lots of followers the capacity to market, connect, and influence people’s behavior or attitude towards a brand or product. Influencers are given this power because of the people that follow them. Since many people have been on Twitter for a while, with different level of engagements going on, Twitter influencers have a unique advantage.

Research has shown that over 70% of business owners , like plumbers, 24 hour emergency plumber near mehome insurance agents, lawn care services,heating and air companies,  real estate agents, maid services, dog boarding, and acai juice companies like Monavie, are looking to fortify their online presence and reach. Many of them are going to invest in influencers to launch unique influencer marketing campaign like no other. This is the new trend that has been observed to bring unprecedented results. Even surveys have become easier and accessible on social media rather than the typical phone calls.

A study showed that people are tired of seeing adverts, as a matter of fact, they seemed to have lost confidence in them. This is why many skip the adverts or tune away from them. However, the same set of people are more inclined to listen to their favorite social media personality views and advice regarding brands. The bulk of the population are the millennials since lots of them are getting employed, in their hands rest the spending power.

Furthermore, millennials practically live on social media, and they tend to listen to social media influencers more than the other generations. This has allowed both influencers and brand owners to connect to a marketplace untapped. The potential marketplace the internet offers has yet to be fully explored, and this is why business owners are jumping on the train of influencer marketing more than ever.

Are you looking to get paid as an Influencer?

How to Find the Best Influencers on Twitter

It is easy to find people with thousands of followers on Twitter and believe any brand promotion done with such people will yield results. This is untrue and can be devastating at times. It is vital to ensure that there’s a connection between the brand or product and the influencer before working on a campaign together. Brand owners have to carefully and painstakingly choose their influencers for many reasons before working with such an individual.

One of such reasons is that you have to consider that the followers of the influencer your future customers. Another reason is that the moment an influencer starts to promote your brand, that influencer is now an extension of your brand. These are a few of the reasons that should put brand owners or representatives on their A-game while choosing an influencer to contract.

This is the reason most brands go through social media influencer network agencies. These agencies are made up of agents who work directly with influencers and are capable of getting the ones that fit your brand and campaign. Also, working with influencer agents reduce the hassle you’ll have to go through as a brand owner while helping the influencer secure a reasonable contract as well.

Relevance and Engagement over Numbers and Popularity

Studies have shown that multiple campaigns run by influencers with thousands of followers compared to those with millions are far more successful. The reason is that people with less than a million followers have been shown to engage their fan base more than those with millions. The percentage of engagement involves how much an influencer interacts with the followers and the resultant effect of their reaction in turns.

 Followers that willingly and frequently retweet their influencer posts are more valuable than those just numbers of people who follow just because the personality is a celebrity. The key to these social media campaigns, especially the ones launched on Twitter, is to carry them out in the company of an appropriate and relevant target audience. It is such a basis that produced the term ‘Target Audience’ itself. You don’t want to be advertising phone accessories to followers of a healthcare influencer just because the person has a million followers.

 Support your Influencer and Evaluate Periodically

There’s nothing as good as showing support to your chosen influencer once the campaign begins. Influencers already have an audience with their followers, and they each have their unique ways of doing it. Respect that and encourage them in any way they promote your brand. Give them links to redirect followers from their page to yours, retweet the posts of your influencer about your brand, and provide them with giveaways for the campaign. All this will automatically assist you in getting more traffic and increasing your reach.

Twitter is an excellent place for influencer marketing, don’t underestimate its potency. It is true many seem to favor social media platforms like Instagram as the best, but in the coming years, any form of exposure is excellent for your brand. This is why you want to be on every platform, broadcasting and educating people about your products and services. Put in some effort and work as a team with your influencer, and you’ll reap the benefits of tapping from the pool of traffic waiting to be tapped on Twitter.

Are you looking to get paid as an Influencer?