Video hosting for business built in free search engine optimization

 Our enterprise level and business level video hosting not only includes embedded logos and customization that will allow for your brand to keep its traffic and it’s viewers it is also designed to leverage are proprietary technology in such a way to provide for free search engine optimization across all major search engines with just a click of a button 

Video search engine optimizationWill drive searches in the future

Search engine optimization joint venture for local businesses

Search engine optimization joint venture for local businesses

The Internet has changed and like it or not platforms are dominating the search engine rankings on all of the major search engine’s so you were either going to try to beat them or you’re going to join the co-op or a joint venture that leverages platform technology to help you win in a competitive search environment

 Are platform of platforms is designed to leverage one another’s authority and strength to rise up against stand-alone platforms 

Working together is the future of winning on the Internet and we have a virtual franchise or platform of a platform service that will allow you to lock in your particular industry and turn around and sell it as a service to others in your industry or leverage it for your own core business at the same time leveraging others authority on our platforms to create systematically a content rich high authority platform which will be all other platforms in the future

 Local search engine optimization leveraging platform as a service 

If you excel in the local market and believe you can teach others or franchise your success in other markets for local businesses leveraging our platform as a service is a way to not only increase your local leads, went in the search engines you can also create a brand new revenue stream and sell these and/or technology to others in your industry I leveraging our platform as a service and your expertise and knowledge

how to validate a saas company valuation using big data

 The true earning power of a software as a service business is very hard to figure if you are not using large data, big data and real facts and figures to make market And scalability factors

Our technology allows for 5 billion points of data to come together to not only project demand but also determine value and competition

Software as a service big data predictive modeling

Best MBA private equity summer internships

Best MBA private equity summer internships-Will be for those who are smart enough to go into the internship as a leader in big data and technology with the goal of actually making an impression and or even moving the needle for the private equity firm that you internship with.

 If you are one of 1000  NBA candidates looking for a summer internship the best way to set yourself apart is to actually provide value to the private equity firm that you hope to work with. Most private equity firm’s do not understand a big Daddo nor do they have big data scientist and the technology to leverage in their offices so if you show up with technology that would actually allow for the firm to make better decisions, add value to potential clients, validate real-time data against Supply and demand it to create real valuation multiples based on fact you will be a shining star and probably write your own ticket

MBA big data internship tools

We have a tool kit that we offer to all venture-capital and private equity firm’s that has the potential to save and or create billions of dollars leveraging technology, big data, forecasting and a proprietary algorithm That we offered to NBA candidates looking for internships for free

It’s pretty simple math… You Leverage our technology that typically cost $60,000 a year as a sophomore is a service to impress the firm that you are working with for the summer and they will most likely buy it from us… Making you look like a hero and giving us a new customer

If that firm does not buy it and you do not stay, you will move onto two or three or four other firms throughout your profession taking our tools with you and we hope that you will leverage them to look like a rockstar and at the firms by our technology

Paid NBA private equity internship opportunity

If you leverage our technology and it lands you a position and us a customer all you owe us is a one sheet on how it worked so we can share it with others. In exchange for that one sheet we will write you a check for $2500….. pretty simple math 

Best Private Equity Consulting Firms and Tools

 Whether you are the private equity firm trying to validate an opportunity especially in the tech start up space or the biotech space or you are a start up trying to determine whether not you’re opportunity is solid and need big data to help you explain your valuation our professional tools are designed to shed light on the reality of market cap, demand, valuation, competition as well as identify gaps and opportunities for both private equity firm‘s and their clients

Best private equity firm tools using big data to help valuation model’s

Big data tools for private equity

We leverage billions of points of data to provide real-time forecasting as well as past predictors to deliver a report that would allow for validation of a potential purchase or business opportunity both on the southside and the buy side

We leverage billions of points of data to provide real-time forecasting as well as past predictors to deliver a report that would allow for validation of a potential purchase or business opportunity both on the southside and the buy side

Our tools take an account the demand in real time for what people are consumers are looking for as well as potential services that are in demand as well we figure what the market cap is, volatility in the market for the last 12 months, seasonal trends, competitive landscape to the tune of tracking marketing spend in analyzing gaps between the competitors strategies

 Our tools also identify opportunities that both by side and sell side may have never even thought of or seen adding value to the overall transaction often times are professional insight could change the multiples significantly 

Leveraging big data for a private equity pitch deck

 Many entrepreneurs and businesses looking to raise money lean into the private equity in venture-capital fields with great projections and I hope but very little real data from rocksolid technology and industries perspective. Anecdotal information and case studies are great but imagine if you could validate true demand as well as true competition and exploit any gaps to help increase your proposition. 

 Private equity validation tool using big data

 Many of the firms we work with leverage our big data to validate opportunities prior to presentation saving them tons of time and money. Many opportunities sound great and move forward but to be found as nothing but a waste of time because there was no true validation in front of the presentation. Also many presentations or paychecks are thrown out because the private equity firm just doesn’t quite see the true value or opportunity and can leverage our big data to confirm or deny whether or not they can see opportunity beyond the pitch deck. We leverage multi billions of points Alongside our 20+ years of experience to help both buy and sell side opportunities come together. 

Custom lead distribution software by ZIP Code

Once your business start generating leads it is important to make sure you respond to your customers quickly and accurately. We have developed a lead distribution platform that allows for multi unit and or multi agent or sales team environments to route leads to the closest agent by ZIP Code and also by trafficFully scalable with unlimited users and unlimited leads

PDF optimization for ranking and authority

 PDF creation like everything else on the web can have a positive or negative impact on your traffic and search Injun position 

 Well written PDFs that have keyword ridge content that garner links back to those PDFs directly will actually help the PDF rank in the search engine‘s allowing for great engage a ball content for consumers to use and find your brand or messaging but the key is to put a link inside the PDF not only to use the call to action opportunity back to your main goal but it also counts as an authoritative link back to the page you’re trying to get to rank for that particular keyboard because most PDFs will actually get shared in those shared PDFs then have links from them to you which will drive your authority over time so a well optimized PDF strategy could be a game changer for those businesses that have PDF Rich businesses like title companies, real estate companies, insurance companies in any business that uses lots of PDFs

Engaging content and time on page matter

Engaging content and time on page matterThat’s right the algorithm actually gives you credit for how long a consumer stays on your page because they believe that you are providing a better consumer experience so if your bounce rate is high that will actually drive your rankings down versus the competition if consumers stay on their pages longer that’s an indicator to Google that their site answers the question better than yours does so if you are in a competitive industry make sure you look at time on site and bounce rate as it could be the one thing that you need to change that could potential he double your traffic

Great things to do to help customer stay on site are adding videos, adding info graphics that answer multiple questions, reviews, second party stories, and any other engagement elements that will keep your consumer from clicking back or clicking off that page

Multiple site strategy for long-term success

Many companies have a hard time keeping up with one site in order to compete in their competitive landscape online for all the keywords they want to rent for but once they start ranking on the first page the very first question most of them ask is how do I get the competition off the first page and the answer is you should’ve started site number two, three, four back when you started your first sight in order to give yourself a competitive advantage and win in multiple spots on Google because what will happen is if you have one site that happens to have multiple pages for the same keyword those will usually wrap up into the first page and Google wall display other websites and properties for customer experience so if you want to dominate multiple spots It is smart to start a multi site strategy

Be where of this is not for the faint at heart because making one site successful is hard but because it takes so long and timing and the age of a site is so important for the algorithm once you arrive you will wish you started the other sites years prior so it’s a very strategic move but you have to be willing to do the work

Make your business side rank higher on Google for under $300

Over 50,000 web pages and websites are launched a brand new every day creating a huge demand on Google to meet there need of indexing in the world so if you launch a website that load slow or utilizes a lot of resources Google is going to limit how much resources they put into your site in so slow are loading sites will have less pages crawled then faster loading sites because the utilization of resources is very important to Google so a $300 dedicated server on a monthly basis could double or triple your traffic if you are operating on one of those six dollar or $20 shared servers

 Don’t skimp on hardware get the fastest hardware you can bye and optimize your site to load pages as quickly as possible by simply making sure you compress all of your images and making sure you are using some sort of cashing service or even a content delivery network that is designed for speed but many businesses can actually see double or triple their traffic in 90 days just buy switching to a dedicated server.